Top 10 Best Resorts in Bangladesh

Top Resorts in Bangladesh

We often look for an escape to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature to rejuvenate ourselves. But visiting natural attractions may not be suitable all the time because of the limitations of time and convenience. Here come resorts to fill this gap by providing easy access to getaway destinations that offer you a perfect combination of nature and luxury.

In recent days, visiting resorts has become a trend in Bangladesh. Many resorts across the country, especially around Dhaka, have become very popular for offering a wide range of features, facilities, and aesthetics. You can also find world-class resorts around Bandarban, Coxsbazar, Kuakata, Sylhet, and so on. However, although the resorts attract people with their catchy pictures, not all of them live up to their mark. Hence, while making a weekend trip plan, you should select the best resort for the best experience. And to help you with that, we have come up with a list of the top 10 best resorts in Bangladesh. Top Resorts In Bangladesh

From the hundreds of resorts all over the country, we have listed the top 10 resorts in Bangladesh after reviewing their location, capacities, and facilities.

1. Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf

Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Excursion & Resorts Bangladesh Ltd. This resort is a true combination of ultimate luxury, gracious hospitality, and admirable greenery, with all the modern, state-of-the-art amenities and facilities that you can think of. It is the country’s only five-star hotel with 135 rooms in 8 different categories, including King, Queen, Triple, Executive Suites, Family Suites, and the exclusive Presidential Suite (Raj Prashad). 

Grand Sultan is located in Srimangal, Moulvibazar, close to the Tea Museum and Bangladesh Tea Research Institute. It’s only about a 4 hours drive from Dhaka city. This resort has two restaurants, three outdoor pools, and a golf course. You can enjoy free WiFi in the public areas and free valet parking. Guests can also enjoy the 9-hole golf course as well as other recreational facilities such as an outdoor tennis court, three outdoor swimming pools on the property, and a children’s pool. A sauna and a fitness center are also available as recreational amenities. If you are planning an event in Sreemangal, this resort has 10000 square feet (929 square meters) of space consisting of a conference center and meeting rooms. 

2. The Palace Luxury Resort

Sometimes people want to visit a place that will bring them closer to nature, apart from just being clean and aesthetic. A fantastic choice for this is The Palace Luxury Resort in Habiganj, Sylhet. The beautiful green landscape in which the resort is located is perhaps its most remarkable feature. However, as the name itself suggests, you will feel like you are living in a palace. A lot of unique recreational and sporting activities are available at the Palace. Besides cycling, boating, fishing, badminton, basketball, and a maze to get lost in, there is ample space for one to go for some real trekking. They also provide Turkish baths in addition to the pool, sauna, massage, and gym. You can use their Buggy Service to get a tour of the entire resort.

The Palace Luxury Resort is believed to be the first five-star resort and the largest of its kind, with five eateries and room service, 111 rooms in the Tower, 22 Exclusive Villas, and 2 Presidential Villas spread over 150 acres of land. Helipads are also available, allowing you to reach this magical land in just a few hours from the capital city. They also provide a rent-a-car service to take a tour of surrounding scenic areas in Sylhet. The Palace is owned by Green Planet Resorts Limited.

3. DuSai

If you’re looking for the most exotic and internationally acclaimed resort in Bangladesh, look no further. In terms of design, atmosphere, ambiance, and the sophistication of interior decoration and furnishings, DuSai sets itself apart from any other resort in the country. This is the ideal place for those who enjoy nature and seek peace and quiet. DuSai received three international awards for its architectural and interior design between August and October of 2016. Two of the awards were from the United States and the third was from India.

Besides rejuvenating your connection with nature, it offers world-class amenities including a 70-foot-long infinity-edged swimming pool, a multidimensional walking trail, a children’s nursery playground, a 56-seater cinema hall, and more. So, if you visit DuSai with your family, friends, or business organization, it is ready to accommodate you with every facility you may require. In addition, if you are a sports-loving person, this resort can be your best choice as it offers facilities for biking, hard court tennis, badminton courts, canoeing, cycling, pool, table tennis, and foosball. Moreover, it is an ideal place for organizations to congregate as it features a 120-seater main conference hall, meeting rooms, dining hall, etc. 

