Top 10 Agro-Based Companies in Bangladesh

Top Agro Based Company

Agriculture has consistently been Bangladesh’s major sector for the longest time. Around 50% of the population works in this industry, while 70% of people depend on agriculture for their living altogether.

Agriculture continues to assist GDP growth despite its many limitations by generating rural income and employment in agro-based sectors. Increased agricultural production can result in more revenue, which would allow for the growth of agro-supportive services. More steps should be taken in fostering agricultural entrepreneurship and strengthening agro-based companies. However, agro-based businesses are expanding rapidly. 

Top Agro-Based Companies in Bangladesh

We have compiled some well-known agro-based businesses below for you to learn about.


BRAC started to work in the agriculture sector in 1972. BRAC SEED and AGRO ENTERPRISE is one of Bangladesh’s top distributors, producers, and importers of seeds. The goal of BRAC Seed and Agro Enterprise is to maximize the profits of poor and marginal farmers by providing high-quality agricultural inputs, suitable production, and implementing post-harvest technology. They are marketing 53 varieties of vegetable seed, 13 hybrid varieties and 19 high-yield varieties of rice seed, 14 hybrid varieties of maize seed, 5 varieties of potato seed, wheat seed, pulse seed, and mustard seed.

This company has 22 production centers and around 7,000 contract farmers spread out over the nation making BRAC the largest producer of hybrid maize seed and the second-largest producer of potato seed in the country. The seed and agro firm have built 11 modern storage systems with a capacity of 4,400 metric tons, five seed processing centers with a capacity of 12,000 metric tons annually, and more. More than 4,500 sub-dealers and 450 dealers make up the extensive network of BRAC Seed and Agro Enterprise across the nation.


Global Agro Resources Incorporation started its journey in 2001. In Bangladesh, Global Agro Resources Incorporation trades, imports, exports, processes, and produces agricultural goods. They also have two factories that are situated in the districts of Pabna and Khulna. Global Agro Resources Incorporation has established itself as one of the main agricultural-based companies in Bangladesh. Fresh potatoes, peanut kernels, yellow maize, yellow corn, green mung beans, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and seasonal vegetables are among Global Agro Resources Incorporation’s primary goods. Global Agro Resources Incorporation further processes and exports finished jute goods from Bangladesh to other countries.

Global Agro Resources Incorporation is planning to export its goods to markets throughout the world, including those in the Middle East, CIS nations, Australia, America, South Africa, and Europe. With its own 500 acres of agricultural land, Global Agro Resources Incorporation can grow potatoes and sesame seeds. Their potatoes, sesame seed, and sesame oil are some of their top products that make Global Agro Resources Incorporation one of the leading exporters of Bangladesh in the agricultural sector. 


Started in 2006, ACI seeds Bangladesh is a part of ACI Agribusinesses, a concern of Advanced Chemical Industries Limited. Their solid supply chain and SPC support provide some of the highest-quality seeds on the market in conjunction. ACI Seeds Bangladesh also partners with several international seed businesses. They also have their own research and development facilities at the Bangladesh Agricultural University in Mymensingh, the Rural Development Academy in Bogra, and the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU) in Gazipur. Their product includes hybrid vegetable seeds and hybrid rice seeds. 



In 2001, the Islam Group (IG) of Companies’ subsidiary company Aftab Hatchery Limited (AHL) was established as a private limited company. IG has achieved outstanding successes in the fields of poultry, fishing, agriculture, housing, building, and medicines. To address the rising demand for Day Old Chicks (DOCs) in the poultry industry, Aftab Hatchery Limited to develop a Parent Broiler Breeder Rearing cum Hatchery farm. The ISA Brown and Dekalb White chicken breeds are provided by Aftab Hatchery Ltd. They have the capacity to manufacture 1,20,000 Parent stock DOC each month.


Several Parent Stock (P.S.) farms owned by Aftab Hatchery Ltd. (AHL) maintain 400,000 broiler and 400,000 layer parent stocks. Moreover, a single hatchery with a monthly production capacity of 500,000 DOC was first built at Bhagalpur.

