7 Skills You Can Develop for Better Opportunity

7 SKILLS for Students

“Learning never exhausts the mind” this quote from Leonardo Da Vinci applies to every human being. Therefore, starting from students to everyone in between should adopt specialized skills to stay ahead in the competitive job market in Bangladesh. Here are the seven skills that everyone needs to know. 


PowerPoint is such a tool that is essential in a person’s life, may it be while being a student, while working at an organization, or building themselves as an entrepreneur. We cannot think of doing our presentation in university and presenting our business idea without PowerPoint. There are over 500 million users of PowerPoint where 30 million PowerPoint presentations are prepared worldwide. Using PowerPoint, one can create basic animation, social media posts, infographics and do many other things. Nowadays, you can find many free PowerPoint templates online. Anyone using the PowerPoint tools can create an eye-catching presentation, which acts as an effective tool for visual aids in public speaking. Therefore, everyone should adopt the skill of creating flawless presentations with PowerPoint.


From data entry to managing your finances, accounting, and mathematical calculations with accuracy, Excel is a very effective tool. In fact, Excel is a powerful tool with which users can create task lists, calendars, accounting, inventory tracking, project management, infographics, forms, and can even play games. As an indispensable tool, there are numerous usages of Excel in professional life. This tool creates endless possibilities for the users if anyone can have good command over the formulas and functions of Excel. There are many excel templates available online. Users do not need to spend much time in Excel for doing an advanced-level task. Anyone with a good concept of the essential tools in Excel can do the task of data entry, accounting, analysis, database management, etc. Worldwide, there are over 750 million Excel users. The virtuosity in Excel is considered to be an edge for everyone.

Social Media Management

As per Statista, the current generation spends 145 minutes each day on several social media sites. Another information from Statista reveals that there are approximately 2.93 billion Facebook users worldwide. The popularity of other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, TikTok, Whatsapp is immense. LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, is well-liked as well.

Reaching audiences by using social media sites is simply a piece of cake. Social media has paramount importance for creating customer awareness, building community, branding, running a marketing campaign, and generating leads. Having knowledge of the social media tools like Insight and Analytics, Business Suite, and Ad Platforms can be an added advantage for anyone in the marketing sector.


In this day and age, photographs are an integral part of our daily lives. We should possess basic photography skills, as it is necessary for several areas like social media posts, product photoshoots, and cinematography. These days, smartphones have good quality cameras, which is many times better than previously used professional cameras. Remarkably, the capability of capturing video from smartphones has improved. Going live from our smartphones is now trendy. Therefore, knowing basic tools and functions alongside the advanced features, anyone can utilize these in their jobs and businesses.

Graphic Designing

Nowadays, the work of graphic design is extensive. In the past, graphic designing only meant designing messages for visual communication, business cards, banners, posters, etc., with the help of images, icons, typography, and various elements. But now, designing social media posts is one of the integral parts of graphic designing. Knowing the basics of graphic design is beneficial for students to professionals. It is not always obligatory to learn professional applications like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to implement the basics of graphic designing in a project. There are many easy-to-use software and websites like Canva, Picsart, Photopea, etc., by which anyone can do graphic designing.

Video Editing

People of this era have been video-centric in many perspectives. Perhaps, we often record a video without having any knowledge in video editing and end up failing to use the videos properly. Hence, having video editing skills is very important. In this regard, knowing the use of professional editing and high-quality software or pc is not mandatory. Video editing can be done by using some free and easy-to-use software like Lightworks, KineMaster, Da Vinci Resolve, VSDC on any low-configuration pc. Besides, good quality video editing can be done by using several apps installed on smartphones. Moreover, there are apps like Viva Video, Quik, FilmoraGo, InShot to edit videos on smartphones. Having basic knowledge on adding music and text in videos to trimming, cropping, etc., can be useful in various fields, from personal to professional work.

Web Designing and Development

Having a web presence is significant in any business. It is not necessary to know the coding or complex programming to develop a new website for a start-up or business and for maintaining a personal blog. Anyone using platforms like Wix, Blogger, Weebly, etc., can create a basic website. Using drag and drop and free templates available for these platforms, anyone can create a website. Besides, knowing skills like SEO, content publishing on websites or blogs is beneficial from several perspectives.


A report of The Independent BD mentions that 1 million students are graduating and entering into the competitive job market every year. A student must know the mentioned skills to stay ahead in this competitive job market.

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