Top 10 Animation Studios In Bangladesh

Top 10 Animation Studios In Bangladesh

The animation industry has evolved as an art form, encompassing a wide range of emotions and techniques such as stop-motion, rotoscoping and more. From the romanticizing of mundane tasks by Miyazaki to the slapstick humor in Tom and Jerry and the satirical elements in Rick and Morty, animation has come a long way. According to Global News Wire, in 2021, the global 3D animation market crossed $16 million which is expected to cross $47 million by 2030. 

In regards to Bangladesh, while it may not have made significant progress on a global scale, the situation has improved in recent years. The early 2000s saw the broadcast of productions such as Meena and The Adventures of Montu Miah, but the opportunities for animation production were limited to TV commercials at the time. However, with the emergence of several animation studios, the industry has taken a positive turn and is showing promise. Bangladesh has also been making strides in the animation industry, and many studios are now contributing to the industry’s growth. There are several animation studios in the country that are creating highly creative animation videos for both local and international clients.

List of the Top 10 Animation Studios In Bangladesh

  • Pixelaa Studios
  • Ending Scene
  • StoryBox International
  • 10 Studio
  • Azmi Studios
  • Techdyno BD
  • Dreamer Donkey
  • Next Resolution Films
  • Cycore Studios
  • Technomagic BD

Here are the 10 best Bangladeshi companies who are working in the Animation industry and becoming capable of giving a tough competition to the international animation studios. 

1. Pixelaa Studios

Pixelaa Studios, established in 2018, is a professional animated video production agency located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company specializes in producing customized animated videos that help corporations and brands in educating their clients, increasing brand recognition, and enhancing marketing return on investment. With four years of experience in the industry, Pixelaa has completed over 350 projects to date. Despite its relatively small team of over 15 individuals, the company boasts a highly talented and imaginative workforce. Pixelaa primarily focuses on three project categories: 2D Animated Commercials, 2D Animated Explainer Videos, and Video Documentaries. The company has earned the trust of numerous prominent corporations and brands, including Mobil, Robi, Incepta, Unigas, Akash DTH, SIBL, United Group, Nescafe, Pran, and IPDC Finance, among others. Pixelaa’s innovative wedding video project has garnered recognition and was even featured in a prominent national newspaper.

2. Ending Scene

Ending Scene is a renowned creative animation and motion graphics studio located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With a team of skilled in-house scriptwriters, animators, sound engineers, and voice artists, the company excels in creating top-notch storyboards, animatics, explainer videos, and promo videos. The company operates with the utmost professionalism, maintaining proper communication with clients throughout the production process, to ensure that their work meets the highest standards of quality.

This approach has earned Ending Scene a reputation for delivering outstanding animation video services, as evidenced by their track record of providing more than 500 video services to over 300 clients, including government organizations and international NGOs such as Grameenphone, Akij, Bata, UKAID, Incepta, and Renault, etc. Providing a captivating storyline, the company’s 2D animations are visually engaging, easy to understand, and accessible to any audience. With their exceptional talent and commitment to quality, Ending Scene continues to set the bar for creative animation and motion graphics services in Bangladesh.

3. StoryBox International

Storybox International is a leading commercial and corporate film, video, and TVC production company based in Bangladesh. The company prides itself on its exceptional storytelling abilities, utilizing powerful visuals and a rich branding language to connect with its target audience. With roots dating back to 2016 as an independent production house, Storybox has since expanded its services to include corporate AV company video profiles, documentary videos, industrial/factory videos, animations, virtual tours, etc.

The company strives to deliver dynamic and emotionally charged content that resonates with its target audience on the most effective platforms. Utilizing cutting-edge video equipment and technology, including 4K cameras, an in-house editing lab, D-Vinci color grading software for color correction, top-level animation software, and in-house drones for aerial video and photos, Storybox has a highly experienced and professional video production team. With over 150 successful projects and 87 satisfied clients such as HSBC, UNICEF, VOLVO, Amber IT, Suzuki, H&M, and many more, Storybox International continues to deliver exceptional quality and results in the commercial and corporate video production industry.

4. 10 Studio

10 Studio is an international standard animation studio located in Bangladesh, and it has two other branches in USA and Denmark. This studio is very popular in both the local and international animation industry because it creates highly engaging animated videos for companies around the world like Anker, Wondershare, Gyroor, Gearbest, CZUR, Soundcore, and many more.

Not only does the company make animation videos for products and services, it also creates explainer videos for companies that helps the companies to cut down their operational cost by 10 percent and employee training cost by 50 percent. 10 Studio even has a reputation of making viral videos that has led their client to 100K downloads and $2 Million revenue in just one month. With more than 100’s of skilled in-house professionals, this studio has delivered more than 1500 projects to 750+ clients in the past 7 years. With such extended experience, this studio is the perfect partner to present out-of-the-box ideas for any company. 

