NSU Communications Club Makes History with Pioneering Workshop for Communicado’23

NSU Communications Club Makes History with Pioneering Workshop for Communicado'23

The North South University Communications Club achieved a significant milestone in its history by hosting a groundbreaking workshop as part of its highly anticipated flagship event, “Communicado’23.” This marked the first-ever occurrence of such an event organized by the institution. The workshop aimed to equip participants with essential skills and tools to excel in the upcoming inter-university business communication competition.

Communicado’23 aimed to assemble the brightest minds in brand communication strategies, fostering the development of students’ business communication skills while providing them with the necessary resources to thrive in the corporate world. The competition sought to create a platform for participants to effectively convey their creative ideas.

Teams from North South University and various other universities across Bangladesh eagerly attended the session, gearing up for the impending championship. The workshop’s primary objective was to equip the teams with essential information and problem-solving abilities required to tackle the case studies they would encounter during the competition.

The guest speaker for the workshop was Mashahed Hassan Simanta, a renowned figure in the field. Simanta, who is celebrated as a national best-selling author, radio host, TEDx speaker, and one-on-one coach, captivated the audience with his insights. He emphasized the critical role of communication in both survival and success, drawing from personal experiences and hypothetical scenarios to prompt participants to contemplate the purpose of effective communication.

Simanta shared motivational examples from previous tournaments, recounting instances where he emerged victorious despite having limited prior information. The most enthralling segment of his presentation delved into “Prerequisite Sustainable Performance and Excellence,” enlightening the audience on the fundamental factors that contribute to personal achievement. Moreover, he generously offered valuable competition tips, stressing the importance of providing logical answers supported by verifiable facts.

The 90-minute training session proved highly informative and invaluable to all attending teams. At the conclusion of the session, exceptional participants were acknowledged and presented with tokens of appreciation for their outstanding efforts. Important announcements were made, including the case submission deadline, details on case distribution, allotted time for case solving, and instructions on solution submissions.

To conclude the workshop on a high note, a musical session was organized, featuring two talented club members who delivered an exceptional performance, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained and inspired.

With the successful completion of this session, Communicado’23 was officially underway, setting the stage for an exhilarating and intellectually stimulating competition. Participants departed the event feeling inspired and armed with the skills necessary to tackle the forthcoming challenges. Once again, North South University’s Communications Club showcased its commitment to fostering excellence and nurturing the communication abilities of aspiring business professionals.

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