North South University Celebrates Bengali Heritage with ‘Baishakhi Mela 1431’

North South University Celebrates Bengali Heritage

North South University’s Social Services Club organized the vibrant “Baishakhi Mela 1431” on May 11, reviving the rich traditions of the Bengali New Year festival on the university campus.

The day-long fair, a colorful celebration of Bengali art, culture, and cuisine, was inaugurated by the university’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Atiqul Islam, and Treasurer Dr. Abdur Rob Khan amidst the presence of faculty members, students, and club organizers.

Mowrin Islam, President of the Social Services Club, expressed her delight at the opportunity to showcase and preserve the fading Bengali traditions in the face of globalization. “We hope that through events like these, our heritage can continue to thrive on campus,” she said.

The festive atmosphere was punctuated by rows of stalls brimming with traditional Bengali delicacies, handcrafted pottery, ornaments, and other cultural artifacts. A traditional Nagardola (swing) added to the merriment, drawing in students and visitors alike.

Faculty Advisor Meshbaul Hassan Chowdhury praised the club’s efforts, stating, “The Baishakhi Mela encapsulates a significant part of our Bengali traditions. Unfortunately, these customs have gradually faded with modernization. This fair aims to reintroduce our younger generation to their rich cultural roots and inspire them to learn about and appreciate our heritage.”

The joyous occasion brought the entire university community together, fostering a sense of pride and celebration of the diverse traditions that make up the vibrant tapestry of Bengali culture.

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