NSUCC Organizes The Fifth Edition of ‘WordShop’

NSUCC Organizes The Fifth Edition of 'WordShop’

On the 25th of August 2022, the North South University Communications Club (NSUCC) organized their 5th edition of WordShop, and this year, Optimal Technology Private Limited was the title sponsor of the event. 

This event always focuses on topics related to hobbies or passions, and this time, content creation was the topic of interest. The main attraction of this event was a rich guest panel that included Sadman Sadik, educator and content creator at 10 Minute School; Enayet Chowdhury, multimedia content creator and lecturer at BUET; and Jubaer Talukder from ChitroGolpo and Lumière Studios. Throughout the entire event, more than 300 enthusiastic attendees were present, and the venue was filled to the brim. An engaging interaction between the guests and the attendees brought the location to life. 

Each of the distinguished guests spoke about various facets of the content-creating industry and provided insightful commentary. In his speech, Sadman Sadik discussed the untapped markets for content production in Bangladesh. Enayet Chowdhury then provided his expert perspective on controversies and what constitutes a social media controversy. On a different subject, Jubaer Talukder talked about how technological developments have opened up the creation of visual content to a larger audience. The discussion has undoubtedly helped the students to learn the perspective of content creation.

Mr. Md. Jaynul Hasan, CEO of Optimal Technology Private Limited, was present on the occasion. He took the chance to praise the organizers for this magnificent arrangement. Alongside, the CEO of Business Inspection BD, Mr. Saiful Rahman, attended and enjoyed the event.

WordShop is one of the flagship annual events of NSUCC, where the club organizes sessions with professionals who have turned their passion into careers. The main purpose of the event is to create a bridge between industry experts in specified fields and the students of NSU. The students can experience what it’s like in the real world and learn how to negotiate the challenging situations that these professionals face. Additionally, students can discover how they too can make a career out of their passions.

While many people advise young people against following their passions and many of them hold the view that hobbies and work should not be combined, the North South University Communications Club thinks otherwise. With workshops like these, one is sure to gain the required knowledge to skillfully integrate one’s passion and career. 

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