Square Toiletries Served 25 Thousand People About Mental Health

Square Toiletries Served 25 Thousand People About Mental Health

Good mental health is just as vital as physical health for overall wellbeing. However, mental health often does not receive the same attention and care. To provide accessible mental health support to Bangladeshis, Square Toiletries Limited has launched a free 24-hour careline number (08000888000)

The careline has a team of licensed counselors, psychologists and doctors, supervised by renowned by psychologist Dr. Mehtab Khanam. Since the launch in 2017, over 25000 people across Bangladesh have received critical mental health assistance directly through the Square careline. 

According to the national Mental Health Survey 2018-2019, over 18% of adults above 18 years and alarmingly 12.6% of adolescents ages 7-17 in Bangladesh suffer from various mental illnesses. However, medical facilities and resources to treat these conditions remain inadequate in the country. 

Rising further concern, public awareness regarding mental health issues and their impact is still relatively low in our society. The stigma around mental illness often prevents people from seeking help even when they are struggling with anxiety, depression or other issues.

This year, the World Health Organization rightfully declared mental health a fundamental human right. Square Toiletries is already proactively working to promote mental health, said Chief Operating Officer Malik Mohammad Saeed. He emphasized that mental health deserves just as much focus as physical health, especially considering the emotional stresses of the pandemic that negatively impacted many. Identifying and treating mental health conditions early is crucial before they exacerbate.

Any person in Bangladesh can call the Square careline number any time of day or night. The service is completely free and confidential. People can consult experts on the phone for any mental, physical or social issues related to themselves or family members.

With the pressing need for mental health support in Bangladesh but limited on-ground resources, Square’s initiative to offer free counseling from qualified professionals through a simple phone call can make a real positive difference. Tackling the country’s mental health crisis will require combined efforts from both the public and private sector.

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