Shwapno Recorded the Biggest Sales Growth in FY 2021

Shwapno Recorded the Biggest Sales Growth in FY 2021

Shwapno, the largest retail chain in Bangladesh, announced the biggest turnover growth rate in the 2021 fiscal year, as a result of higher sales through its dedicated e-commerce platform and teleservice during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the annual report of ACI Ltd, the parent company of Shwapno, the retail chain managed to get an 18.7% year-on-year growth rate from BDT 1,156 crore turnover in the last fiscal year to BDT 1,375 crore in this fiscal year.

Shwapno has collaborated with various partners to deliver groceries and other necessities to customers’ doorstep. It has also introduced teleservice, through which customers directly communicate with the stores to place orders. According to ACI Ltd.’s annual report, teleservice ensures monthly delivery to 11,000 consumers. On the other hand, Shwapno express outlets deliver services to about 14,000 customers per day. In terms of order placement, customer base, and delivery services e-commerce platform is also growing. The E-commerce site is serving monthly 30,000 customers.  

Currently, Shwapno operates more than 200 outlets and its net sales were BDT 151.8 crore in June 2021. Shwapno’s private-label brands received a 71.7% rise in the number of goods in their selection and a 9.7% rise in revenue over the previous year.

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