RMG Factories Offering Commodities At A Discount For Workers

RMG Factories Offering Commodities At A Discount For Workers

Several garment manufacturers across the country have opened discount shops at their premises, offering staple goods to their workers at 15 percent lower prices than the market. As commodity prices rise, such initiatives have provided relief to low-income people. Workers can purchase these products on credit for the bill, which the garment authority will adjust with month-end salary disbursement. It has been found that companies like Tarasima Apparels, DBL groups, and Crony group are providing such facilities to lakhs of workers working in their factories.

Chief HR officer of Tarasima Apparels, Sirajul Islam Azad, stated that his company launched a super shop called “Amar Dokan”, which currently has 600 types of groceries and the price ware BDT 5 less than the ongoing market price. Through this, 8000 Tarasima Apparels workers buy around BDT 170,000 products daily. 

He said, “We have the software with the details of the workers, and the purchases are adjusted with their salaries at the end of the month.”  

Another major RMG exporting company, DBL Group, has set up shops at 8 locations on their premises, where more than 43000 people can buy 400 types of goods. 

Managing director of DBL Group and chief sustainability officer Muhammad Zahid Ullah said, “The company sells the product at the same price as it buys it.”. In addition, the company covers store accessories, so employees can avoid paying additional costs.

Narayanganj-based garment exporter, Crony Group, has also launched a super shop on their factory premises, selling daily used commodities at a discount rate, facilitating 10,000 workers in the country. 

AH Aslam Sunny, managing director of Crony group, said, “The fair price shop saves workers money and their time and provides quality groceries that are difficult to find in informal bazaars. Since Rana Plaza, we have invested billions of dollars in retrofitting and compliance. We have shown the world we are serious about developing our nation and our people. “

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan said that very big and reputed companies have already opened shops inside their factories, but the number is yet to be known. Several US-based brands and retailers have also partnered with factory management to facilitate this initiative. 

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