5. Shah Agro Exim & Trading

Established in 1996, Shah Agro Exim & Trading is one of Bangladesh’s top exporters of agricultural products. Their main goods are sesame seeds, sesame oil, green mung beans, peanuts, coriander seeds, jute bags, and fresh potatoes of several Dutch varieties. Shah Agro Exim & Trading deals with other Bangladeshi agricultural commodities also. They export to many nations annually, that includes Taiwan, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. They also intend to employ roughly 1000 marginal farmers throughout all Bangladeshi growing regions, which span 5 districts.

6. Paragon Agro Ltd

Paragon Agro Ltd started its journey in 2015. They are one of Bangladesh’s top producers of branded eggs, garden-packed tea, frozen foods, and processed poultry. They have international clients like KFC, Pizza Hut, STS, Apollo Hospital, Intercontinental, Radisson, and Le Meridian. They also have their own GP farm, PS farm, Hatchery, Commercial firm, Feed Mill, Chicken processing, Tea garden, and layer firm.

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7. ACI Godrej Agrovet Pvt. Ltd.

ACI Godrej Agrovet Pvt. Ltd. started its journey in 2004 under the Companies Act 1994. It’s a joint venture of Godrej Group and ACI Limited. The firm produces premium quality poultry, cattle, fish, and shrimp as well as day-old chicks (DOC). Thanks to the Godrej Agrovet Limited’s high-tech research and development (R&D), the firm works to provide farmers with high-quality feed that meets the nutritional demands of their animals. From farm management, for the chicken to pond management for fish, they have extensive expertise in improved farming.

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Their feed mill in Sirajganj uses the most recent technology and maintains outstanding quality, while manufacturing Poultry, Cattle, Fish, and Shrimp Feed. They also have well-ventilated warehouses and silos for storing both our raw materials and finished goods in the best possible condition.

8. Achia Sea Foods Ltd.

Achia Sea Foods Limited began operations in Khulna, Bangladesh, in the year 1993. The company mainly processes seafood and fish. The ultimate source of the firm’s revenue comes from exporting its products. The company has been successfully running its production and exporting operations for more than two decades. The company was first incorporated as a Private Limited Company registered in Bangladesh. Its registered office is situated at Labanchara, Khulna, Bangladesh. They also have their factory in Khulna city as these areas are significant for shrimp production. 


9. Supreme Seed Company Ltd.

Established in the year 1978, the Supreme Seed Company Ltd has achieved significant growth in the seed sector. Supreme Seed Company Limited has two processing facilities to process its produced seed. The processing facility in Trishal, Mymensingh can process 10MT/hour whereas the processing facility in Taraganj, Rangpur can process 5MT/hour. Supreme Seed specializes in the production, processing, and marketing of field crops and vegetable seeds. It is currently trying to build infrastructure, resources, and additional genetic advancements. They want to transform their business into a productive organization that focuses on farmers and has sound corporate governance.

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10. URO Agrovet Ltd

Founded in 2001, URO Agrovet Ltd is a high-quality cattle & poultry medicine and feed supplement manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Their veterinary medicines and feed supplements are prepared from the highest quality raw materials. The nutritional value and precise composition of URO Agrovet’s feed additives produce immediate effects and have a noticeable impact on the livelihoods of Bangladeshi livestock producers. It offers products like Food Supplements, Liquid Feed supplements, Animal Health Products, Feed Premixes, Feed Additives & Supplements, and Certified feed & forages analysis. 

Our Take

Bangladesh is an agricultural nation with a tropical environment ideal for growing a wide range of crops, fruits and vegetables, animals, fisheries, and a booming agro and food-processing sector. Both domestic and foreign markets present great opportunities for Bangladesh’s agro-processing industry. While preserving the essential connections between agriculture and industry, the agro-processing sector can play a significant part in a nation’s industrialization process.

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