Top E-Commerce Website Developers In Bangladesh

Top E-Commerce Website Developers In Bangladesh

According to The Business Standard, the business-to-customer e-commerce market in Bangladesh is expected to grow by 12.3% on an annual basis, and experts expect it to reach around BDT 150 crores by 2026. The Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated the growth of e-commerce, as more people are turning to online shopping to avoid physical contact and exposure to the virus.

Bangladesh has a population of over 160 million people, with a growing middle class that is increasingly adopting e-commerce as a preferred shopping method. This presents an enormous opportunity for businesses to reach a large and diverse customer base through e-commerce. Furthermore, the country’s increasing internet penetration has led to a growing demand for e-commerce platforms and services.

The government of Bangladesh has taken several initiatives to promote e-commerce in the country, making it a conducive environment for online businesses. The establishment of an e-commerce association and the development of a national e-commerce policy are some of the initiatives that have been put in place to support the industry. These initiatives have boosted consumer confidence and trust in e-commerce platforms and created an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

E-commerce offers convenient and accessible shopping options for consumers in areas with a limited physical retail infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. With the high cost of rental space and staffing requirements for physical retail stores, operating an e-commerce store can be more cost-effective, making it a viable option for businesses looking to expand their reach in Bangladesh. 

Here are the 10 best e-commerce website development companies in Bangladesh that are capable of making your online business a success. These website development companies have a rich history of working with big e-commerce websites in Bangladesh. So, if you are thinking about jumping into the e-commerce bandwagon, these companies can help you with website design and development. 

List of the top e-commerce website developers in Bangladesh:

1. Smart Software Limited

Smart Software Limited is a high-profile e-commerce development and internet marketing agency that develops custom-made e-commerce websites for all kinds of businesses. Starting in 2014, this company has positioned itself as one of the best website development companies in Bangladesh. The company offers professional development in various technologies such as PHP Laravel,, SQL Server, Node.js, React Js, Android, and Flutter. Through these, their highly professional team has a lot of experience in creating SEO-optimized dynamic e-commerce management websites with customized responsive design, user-friendly navigation systems, organized e-commerce reporting tools, integrated email marketing systems, and many more features. Moreover, they also provide full e-commerce management systems like e-commerce ERP, product purchase management system, sales management system, POS system, etc. Apart from web development, they also have expertise in e-commerce app development. With their engaging and interactive e-commerce web designs, you can increase the sale of your business and boost your brand recognition. 

2. Dusra Soft

Dusra Soft is a leading e-commerce web development company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with more than 6 years of experience in developing e-commerce websites. Dusra Soft has a strong track record of successful e-commerce website development for various organizations. They assure their clients that they will deliver their work without any errors, ensuring a seamless website development process. Irrespective of the type of website, Dusra Soft offers all types of services starting from image editing to product uploading, search engine optimization, regular website updates, domain hosting support, responsive user interface, attractive design, etc. Even if you have a website and need to make some changes like adding more pages or updating the security of the website, this company offers such services too. Their team of developers and designers has the expertise to create stunning e-commerce websites that meet the highest standards of design, functionality, and user experience. Whether clients want a simple online store or a complex e-commerce platform, Dusra Soft is equipped to deliver the best results. 

3. Rexo IT

Established In 2017, Rexo IT is another leading software and website development firm in Bangladesh that offers reliable services to its clients including ERP, CRM, SCADA, cloud development, IoT software, cyber security, server management, data analysis, digital marketing, and many more. Since its inception, Rexo IT has been working with a wide range of professionals and constantly delivering high-quality service to its clients. Rexo IT understands the challenges of developing and managing an e-commerce website and thus offers unique solutions that meet clients’ demands. Currently, they are offering three types of e-commerce products – B2C online stores, B2B e-commerce platforms, and C2C e-commerce stores, depending on the nature of the business. Regardless of whether you have a dropshipping, subscription-based, multivendor, manufacturing, wholesaling, rent & loan, or freemium product business, Rexo IT is able to create the right e-commerce website according to your needs. Moreover, they can create native and cross platform apps for your e-commerce business too. 

4. Mavic Digital

Mavic Digital, despite being a relatively new player, has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best e-commerce developers in the industry. This full-fledged digital media agency is known for providing world-class online marketing services to its clients. Their expert team is capable of creating websites of any level of complexity as per the client’s requirements. Mavic Digital’s adherence to international standards has made them equally proficient in creating all types of websites, and as a result, they have gained immense popularity in a very short span of time. Mavic Digital offers all the necessary resources required to create a successful e-commerce website, such as engaging images, user-friendly navigation, eye-catching website copy, responsive design, and search engine optimization. Additionally, they provide dedicated marketing plans and allowances for promotional support of e-commerce websites. Their impressive portfolio already includes renowned companies such as Review Zone, 10 Studio, Walton, IDLC, and Aamar Pay. Overall, Mavic Digital’s expertise and comprehensive approach make them an excellent choice for any business looking to develop a successful e-commerce platform.

