Pathao Introduced ‘Pay Later’ Feature on Food Delivery Service

‘Pay Later’ Feature Introduced on Pathao Food Delivery Service

Pathao, one of the biggest digital service platforms in ride-sharing, food delivery services, and e-commerce logistics in Bangladesh, has launched a new feature for its users called “Pay Later”. Fahim Ahmed, the newly appointed CEO and MD of Pathao introduces this “Pay Later” feature to provide a one of a kind payment method for consumers in Bangladesh.

As of now, Pathao Food’s most loyal customers can avail this feature, which is determined with the platform’s advanced data and analytics engine. According to a press release, this feature will be gradually be extended towards others who also qualify for these services.

For their loyal customers, they have included a ‘Pay Later’ option to their mobile app, which they may use to complete their order. The platform has set the initial bar up to BDT 2,000, which will be increased upon repayment.

According to Pathao, the platform will not charge the user for its ‘Pay Later‘ feature. Payment must be made in full within 30 days of the end of a 15-day spending period, after which BDT 200 will be added as a late charge. Pathao will also send periodic reminders to their customers as the repayment date would approach.

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