Nagad Registers 3.35 Crore New Users in 2021

Nagad Registers 3.35 Crore New Users in 2021

Nagad has seen 3.35 crore new customers registering on their platform in the year 2021 till 22 December. That means that on an average Nagad has seen 94 thousand new user registrations each day of this year. The number of total registered users of the MFS platform now stands at 5.8 crore.

Among the new registrations, 35 lakh new users used the app to register while 2.01 crore registered by dialing *167# and registering through ISSD. 98 lakh new users have been registered on Nagad to process the disbursement of government allowances. The government has disbursed BDT 5,065 crore during the last fiscal year through MFS operators. Nagad facilitated 75% of these disbursements.

According to an UNB report, Mr. Tanvir A Mishuk, Managing Director of Nagad said, ‘Nagad became the best mobile financial service in the country three years ago for ensuring digital services for customers due to its customer-friendly, easy and affordable service.’

Nagad started its operations on 26 March 2019 and has since become a major operator in the MFS market in the country.

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