NSUSSC to Arrange Blood Donation Drive 2022 in Their Campus

NSUSSC to Arrange Blood Donation Drive 2022 in Their Campus

North South University, the country’s first private university, has taken the initiative to arrange a blood donation drive at their campus in the Bashundhara residential area.

North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) has been organizing the Blood Donation Drive annually in their University premises. After the campus reopened on 15th March after two years of online classes, the NSUSSC has the opportunity to arrange the event again after two years. The blood donation drive is a 3-day event held on the North South University campus from 29th March 2022 to 31st March 2022.

The event is being organized in collaboration with the Quantum foundation. All the blood collected from the campaign will be handed to the quantum foundation and will be stored in the quantum foundation blood bank. 

With more than 25000 students currently enrolled, the 3-day campaign is expected to draw almost 3000 bags of blood. As a token of appreciation, the donors will get a donors card which they can use to receive a bag of blood for free in the future. In addition, they can also get their blood tested for various diseases such as STDs, malaria, etc. 

On this event occasion, the North-South University Social Services Club president, Ahamed Tahmid Zaman, has urged everyone to participate in the event and donate blood to help those in dire need.

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