4. Bhawal Resort And Spa

Bhawal Resort & Spa is set in a majestic location surrounded by the amazing greenery of the rainforest, only an hour’s drive from Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital. It’s the ideal location for rediscovering oneself in the peaceful serenity of stunning natural beauty away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. The resort is 39 kilometers away from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. And this beautiful resort is situated on a vast 65 acres of land to accommodate ample attractions for guests. 

They have 61 cottages of varying size, space, and design to accommodate around 150 visitors each night. Furthermore, all the accommodations are equipped with sufficient facilities to provide you with a luxurious retreat. Plus, you can enjoy their open field for cycling, lawn tennis, badminton, and barbecue parties. You can also enjoy spending time in their spa or even play some billiards. Moreover, the restaurants there offer fine dining in a cozy atmosphere, and the service is very friendly and professional. If you are planning on arranging any function or any organizational meeting, Bhawal Resort can be your choice as it has a banquet hall and open space for such activities. This resort is an enterprise of the Amber Group, headquartered at Banani, Dhaka.

5. Mermaid Beach Resort

The Mermaid Beach Resort is the ideal setting for experiencing the beauty of nature at its best. This resort is right beside the sea and has easy access to a private beach for the guests. It is also equipped with luxurious rooms and serves organic, local, healthy, slow-cooked food. You can get to the beach resort in around 20 minutes by taxi from Cox’s Bazar airport. As you drive through Cox Bazar’s seaside and the Bay of Bengal, you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking view that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Mermaid Beach Resort is located approximately one kilometer from its sibling, Mermaid Eco Resort. 

In addition to the natural beauty of the location, you will be most impressed by the variety of amenities that the resort has to offer. They have two restaurants that serve Bengali, English, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and Indian cuisine. And this is one of the best places for various kinds of seafood in Cox’s Bazar, which is a big plus. They also offer fun activities such as surfing, jet-skiing, fishing, hiking, and guided tours around Cox’s Bazar. Kinder Beach, a kid-only section of the main beach, is available to families with young children. This resort, along with some other sister properties, is owned by Mermaid Eco Tourism Ltd.

6. Chuti Resort

Chuti Resort is located eighteen kilometers from Dhaka International Airport and is easily accessible by road, taking about one hour and thirty minutes to reach the destination. It is located on 54 bighas (approx. 38 acres) of land in Sukundi village of Gazipur, close to the cultural sites “Bhawal Rajbari” and “Bhawal National Park.” The breathtaking views of the surrounding lake water and wildlife in the spectacular natural beauty will make anybody appreciate the elegance of Bangladesh. This is one of the most ideal vacation spots to experience the full moon at night, rain during the rainy season, and take in some fresh air.

This world-class eco-natural resort offers 50 rooms that are completely furnished and equipped with contemporary facilities. They can accommodate up to 200 people each night, making the visitors feel at home in a green paradise. Accommodations such as the royal suite, executive suite, duplex villas, family cottages, wooden cottages, and deluxe twins are available to meet the requirements of every guest. In addition, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, playground, sports zone, kids’ zone, tree house, Wi-Fi, country boating, breakfast, drinking water, etc., come complimentary with the room.

7. Shikdar Resort & Villas

Sikder Resort & Villas, which incorporates the spectacular views of Kuakata, lies quite close to the seashore, delivering world-class facilities and an enamoring experience to its visitors. It is located in the center of the seaside town of Kuakata and is one of the most eco-friendly resorts in Bangladesh. The resort features beautiful scenery and an extensive 17-acre area covered in greenery. The best thing is that the panoramic splendor of the Kuakata sea beach can be seen from its rooms. Therefore, it is an ideal vacation spot for individuals who want to get away from the busy city life and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the great outdoors.

Each of the hotel’s 96 guest rooms has a private pool, free WiFi, and a kitchen. A restaurant and room service are also available around the clock for the convenience of the guests. Whether you’re looking to spend some quality time alone or with your loved ones, Sikder Resort in Kuakata is the ideal location for you. Here you’ll find all the amenities you could possibly desire in Bangladesh. This resort is a subsidiary of Sikder Group, which also owns the National Bank of Bangladesh. 

