Top 10 Courier Service Company In Bangladesh

Top 10 Courier Service Company In Bangladesh

Courier service refers to a service where anyone can transfer messages, packages, and parcels from one place to another. Usually, traditional mail services take a long time to deliver and can be quite expensive for heavy parcels. But, in today’s fast-paced world, the need for quick and efficient delivery services has become crucial. Thus, courier services allow you to transport parcels in a very short time with a high level of security.

The courier service industry in Bangladesh has evolved tremendously over the years, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Private-run courier services in Bangladesh started in 1983 with the introduction of three companies – Sundarban, Continental, and Dreamland. According to the Courier Services Association of Bangladesh (CSAB), the market size of this industry was around Tk 70 billion in 2021 which definitely has increased by now. Currently, nearly 500 courier companies are running their operation in Bangladesh and more than 5 lac people in Bangladesh are directly involved in this sector. With the rise of e-commerce, the demand for courier services has increased dramatically, making it one of the most lucrative industries in Bangladesh with an annual growth rate of 20 percent. 

List Of Top 10 Courier Service Companies In Bangladesh

  • Sundarban Courier Service (SCS)
  • RedX
  • eCourier
  • Pathao Courier
  • Delivery Tiger
  • Karatoa Courier Service (KCS)
  • Janani Express Parcel Service
  • Sheba Delivery
  • Sonar Courier
  • SA Paribahan

1. Sundarban Courier Service (SCS)

Sundarban Courier Service Ltd. is one of the pioneers of privately run courier services in Bangladesh. Started in 1983, it has remained as one of the top courier choices for people from all walks of life. Currently, SCS has more than 2 million clients and more than 600 official branches across the country. Also, it has been shipping products in more than 100 countries around the world and earned the trust of millions of people. Their popularity is so high that, according to a TBS report, an average of 7.5 lakh parcels are delivered across the country every day, of which Sundarban Courier Service alone handles 3 lakh deliveries. SCS generally provides four types of courier services, namely – Documents, ICT Equipment, Value Declared Items, and E-Commerce Services. The company started as a business-to-business courier delivery service provider, but now due to the need for diversity, the company is also providing home delivery, limited in divisional areas only. 

2. RedX

RedX is a tech-based logistics company and a concern of Bangladeshi startup – ShopUp. RedX aims to provide top-notch delivery support to Bangladesh’s thriving e-commerce industry. With a dedicated and skilled workforce, RedX has revolutionized delivery service in Bangladesh. They cater specifically to business owners, making it an ideal choice for e-commerce companies such as Daraz, AjkerDeal, and RedX boasts being the fastest delivery system in Bangladesh, with a promise to deliver within 24 hours in Dhaka and 72 hours outside of it. The company also offers real-time updates through SMS, making it convenient for customers to track their deliveries. RedX offers a 0% COD charge inside Dhaka and only 1% outside of it, allowing merchants to receive payments the very next day. The registration process is easy, with a simple phone confirmation followed by a one-time password (OTP) and agreement to terms and conditions. With nationwide delivery covering 64 districts and 61 hubs, REDX Delivery also offers live tracking and reverse delivery options.

3. eCourier

eCourier is a well-established online courier service in Bangladesh, which was founded in 2014. With over 17,000 merchant partners, it has established itself as one of the best courier services in the country. eCourier offers a wide range of services including home delivery, store pickup & return services, and same-day delivery within the Dhaka metropolitan area. The company also provides warehouses for storing items, reducing operating expenses and saving time. Moreover, the company also provides booster SMS, Facebook sales automation, and fraud detection services for merchants. Registering for eCourier is easy, and merchants can choose from bKash or bank options for payment. Overall, eCourier provides a one-stop solution for businesses, delivering convenience, reliability, and efficiency.

4. Pathao Courier

Pathao is a rapidly growing tech company based in Bangladesh, offering an app-based solution for courier and parcel delivery services. Pathao originally started out as a ride-sharing app by three friends, Hussain Elius, Sifat Adnan and Fahim Saleh. Gradually, they added other services to the platform including courier services. With its on-demand delivery services, Pathao Courier is a strong player in the online courier market, serving all sorts of courier needs whether it be same-city or cross-district delivery. It is available in all districts of Bangladesh, and offers prompt delivery services, making it a reliable option for more than 80 thousand business owners. Registering as a merchant is simple and payment options are flexible, with the ability to use bKash or cash on delivery. Pathao also offers emergency parcel delivery services in Dhaka and Chattogram. For merchants, they can collect payments through bank transfers, personal bKash numbers, or by picking it up directly from the headquarters on Saturdays.