5. Azmi Studios

Azmi Studio is a leading software development and animation studio company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Founded in 2016, the company is privately owned and offers a wide range of IT support and IT services to its clients both locally and internationally. The company’s team of skilled IT engineers and creative specialists are dedicated to providing innovative and effective IT solutions to clients from the UK, USA, Western Europe, Asia, and Australia.

In addition to its software development and animation services, Azmi Studio has also played a key role in various government projects, including the development of a virtual reality solution for the Bangabandhu military museum, the fire service and civil defense project, and the WEIMA America project. The company is committed to delivering projects of the highest quality and offers 24/7/365 support services to ensure the satisfaction of its clients. With the company’s ability to provide customized and innovative solutions, it is an ideal partner for any company looking to stay ahead of competition.

6. Tech Dyno BD

Tech Dyno BD is a well-established IT service provider in the nation that provides comprehensive solutions to all sorts of IT issues. Since its establishment in 2018, the company has been providing professional animation, graphics design, search engine optimization, comprehensive branding, application, web development, and digital marketing services to clients globally. Situated in Dhaka, Tech Dyno BD has catered to over 110 clients with more than 1200 projects successfully completed.

The animation services offered by Tech Dyno BD aid businesses in revitalizing their branding solutions and elevating their social marketing presence. They offer a wide range of animation services including explainer videos and motion graphics. Under these services, Tech Dyno BD creates custom animations, social media content, commercial animated videos, logo and title animations, and many for its clients. The objective of the company is to produce high-quality and realistic animated content that implements diverse marketing strategies and tactics to aid businesses in their growth and development of a robust brand presence.

7. Dreamer Donkey

Dreamer Donkey is a leading 2D/3D animation studio based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Established in 2011, the company has become one of the most prominent creative studios in the region. Dreamer Donkey specializes in a range of multimedia services, including animation, games, illustration, graphic design, and video production of diverse genres and styles. As a dynamic and innovative multimedia company, Dreamer Donkey aims to become a leader locally and globally. In addition to its highly skilled and experienced animators, the company works hard to constantly improve its ability to express creative thoughts without compromising its values. This animation studio has served a variety of organizations including UNFPA, BBC, Banglalink, DESCO, UNICEF, Grameenphone and many others. The company strives to produce exceptional quality animation work and provide top-of-the-line service, regardless of the type of animation it offers.

8. Next Resolution Films

Next Resolution Films is a well-established digital service provider in Bangladesh, known for its expertise in the fields of 2D and 3D animation, product modeling, exhibition design, architectural visualization, and more. The company has collaborated with top brands and production houses across the world, delivering exceptional animation for clients such as Nitol TATA Power, 24 Carat Entertainment, Metafold, and more. With a team of experienced animators and visualizers boasting over a decade of experience in the industry, Next Resolution Films is regarded as one of the leading animation studios in Bangladesh. Their commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering, as they work closely with clients throughout the project, incorporating feedback and ensuring their needs are met. The company’s animations are noteworthy for their simplicity and engaging musical scores. They provide comprehensive solutions for businesses of all types, making their services beneficial to a wide range of clients.

9. Cycore Studios

Cycore Studio is a leading provider of visual effects, animation, and design services, offering creative solutions across a range of mediums. The company specializes in 3D character animation, motion design, and visual effects for feature films and television, game cinematics and trailers, large format films, location-based entertainment, commercials, and integrated media. Located in Dhaka, Cycore Studio is the largest 3D animation studio in Bangladesh. The company leverages its talented team of directors, animators, designers, concept artists, and writers to produce compelling visuals and storytelling for clients both locally and globally. With a strong commitment to quality, the company has completed numerous projects for clients such as Marico, BAT, Oppo, Robi, Kazi Firms, Dettol, Arla, Aci, and others. Their notable project, the short film “Tomorrow”, addressing climate change, has received international recognition and awards. With a collaborative approach to client projects, Cycore Studio strives to deliver the highest quality results.

10. TechnoMagic BD

TechnoMagic BD is a leading provider of digital technology solutions in Bangladesh. Specializing in custom-made, bespoke solutions, the company offers a full range of services, including web design & development, animation, games development, architectural visualization, mobile application development and digital marketing solutions. With a team of over 21 experienced members, TechnoMagic BD is equipped to handle projects such as animated TV series, short films, movies, and TV commercials. With a focus on delivering high-quality, human-friendly content, the company provides Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for a wide range of industries. TechnoMagic BD also offers interactive content and is a trusted importer of corporate hardware, interactive displays, and digital signage. Their in-house project “Bijoy- A story of Operation Jackpot” received over 50k+ views and positive reviews.

Present Scenario Of The Animation Industry in Bangladesh

The animation industry in Bangladesh is rapidly growing and has become a major source of income for many people in the country. The industry has seen an increase in the number of studios, animators, and other professionals working in the field. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of international collaborations, which has helped to boost the industry’s reputation. The industry is now seen as a viable option for those looking to pursue a career in animation. With the right support and resources, the animation industry in Bangladesh could become a major player on the global market.

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