Top 10 e-Learning and Educational Websites in Bangladesh

Top 10 e-Learning and Educational Websites in Bangladesh

As we are living in the era of technological revolution, more and more people are drawn towards online learning. According to Dhaka Tribune, Global EdTech investments gained $18.66 billion in 2019, and the whole industry for online education is estimated to reach $350 billion by 2025.

Moreover, when you can acquire educational guidelines and multiple skills simultaneously from the comfort of your house, the popularity of these e-Learning and educational websites is bound to boom. The courses that online education sites provide are more convenient and cost-effective. Some online learning platforms provide certifications, while others are designed to help with academic studies and grow your skills in your personal and professional life. At present, there are several educational websites available in Bangladesh, making it easy for individuals to choose the most suitable one for them.

With that said, here are the top 10 e-Learning and educational websites in Bangladesh that you can use to brush up on your knowledge and skills.

List of Top 10 e-Learning and Educational Websites in Bangladesh

  • 10 Minute School
  • Shikho
  • Shikhbe Shobai
  • Upskill
  • Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC)
  • Programming Hero
  • Eshikhon
  • Edvive
  • Educarnival
  • Shikhok Batayon

Top 10 e-Learning and Educational Websites in Bangladesh

Here are the Top 10 e-Learning and Educational Websites in Bangladesh that you can use to brush up on your knowledge and skills easily sitting at home. 

1. 10-Minute School

When it comes to the largest ed-tech startup in Bangladesh, 10 Minute School unquestionably takes the cake. This e-learning platform started its journey in 2015 and was founded by the popular entrepreneur and influencer Ayman Sadiq.

Although it started small, in 2016, Robi Axiata Limited, the second-largest mobile operator in the country, became the title sponsor of 10 Minute School. This platform currently has 28 million social media followers, and over 3.6 million app users. 10 Minute School offers a collection of 40,000 educational videos that follow the national curriculum. In addition to basic academic lectures, you can also avail courses for university test preparation, language learning, professional skill development, and job preparation. With their 50,000 online quizzes and live classes, students can track their improvement very conveniently. The organization won many prestigious awards, including the Youth Award’16, DYDF Youth Icon Award’16, BRAC Manthan Digital Innovation Award’16, the Swiss Embassy Award for Social Impact, and Champion for Future Leaders’ League (London). Moreover, they raised a total of $2 million in funding to this date.

2. Shikho

Founded in 2019, Shikho is one of the fastest-growing educational platforms that provide easy access to educational content for Bangladeshi youngsters across the country. Shahir Chowdhury and Zeeshan Zakaria are the co-founders of this e-Learning site. 

With over 350,000 active users presently dispersed over 64 districts of Bangladesh, Shikho launched the initial edition of its mobile learning app in November 2020, and paid customers currently spend an average of 68 minutes per day on the app. Shikho now offers academic courses for SSC, HSC, and university admission examinees. Moreover, in 2021 Shikho acquired Bohubrihi, a skill development learning platform, which was founded in 2016, with the goal to expand its product offering. Bohubrihi has over 100,000 registered users, 63 professional and skills-based courses with more than 4,500 video lessons. In fact, MyGP users have access to 70+ learning videos for free because of their collaboration with Grameenphone. They also gained recognition on an international level by earning a spot on Forbes Asia’s list of the 100 to watch in 2022, and since its inception, the Shikho team has raised $5.6 million in funding.

3. Shikhbe Shobai

Inaugurated on 17th May 2017, Shikhbe Shobai is an online educational platform that facilitates freelancing so it can become a career path to 160 million Bangladeshis. And Rifat M Huq is the CEO of this edtech platform.

Shikhbe Shobai has trained 14800+ trainees so far and it’s increasing every day. Besides, over 425K+ people are connected with them through social media and supporting their mission. Their goal is to establish sustainable self-dependency through an online employment model all over Bangladesh. It offers paid courses on a wide range of subjects including Graphics Design, Web Design, UI and UX design, Web Development, Android App Development, and Digital Marketing along with special freelancing sessions for each course. They are also the first one to launch an online Support Center for everyone absolutely free. To celebrate women’s role in freelancing, Shikhbe Shobai has awarded five promising women with the “Successful Female Freelancer Award 2020.” 

4. Upskill

Upskill was launched in 2016 and operates as a peer-to-peer skill-sharing platform in Bangladesh. Mustafizur R Rahman is the CEO of Upskill who is working towards developing the education sector of the country. This platform allows people and organizations to exchange technical knowledge and skills in order to bridge the skills gap in Bangladesh.

UpSkill impacted 3500+ learners, of whom 90% were professionals and 10% were undergraduate students. They feature a one-stop platform called Upskill Library that offers more than 34+ live video sessions covering various topics like software management, data analytics, coding, digital marketing, fundraising, tech business, e-commerce-related modules, versatile skill development sessions, and many more. There are more than 22 trainers’ sessions available in Upskill Library. They collaborated with Chaldal to develop the first income-sharing agreement (ISA) in the nation. Up until now, UpSkill has already secured $200,000 in investment and aspires to secure a larger round of funding in 2022. Moreover, in 2020 Upskill had secured its place in the HolonIQ India & South Asia EdTech 100 list. 

5. Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC)

Ejaj Ahmad is the founder and director of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC). BYLC started its journey in 2009 and in 2018 it launched its massive open online course (MOOC) platform BYLCx with the intention of empowering young people via leadership development.

BYLCx online learning school features 45 free courses that cover a wide range of topics, including communication, critical thinking, professional development, leadership, entrepreneurship, data analytics, project development, communication, and much more. BYLC will continue to assist Bangladeshi youth by providing its cutting-edge leadership (online and instructor-led) programs in addition to its free digital courses. Their 10-week signature leadership training program is intended for first- and second-year university students as well as H.S.C., O-Level, and A-Level students. Moreover, in July 2019, they launched BYLC ventures that fund the most promising founders of Bangladesh, provide commercial space, customized business training led by successful CEO-turned-mentors, and a suite of professional support like legal, accounting, and corporate governance. Most recently Animo.AI, Biotech Energy Ltd, Premium Fruits, and Savoir Bangladesh received seed funding of BDT 800,000 from BYLC venture: Cohort 4.

6. Programming Hero

A well-known figure in Bangladesh’s programming sector – Mr. Jhankar Mahbub founded ‘Programming Hero‘, a platform that helps teach programming in a fun and interactive way. In 2018, an alpha version of the app named ‘Programming Hero’ was launched. 

They have a mobile app that provides free game-based lessons for learning Python, mobile app development, C programming, C++, cyber security, and many other subjects. They also offer a 16-hour long in-depth web development course. As it’s a programming e-learning site, they allow enrolled learners to join and seek solutions through an online video conference support center via ‘Google Meet’. The Programming Hero team now has 51 full-time workers, 25 part-time employees, and two volunteers. “Programming Hero” quickly rose to become one of Bangladesh’s largest and most well-liked Ed-tech platforms for online programming learning after only two years of existence. More than 1.1 million people have downloaded the app. The app has a sizable worldwide user base, with the majority of users hailing from the US and India.

7. Eshikhon

Founded by Ibrahim Akbar, Eshikhon is an e-learning platform that provides courses on freelancing, academics, BCS, bank jobs, university admission preparation, and skill development.

They currently have over 30 top-notch online courses on their website taught by Bangladesh’s top instructors and help students develop their skills. Some of their most notable skill development courses cover topics like web development, graphics design, and 3D animation. They have a technical audio-visual course that offers CPA training, SEO, WordPress, graphic design, affiliate marketing, android development, etc. The blog section of the site has many informative write-ups that can help a student stay up-to-date with the latest educational news.

8. Edvive

Founded in 2020 by Mohidul Alam, Edvive is a peer-to-peer English learning platform. And currently, they are working with a multiverse of language-learning apps to help users learn a language in the most efficient way possible.

They have served approximately 29,000 students and collaborated with several prominent organizations including British Council, IDP, and Education USA. They have an app called ‘Vocavive’ that makes learning vocabulary very easy. Their recent pre-seed investment of $50,000 was led by four Bangladeshi technology investors with a collective experience of 20 years in the industry. Last year, Edvive received $300,000 worth of in-kind service benefits support from ‘Microsoft for Startups’ and ‘Google for Startups’ programs. With this investment, Edvive plans to develop its app-based support and microservices for a better user experience.

9. Educarnival

Jakaria Karim Soykot and Sharif Saladin Sarkar, co-founded Educarnival, an online platform that gives advice on how to be ready for competitive exams.

Their website covers topics ranging from JSC to BCS tests. On the Educarnival site, you can get tips on how to prepare for difficult tests like the SSC, HSC, bank jobs, public university admission exams, medical college admission exams, and other government recruitment exams. Educarnival provides several services to its students like the Educarnival scholarship program, Edupedia, Exams, Accommodation, Results, forums, job boards, Virtual education fair, library, etc. You can also receive updates and news about job recruitment from the portal. There are additional model tests available for every module. There is also a section with excellent academic writing for you to access.

10. Shikhok Batayon

Shikhok Batayon is an e-learning site for Bangladeshi academics run by the government. Launched in 2013, this site caters mainly to the students of primary, secondary, and higher secondary level schools who want to learn on online platforms free of cost. 

There are three primary educational categories offered on this website including General, Madrasa, and Technical. This online platform mostly offers PPT presentation slides and materials that explain various terminologies and subjects of academic studies at the secondary school level. The website allows teachers to submit and download instructional materials, building up a sizable library of videos, slideshows, images, and other teaching materials. Shikhok Batayon has a collection of over 44,000 educational videos, 2,14,000 presentations, as well as many notes and pictures. The aim of the platform is to help students from all across the country to develop their skills in subjects relating to Science, Arts, and Commerce.

Wrapping Up

The use of online learning for education and training has grown in popularity as it provides unmatched affordability, flexibility, and convenience. And if you want to know more about them, we have listed the top 10 educational and learning websites in Bangladesh where you could find the knowledge and training you need.

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