5. Delivery Tiger

Delivery Tiger is a leading logistics service provider in Bangladesh established in 2019. The company operates as a cargo and freight delivering service to all districts and sub-districts in the country. With an array of services, Delivery Tiger offers fast and efficient delivery options, including same-day delivery in Dhaka, next-day delivery in major cities, and express-day delivery within 4 working days. They also offer cash on delivery services and no return charges for merchants. The platform is trusted by over 30,000 merchants, including well-known brands such as and Rokomari. Delivery Tiger also provides local courier and online parcel services, which can be easily accessed through their mobile app available on Google Play Store. The registration process is straightforward, requiring only a phone number and password. With its comprehensive services and ease of use, Delivery Tiger is a top choice for merchants looking for reliable logistics solutions.

6. Karatoa Courier Service(KCS)

Karatoa Courier Services (KCS) is a leading courier company in Bangladesh, known for its outstanding service and reliability. The company has a vast network of 130 branches that cover all 64 districts in the country. The company’s popularity can be attributed to its commitment to providing secure and prompt delivery services, making it a go-to choice for individuals and businesses that require fast and reliable document delivery. Karatoa’s improved transport facilities and experienced staff have helped the company grow rapidly, earning the trust and confidence of its clients. The company is known for providing efficient, on-time delivery of important documents and packages, making it the most preferred courier service in Bangladesh. With its ability to expand its network much faster than its competitors, Karatoa Courier Services has become the largest courier service in the country and continues to be a trusted name in the industry.

7. Janani Express Parcel Service

Janani Express Parcel Service is a well-known courier service in Bangladesh that operates as a sister concern of Janani Group. The company was originally established as Hassan Book Depot in 1980 and has since then expanded into a cargo and freight company that provides quick and safe transfer services. With its 64 branches spread across 64 districts, the company has been able to cater to the needs of its customers effectively. The Chairman of Janani Group, Md. Abul Kashem Sarker, has played a crucial role in the success and growth of the company. Janani Express Parcel Service is known for its commitment to meeting the requirements of its customers, making it one of the most popular courier services in Bangladesh. With a wide network and efficient services, it has established a reputation for reliability and timely delivery of packages. Whether it is for personal or business use, customers can trust Janani Express Parcel Service to handle their deliveries with care.

8. Sheba Delivery

Sheba Delivery is an initiative from aimed at merchants. This application-based service allows merchants to earn money by making parcel deliveries in areas of their choice, for a fee. With Sheba Delivery, merchants have access to a dashboard where they can manage all their orders and deliveries, and also track the delivery person. The dashboard also provides the ability to keep track of orders and deliveries. Furthermore, merchants can expand their business by delivering for other e-commerce businesses. Sheba Delivery offers merchants the ability to provide an additional income stream while helping to meet the delivery needs of their customers. With the growing demand for convenient and fast delivery, Sheba Delivery provides an opportunity for merchants to capitalize on this trend while providing a valuable service to their customers. 

9. Sonar Courier

Sonar Courier Service Ltd. is a fast-growing courier platform in Bangladesh, with over 5000 digital centers across the country. This nationwide courier offers personalized delivery services that cater to the specific needs of businesses. Sonar Courier is known for its fast and flexible delivery services at competitive prices. The courier service is available in the capital city of Dhaka, district cities, and upazilas, making it a convenient choice for businesses across various sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, publishing, and technology. The company boasts a large management fleet, technical support, and data analysis services, which are managed by smart staff who ensure timely delivery of packages. In addition to its delivery services, Sonar Courier also provides opportunities for businesses to streamline, improve, and grow. With its growing popularity and excellent customer service, Sonar Courier is fast becoming a preferred choice for courier services in Bangladesh.

10. SA Paribahan

SA Paribahan is a popular courier service in Bangladesh that is known for its quick delivery times and advanced benefits. Led by Salahuddin Ahmed as the Chairman and Managing Director, SA Paribahan offers secure and reliable parcel and courier services for sending and receiving packages. With 81 branches across Bangladesh, the company provides courier facilities in 64 districts, including 19 branches in Dhaka, 26 in Chittagong, and 13 in Rajshahi. SA Paribahan is dedicated to providing nationwide courier services that meet the needs of its customers. Whether you need to send a package to a loved one or collect one from someone else, SA Paribahan can help you do so quickly and efficiently. With its advanced services and widespread presence, SA Paribahan is a trusted courier service for people throughout Bangladesh.

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