6 Service Providers for Any Business

6 Service Providers for Any Business

Becoming an entrepreneur has been the dream of many Bangladeshi youths. But on the way to becoming an entrepreneur, they encounter various problems like sourcing products, creating websites, or setting up solutions for multiple machineries and automation for factories. Today we will introduce you to 7 B2B service providers whose products and services will help bring effectiveness and efficiency from the initial stage of business to expanding business activities.

6 Service Providers for Any Business

  • Soppiya
  • MuthoFun
  • Safeway Technologies Limited
  • JR Recycling Solution LTD
  • Sinos Automation Solution
  • Palamou

1. Soppiya

A website is an essential medium for any F-commerce or Online Seller’s business to grow, attract more customers, and increase brand recognition among customers. However, building an e-commerce site from scratch is not always feasible for such merchants as it is very expensive. Moreover, many websites are slow and even infected and closed due to the use of backdated null scripts available in the market. Soppiya started its journey in 2020 to provide easy and low-cost e-commerce website builder services for online sellers to overcome such problems. The platform allows eCommerce or online sellers to easily build customized websites or eCommerce sites using themes, widgets, and plug-ins of their choice. Also, from the same platform, Soppiya offers all the facilities related to e-commerce websites, like stock management, profit and loss analysis, domain integration, customized notifications, mobile and desktop applications, and employee account creation. By signing up for Soppiya, an entrepreneur can run a fully operational e-commerce site for his business on a lifetime trial. Also, the pricing of Soppiya’s Starter, Advance and Pro packages are pretty reasonable for some additional features and professional tools. As a domestic company, Soppiya can provide quick and easy solutions to any problem of entrepreneurs.

2. MuthoFun

Proper branding and promotion of products and services are essential for increasing the sales volume of any business. And to inform customers about products and services, SMS is a widely used medium. Besides, most e-commerce and f-commerce platforms have their websites and application platforms, where customers have to use OTP (One Time Password) as two-factor authentication to ensure security. Today, consumers are more aware of the safety of their personal information than ever before. Therefore, the security of customer accounts is crucial for website-based services.

Furthermore, sending promotional SMS under the business’s name and hiding the sending number also helps to increase customer awareness. MUTHOFUN is able to provide such SMS-based solutions at affordable prices. Therefore, E-commerce and F-commerce organizations can purchase MUTHOFUN’s SMS services in bulk and run SMS-based campaigns for their branding and promotion. Besides this, MuthoFun also provides a facility to ensure customer security by integrating OTP on the website and application platform. Apart from bulk SMS, the platform also includes SMS banking, subscription-based messaging, and a push-pull messaging facility. 

3. Safeway Technologies Limited

The first and most important thing small and medium-scale manufacturing-based businesses need is “machinery”. However, sourcing and importing quality machinery often becomes complicated and expensive for such business establishments. Safeway Technologies Limited is Bangladesh’s fast-growing machinery importer and supplier company. The company’s dedicated technical and management team conducts extensive market research and analysis to import industrial machinery from China, Taiwan, Italy, Europe, and the USA. The Industrial Machineries imported by the company include – Construction Machineries (Concrete Blocks, Bricks, Tiles, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Pay-Loaders), Furniture Machineries (Auto Saw, CNC router, Fiber Laser Cutting, Laser Marking), Footwear, Leather & Garment Swing Machinery. The company also imports and supplies machinery for making various items such as one-time paper cups, plates, tissues, non-woven bags, injection molding machines, and security equipment. Regarding product assurance, the company guarantees 1-2 years of parts warranty and 5-10 years of engineering servicing on their supplied machinery. Safeway Technologies Limited also provides free business plans, consultancy, import service, machinery installation, training, and after-sales service to entrepreneurs.

4. JR Recycling Solution LTD

JR Recycling is an e-waste management company that collects and recycles waste and outdated electronic products from almost all types of domestic and foreign electrical and electronic product manufacturers, assemblers, and bulk users. In this case, the scrap generated through separation, disassembly, and segregation is collected from the companies and supplied to the manufacturers as per their requirements, which the manufacturer can recycle to make new products. JR Recycling is helping to reduce the harmful effects of e-waste on the environment and human health through proper e-waste management. The company has also achieved ISO (ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 14001) certification and met all compliance requirements for e-waste management. JR Recycling Solutions Ltd is Working as a Local Partner of two Global Recycling organizations named SIMS and Dynamics in Bangladesh. Besides e-waste recycling, JR Recycling Solutions Ltd. also deals with data destruction, on-demand supply of products, various tower constructions, and dismantling. So far, the company is serving major telecom companies like GP, ROBI, and Banglalink as well as VIVO, SAMSUNG, TECNO, SYMPHONY, XIAOMI – including Japan Airlines, Reuters, and VFC. In addition, JR Recycling Solutions Ltd. will also start an e-waste collection project called GREEN TRUCK to achieve the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL (SDG) announced by the Bangladesh government.

5. Sinos Automation Solution

Sincos specializes in industrial automation solutions, including automation equipment supply, installation, and full automation support from their experienced engineers to manufacturers across various industries. Sincos is working with international brands like Markem-Imaje, Sullair, Festo, Siemens, Cognex, and Universal-Robots to provide these services. Through these brands, Sincos provides marking and coding solutions to various manufacturing organizations, Pneumatics and Electromechanical Components for Automation, Industrial Air Compressor Installations, as well as Automation Components and Industrial Automation Solutions like SCADA, HMI, PLC, Collaborative Robots for Machine Based Production Facilities. , and provides automation services required for production and manufacturing-based organizations. The company is also supplying SCADA services to domestic and international organizations. Sincos also has experience working at the SCADA unit in tech giant Apple’s semiconductor line. In addition, the company is providing Industrial IOT or Internet of things service through its own platform Syncross, which simultaneously monitors what is happening in the manufacturing unit or factory, regular utility consumption checking, and channelizing as well as providing data visualization and monitoring facility.

6. Palamou

Palamou is an online B2B wholesale marketplace that connects manufacturers to wholesalers, suppliers, retailers, and customers. The platform provides bulk sourcing of any product, despite its quantity and necessary printing and packaging services, to small and medium businesses and online merchants. Apart from product sourcing, the company also provides various business documentation, legal support like VAT & TAX, and IT and technical support like website creation for business, POS machine, App development, and Software development. The platform has several membership plans for sellers. Under the platform’s free plan, a seller will get 10 product posts and an additional 500 MB photo bank facility on the Palamau platform. Also, while the platform charges a 5 percent commission against each product sale in the free plan, it does not charge any commission for sales in the paid plan. Furthermore, the platform provides content support for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok for business promotion to sellers. Also, it provides banner, poster, and sticker design and printing support for offline advertising.

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