Shuttle Rebranding: The New Face of the Evolution

Shuttle Rebranding

The women-friendly ride-sharing service Shuttle has unveiled its new logo as part of its rebranding process.

Starting its journey in 2018, Shuttle was earlier known as Shuttle for women. The startup started its journey with an aim to solve women’s daily commuting problems in Dhaka by ensuring safe travel for students and working women. Although serving a niche market, Shuttle was able to attract a lot of customers in its early days. The startup was also successful in raising $1.3 million in funding from investors like Robi Axiata Limited, Bangladesh Angles, Accelerating Asia etc. 

However, in 2020 when the pandemic hit, the startup was expected to have a massive fall as all educational institutions and most of the companies announced work from home. However, the company continued to evolve by introducing its corporate services for organizations that still required workers on the ground. In addition, as the conditions improved and lockdowns were significantly relaxed, Shuttle launched its new service targeting both men and women who commute daily for work or business and students. 

As Shuttle is moving away from a women-centric service to creating a new & unique category of transport service provider, Shuttle is dedicated towards ensuring affordable & comfortable transportation compared to existing services. Hence, the company’s rebranding with a new tagline, “Ride Forth, Everyday,” and a vibrant & colorful new logo.

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