Job Column Season 3 Organized by NSUCC

NSUCC Organizes 3rd Job Columns

North South University Communications Club (NSUCC) held the 3rd edition of Job Column on March 19th, 2023, with Business Inspection BD as its media partner. Job Column is one of the club’s biggest annual events, designed to guide and offer tips to students new to the job market. The event featured industry experts and leaders sharing their valuable insights into making it big in the job market and how job seekers can set themselves apart in an ever-expanding pool of candidates.

The focus of the event was on building and growing a professional network, and the keynote speakers were experienced networkers and businessmen: Fahim Ahmed of BAT Bangladesh, G.M. Kamrul Hassan, Founder and Managing Director of Fiona Bangladesh, and Ghulam Sumdany Don, the Chief Inspirational Officer of Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy.

Each speaker provided in-depth details about their experiences in networking and their road to success. For example, Fahim Ahmed talked about stepping out of one’s comfort zone and ignoring others’ opinions, and understanding one’s flaws and limitations. G.M. Kamrul Hassan talked about how to answer common questions smartly during interviews and shared his experiences about how hard he had to work to get his first job. Ghulam Sumdany talked about public speaking, engaging the audience, and improving communication skills to build a network.

The audience did not shy away from asking challenging questions to the speakers, and a substantial amount of knowledge was exchanged between the audience and the speakers. The speakers shared insights on dealing with HR and annoying colleagues to maintain a professional network properly. The attendees left the event with a sense of direction and purpose as they gained knowledge from the best in the industry.

The Job Column is a crucial event for students who are new to the job market and feel overwhelmed or confused stepping into the corporate world for the first time. The purpose of this event is to give guidance and tips to students, who can gain crucial knowledge on how to turn their passions into careers and have firsthand experience of what it is like in the practical world.

The North South University Communications Club is committed to hosting events like Job Column to help students find their sense of direction by learning from the best in the industry and overcoming the obstacles to making their mark in the corporate world. The event was a resounding success, and the club looks forward to hosting more events like this in the future.

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