NBR Plans to Impose Additional Duties On 330 Goods

NBR Plans to Impose Additional Duties On 330 Goods

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is aiming to levy extra duty on 330 non-essential products. According to commerce secretary Tapan Kanti Gosh, the Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission and the National Board of Revenue (NBR) are evaluating how much duty can be increased to discourage imports, as no vital products were imported using foreign currency.

Although bangladesh government has imposed a duty increment on 135 products in May, 2022 to discourage importers. Despite that, the current trade deficit hasn’t reduced much. Due to that, the Ministry of commerce requested Bangladesh Trade and Tariff commission to look for any other products on which the duty can be increased. 

In response to this request, the commission compiled a list of 330 items and forwarded it to the Ministry of Commerce and later the list was sent to National Board Of Revenue (NBR)

The following list includes luxury products as well as products of less importance. By controlling the duty fee on this new 330 products, the authority is looking forward to save around $1 billion. 

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