Ostad, an eLearning Platform Trying to Help Learners to Crack IELTS Through Live Classes


IELTS training is currently available through a variety of E-learning platforms. For successful IELTS training, a variety of methods are adapted, including recorded classes, mock tests, practice exams, and so on. However, according to Ostad, the vast majority of them have failed to lead students in the right direction. After all, nothing compares to the age-old traditional method of face-to-face interactive classes.

But in this current situation with new variants of covid unfolding every other day, attending physical classes is next to impossible. And there are many students who cannot adapt to learning through pre-recorded courses. However, the advantages of interactive online IELTS teaching clearly outnumbers those of the pre recorded mode of teaching. That is why Ostad came up with interactive Live training sessions for IELTS. 

It’s not possible for an instructor to assess a student’s overall progress in a recorded class. But if it’s a live class, teachers can speak to the student upfront and can modify their lectures and set possible questions or problems based on a student’s goal, progress, and level. A student can also ask questions in real time, just as they would in a traditional classroom.

Instead of a single teacher teaching a group of students, here at Ostad student gets a personal coach who follows the journey of the student closely and can give a detailed analysis of the progress. The teacher can also be a great speaking partner to develop the speaking ability.

At Ostad all writing tests and other modules are reviewed instantly, and the students instantly get to know where they lack in your journey to get your anticipated overall score.

Ostad’s online IELTS classes are customizable as per the students convenience. Task based customized curriculum is prepared for each stage. Thus, the student can prepare according to their strengths and weaknesses in the particular area.

Ostad aims to provide the best Interactive IELTS training sessions that creates an opportunity for people to learn from the most trusted and experienced individuals in their respective fields.

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