Nagad Will Provide Assistance Retired Postman to Become Uddokta

Nagad will Provide Assistance Retired Postman to Become Uddokta

Nagad, one of the most popular mobile financial service providers of Bangladesh, operates under the regulation of Bangladesh Post Office. Nagad has recently announced about taking initiative to inspire retired postmen to become entrepreneurs.

They have declared in a press release, “All postmen or bearers under the Bangladesh Postal Department can now become Uddokta, or entrepreneurs, of Nagad if they want upon their retirement”

To avail this service, at first one has to apply to Nagad through the nearest post office. Under this curriculum Nagad will provide all the technical assistance along with branding the service to the new entrepreneur.

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar appreciated Nagad’s new initiative. He said, “The postal department’s network is the largest and widest network of the government as a single entity. More than ten thousand people work here. With this workforce, Nagad will be more dedicated to providing digital services to people. Even retired postmen will get the opportunity to have a good time and earn extra.”

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