5. Nano IT World

Nano IT World is a pioneer in e-commerce website development and offers a wide range of services globally. With over 14 years of experience, their team of experts has developed more than 450 e-commerce websites worldwide. Their team is composed of developers, designers, and engineers with solid backgrounds, ensuring that their clients receive top-quality services. What sets Nano IT World apart is their ability to develop simple, easy-to-use e-commerce websites and management systems that cater to the unique needs of each client. They understand that a fast, reliable, and accessible website is crucial for any business to establish a profitable online presence. They have also developed a personalized e-commerce shopping cart software that enables businesses to manage their website easily. They have decades of experience in commercial marketing, allowing them to understand the importance of meeting budgets and deadlines. Their expertise in online marketing ensures that their clients achieve the desired results from their e-commerce website.

6. Media Soft Data System Ltd.

Media Soft Data System Ltd. is a renowned digital service provider and a member of BASIS, Bangladesh computer society, and e-Cab. It is one of the leading e-commerce development companies in Bangladesh that focuses on providing quick and reliable services for e-commerce solutions. They specialize in designing custom and secure e-commerce websites that offer multi currency support, easy navigation, multiple payment module support, and fully automated processes. Their e-commerce website solutions integrate various systems such as Product Catalog Management, Customer Management System, Order Management, Product Information and Data Management, and Shipment Process & Other Couriers, to offer a more convenient business management experience to e-commerce website owners. One of the notable features of Media Soft Data System Ltd. is their prompt and efficient support team that provides instant solutions to any problems faced by their clients. Their team is skilled and experienced in developing and maintaining e-commerce websites, ensuring their clients’ satisfaction. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient e-commerce solution provider in Bangladesh, Media Soft Data System Ltd. is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. 

7. eSoft BD

e-Soft BD is a website development firm that offers a range of services including website design, development, and maintenance. They use a range of technical features such as HTML, CSS, PHP framework, Codeigniter, JavaScript & Ajax, Photoshop, and MySQL database to create custom websites that meet their clients’ needs. They have expert web developers, who are capable of making optimized websites for both users and search engines, and their focus on technical features ensures that the websites they develop are mobile-friendly, have fast loading times, and are user-friendly across all platforms and devices. e-Soft BD also understands the importance of building credible and trustworthy e-commerce sites, and their websites are designed to feature customer reviews and be easy to navigate. One of the key features of e-Soft BD’s website development services is that they have a customized product checkout system that ensures a fast and easy checkout process because it is crucial to the success of any e-commerce site. Overall, e-Soft BD is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a reliable website development firm that can design custom websites that are user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and have a fast and easy checkout process.

8. WebTech BD

WebTech BD is a prominent e-commerce website development company in Bangladesh that specializes in providing a full spectrum of services to develop and manage e-commerce websites for businesses of all sizes. They have more than six years of experience in the industry and have completed over 100 e-commerce website projects for clients worldwide. WebTech offers a range of e-commerce development packages, from a startup package to a custom marketplace package. Their services include social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and guest posting. They can develop e-commerce websites using hand-coded (PHP/ASP.Net) or CMS platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and others. The company provides a range of benefits for businesses that use their e-commerce website development services, including lower inventory management costs, the ability to scale up any business, and decreased overall operational costs. WebTech BD also offers short-term and long-term services, where they can design and develop an e-commerce website for clients and manage the site for the long run. And in the case of an emergency, they have a relationship team available 24/7 to provide support to clients.

9. Zoom IT

Zoom IT is a reputed web and software development company in Bangladesh with a rich successful history of providing outstanding services. They are able to provide reliable web development services, which include beautiful and elegant web layout design, converting that design to WordPress theme as per clients’ demand, website maintenance, e-commerce management, CMS solutions, and many more. Under the e-commerce website development service, they offer B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, and multi-vendor e-commerce websites according to the client’s requirements. They design the front end of the website usually with HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, and Bootstrap, and the backend works with PHP, My SQL, Node Js, Angular JS, Vue JS, and Laravel. Apart from WordPress, they also build e-commerce websites on Magento and Shopify. Moreover, they also provide search engine optimization services that make websites easily accessible to the targeted audience. They have a team of dedicated professionals who’s goal is to provide 100% client satisfaction with quality. They offer multiple web and e-commerce solutions to choose from, which are catered to serve clients of any budget and requirement.

10. Techno BD

Techno BD Limited is a web and mobile application development company in Bangladesh that has been providing high-quality services to its clients since 2000. They offer a wide range of solutions, including web design and development, maintenance, CMS solutions, email marketing services, etc. With their expertise in e-commerce solutions, Techno BD offers eye-catching, user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and SEO-optimized e-commerce websites. Their e-commerce solutions include unlimited categories, products, manufacturers, order management, inventory management, multi-language, multi-currency, product reviews, product ratings, downloadable products, automatic image resizing, related products, unlimited information pages, shipping weight calculation, discount coupon system, SEO, backup and restore tools, printable invoices, sales reports, domain, and hosting included. For small businesses in Bangladesh looking to run an online store or shop, Techno BD is the perfect partner. Their mission is to provide 100% client satisfaction and versatile project management with a focus on providing web and mobile app solutions with global acceptability.

  • Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is evident that having a strong and efficient e-commerce website is crucial for any business looking to establish a successful online presence. Thankfully, Bangladesh has a thriving e-commerce industry with numerous talented and experienced website development companies. So, if you are a business owner looking to take advantage of the vast opportunities presented by e-commerce, you can partner with these companies to get not only a visually appealing website but also optimized for conversion and user experience, ultimately leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

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