NSUSSC Organizes Boishakhi Mela To Celebration of Bengali Culture

NSUSSC Organizes Boishakhi Mela To Celebration of Bengali Culture

North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) organized a highly anticipated cultural extravaganza, the Boishakhi Mela, on May 8th, 2023, at the North South University Playground. The event brought together students, faculty members, departments, and officials, showcasing the richness of Bengali culture.

Under the esteemed presence of Vice-Chancellor, Professor Atiqul Islam, who inaugurated the event, the Boishakhi Mela emanated prestige and enthusiasm. Attendees were treated to a diverse range of stalls featuring delectable foods, exquisite jewelry, traditional garments, and handicrafts, immersing them in the essence of our heritage.

Adding an international flair, a team from Kolkata University, India, joined in, fostering cross-cultural exchange and strengthening ties between institutions. This enriching interaction between different communities showcased the spirit of unity and diversity.

The Boishakhi Mela served as a vibrant bridge, connecting people and institutions, and promoting cultural understanding. Attendees reveled in the festivities, their faces beaming with joy and enthusiasm, creating cherished memories that will endure for years to come.

Raju Ahmmed, General Secretary of NSUSSC, expressed his delight, stating, “Our Boishakhi Mela was an outstanding celebration of our rich cultural tapestry. We witnessed the true spirit of joy and unity, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended.”

The success of North South University’s Boishakhi Mela underscores the university’s commitment to preserving and promoting the heritage and traditions of Bengal while fostering a sense of cultural appreciation among its diverse community.

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