Online Tax Return Web Application “DigiTax” Launched for the Taxpayers


Desh Universal Private Limited, a private venture, launched an online web application for tax returns called DigiTax. Md Alamgir Hossain, Member of the National Board of Revenue (NBR) for Tax Policy, inaugurated the online tax application “digiTax” at a program held in Dhaka. Tax-paying citizens and individuals eligible for tax returns can now fill out income tax forms and pay taxes while staying at home. The “Digitax” web program also allows taxpayers to evaluate their assets online.

According to NBR Member Md Alamgir Hossain, there is a lot of enthusiasm among taxpayers to pay income tax, and the number of taxpayers is growing every year. Desh Universal developed this new web application to make filing income tax returns easier. Taxpayers can also hire digiTax’s skilled lawyers to help them file their returns.

In addition to allowing taxpayers to submit their returns online, the NBR will observe Income Tax Month from November 1. Tax zones will create an “environment of fairness” to allow taxpayers to submit their returns with comfort. Mahmudul Hasan Khusru, President of ICAB, also stated that “digiTax” would be a great benefit to the taxpayers and that they would be encouraged to submit their returns. Besides, the revenue collection would also increase under such a system.

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