Pathao Reduces Commission for Bike Rides During Peak Hours


The home-grown ride-sharing platform Pathao has cut down its commission on bike trips which is allowing the riders to earn up to 90% of their trip fare during peak hours (8:00 am to 11:00 am and 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm). It will charge only a 15% commission during the off-peak hours. This new rate will be effective from 25 November 2021 and will be applicable nationwide.

Previously Pathao charged 15% commission on bike rides in Dhaka and 25% in Chittagong and Sylhet. According to the UNB, this is the lowest rate of commission charged by any ride-sharing platform in Bangladesh. Uber currently charges a 25% commission on their rides.

In a statement, Pathao said this change will contribute to making the bike ridesharing service even more reliable for users, especially during peak hours. From now the users will enjoy greater availability of riders looking to maximize their earnings.

On September 28 this year, the Dhaka Ridesharing Drivers’ Union observed a 24-hour strike to put pressure on the platforms to reduce the commission to 10% for all rides. Pathao is the first one among the ridesharing platforms in Bangladesh to reduce their commission structure.

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