8. Sairu Hill Resort

Sairu Hill Resort at Bandarban is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for the best of both worlds: nature and luxury. It is just 18 kilometers away from Bandarban town and is situated on the hill slopes at the Y–junction of the road from Bandarban to Chimbuk/Nilgiri. You can touch and feel the cold mist here due to low drifting clouds between March to September. Overlooking the Shangu River, the Bay of Bengal, and the hilly range that forms the Myanmar border, this area is a haven for those who love nature. It is possible to see the Bay of Bengal from here, which is only about 40 kilometers away. 

The 12-acre resort attracts thousands of people because of its 360-degree panoramic view and modern facilities. It provides world-class service and amenities for both domestic and international tourists who want to relax in a beautiful natural setting, enjoy walking or trekking, and want to learn more about the local indigenous people. It has a restaurant, a club, a bar, a banquet hall, conference rooms, meeting rooms, an auditorium, a kiosk, a health club with a swimming pool, full power backup, beautifully landscaped greens, and parking for 100 cars, with rooms for the drivers. Mr. Ranglai Mro, a headman from the Mro Tribe, owns the resort. He developed this place with the vision of using the land for a good project that wouldn’t hurt the environment.

9. Heritage Resort

Nature’s gifts are so great that they soothe all five senses, and the heritage resort is such a place where you can enjoy nature to the fullest. There’s no noise to bother you; birds chirping make you happy; being alone keeps you calm and quiet. There’s no sound pollution at all. The location makes it possible to work in peace and with a clear head. The Heritage Resort, Madhabdi, and Narsingdi have more than enough space for seminars, training, workshops, and other business events. People who are not allowed to go here at all.

This resort features beautifully designed rooms with two simple goals: magnificence and comfort. The rooms are very comfortable and cozy, so you will wake up fresh to jaw-dropping views. The resort’s restaurant is located in the main area and serves buffet options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Heritage Resort offers a wide variety of dining options, from gourmet breakfasts to delectable suppers. A pastry shop, a mini ice cream shop, and a vast selection of international and local dishes complete your all-you-can-eat experience. At Heritage Resorts, we offer our guests live barbecue stations. They offer both indoor and outdoor games for children and adults, including a large activity field where football and cricket can be played. Facilities for volleyball and badminton are also readily available. In addition, you can enjoy water sports, water rides, paddle boating, speed boats, a kids’ game zone, 9D, VR games, movies, and more.

10. Sarah resort

The Sarah Resort, located at the historical Bhawal Rajbari in Gazipur district is a unique getaway that is both environmentally conscious and stocked with the most up-to-date conveniences and amenities. It is approximately a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Dhaka. Different types of rooms and suites with a wide range of settings are available here to provide distinctive accommodations for the guests. Premium villa, Raja View Tower, Water Lodge, Ancient Mud House, Presidential Villa, Lakeside Villa, etc. are some of the most popular places that you can stay at. 

This luxurious resort features both indoor and outdoor games for guests of all ages, including large-field sports like football and cricket, in addition to more traditional board and card games. They also have a futsal court where guests can play lawn tennis, badminton, basketball, and volleyball. Apart from this, guests can also enjoy activities like billiards, table tennis, archery, cycling, tandem cycling, triplet-cycling, boating, 9D movies, water sports, and so on. So, you can imagine how interesting a weekend would be at this resort. If you are a food lover, they offer impressive dining facilities as well. Guests can enjoy the highest quality food in 3 different environments, which are classy yet casual. Moreover, they offer a BBQ station near the pool if you want to party with your friends. 

Final Thoughts 

Cities, for all their urban activities, don’t really have any getaways in themselves. As a result, the nearby suburbs have become a popular weekend or vacation destination for city residents. Moreover, tourists are seen to prefer resorts over conventional hotels and lodges nowadays. In summary, no matter which resort you choose from this list, you are bound to have an amazing time.

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