5 Best Part Time Jobs for Students in Bangladesh

Part-Time Jobs in Bangladesh

A part-time job is one of the best choices for students to earn their pocket money. In the developed world, teenage students earn through summer jobs, internships, etc. This trend of doing part-time jobs for earning is gradually becoming popular among students in Bangladesh. Working part-time, students can bear the educational expenses & support their family, apart from just managing pocket money. Moreover, while doing part-time jobs, students can learn essential skills like discipline, team management, teamwork, & acquire knowledge as well. 

Such skills & knowledge can be beneficial for the students in their future job hunt. In Bangladesh, the chance of gaining work experience for freshers is much less than the experience required for getting a job. Part-time jobs are not only for students but also for others seeking better income, knowledge, skill & experience can be ideal.


Non-structural earning sources like tuition providing is one of the oldest practices for students. By providing tuition, students can earn & enhance their knowledge base, which later helps them to do well in the BCS & various job exams. As a part-time job, tuition is a good medium for not only students but anyone willing to explore teaching as well. Teaching as a profession is an honorable job and as a career, there are opportunities for working in coaching centers besides joining educational institutions. Additionally, in the last few years, the Ed-Tech Industry in Bangladesh has seen success through start-ups like Ten Minutes School, Shikho, and Bohubrihi. Many of them have received local & international funding, which have played a crucial role in the growth of the tech industry. Utilizing the experience of providing tuition, students can build their future careers in this growing sector. On the other hand, other than these platforms, there are many other methods available online for earning using tuition as a part-time job.


Restaurant Industry

Restaurant & fast food industry is one of the most notable growing industries in Bangladesh. In western countries, a part-time job in restaurants is one of the key earning sources for high school & college students. In fact, besides students, many others are working part-time jobs in this industry. Many Bangladeshi expatriates are working in restaurants and fast-food franchises abroad. According to Statista, more than 11 million people are working in this sector. Many renowned founders & CEOs of big companies around the world mention restaurant jobs as their first work experiences. Since the enlargement of the food industry in Bangladesh, with increased activities of international chain restaurants, many students are doing part-time jobs at such restaurants while attaining the experience of customer-centric relationships, management & satisfaction, and gaining knowledge in general. This experience can later be conducive to build a career in this sector or in the hotel & hospitality sector. As a consequence, to earn money, the restaurant industry can be a good option for job seekers besides just students. Furthermore, utilizing the experience of doing a part-time job at a restaurant & knowing its pros & cons, a student can gain the confidence of establishing a restaurant of his/her own.


Ride Sharing

Ride-sharing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the present world. Since the inception of Pathao as a ride-hailing service, platforms like Uber & Shohoz have been providing ride-sharing services. Using these platforms, anyone, in their free time, can easily earn money. Although the idea of “ride-sharing” previously held a taboo in our country, gradually the concern has declined. The majority of earning people through ride-sharing services in western nations are from the subcontinent & people, many a time, are seen to earn while going to their destinations. Moreover, besides students as part-timers, anyone, in a short span of time, can earn a handsome amount of money from ride-sharing service.

Ride Sharing


People’s demand for delivery services is constantly increasing parallelly with the ever-increasing dependency on e-commerce. Meanwhile, online food ordering platforms are highly responsible for the growth of the restaurant industry as well. People, nowadays, are shopping online for everything from food to necessary items and delivery service providers are working to reach the customers’ door to deliver the hailed products. Couriers & local delivery service providers all across the world are altogether a huge industry. Mainly students & part-timers do the last mile delivery jobs of big companies. The news of IBISWorld mentions that more than 1 million people are working in this industry globally. Information found in another article of Dhaka Tribune, more than 100,000 people in Bangladesh are involved in this sector. The work of delivery by courier services & food delivery platforms can be a great source of income for the students & part-time job seekers in their free time. Using the experience of working in the delivery industry, students can later prepare themselves for jobs in the logistics sector.



The popularity of freelancing as a profession is growing rapidly. This is why many people, leaving their tiresome desk jobs, are moving towards freelancing. If anyone, having skills in data entry, content writing, graphics design, video editing, animation & programming, can earn money through several marketplaces by utilizing those skills. In the marketplaces, as skilled workers, there is a chance of working in international companies besides working in the renowned companies of the country.

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