North South University Social Services Club Spent a Day at Old Home

NSUSSC Paid A Visit To Old Home

There is no single word that can describe the relationship between parents and their children. There is a shared sense of safety, unconditional love, and mutual respect that comes form this holy link. Unfortunately, neglect and violence are on the rise against the elderly in the modern world. North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) has created an initiative named “ONUSHONGO” to spend a day with senior persons residing in an old age home in order to urge youth to be more conscious.

The club members visited an old age home in Hotapara, Gazipur, on October 14, 2022, to convey their thanks and kindness to the elderly residents. A team of over 100 individuals from NSUSSC was present there  and spent the entire day with the locals. In addition, as a sign of respect, they presented the 220 residents with wheelchairs, walkers, and prescription medications.

The head of the club, Ahammed Tahmid Zaman, stated that it is our moral obligation to treat our seniors with the respect and affection they merit. He added, “The sad and lonely faces of these elderly folks remind us that we must fulfill our responsibilities to our parents without seeing them as a burden.” Therefore, this project’s primary objective is to inspire the younger generation to provide good care for their parents. In addition, he stated that the young club members would be motivated to plan other trips of a similar nature as a consequence of the calm and fulfillment they experienced as a result of this effort.

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