Top 5 E-Waste Management and Recycling Companies in Bangladesh

Top 5 E-Waste Management and Recycling Companies in Bangladesh

E-waste, or electronic waste, is a growing problem in Bangladesh as technology becomes more prevalent and disposable. Electronic devices such as smartphones, computers and televisions contain valuable materials like gold, silver, and copper, but also harmful chemicals like lead, mercury and cadmium. When these devices are not properly disposed of, they can harm the environment and human health. To address the issue several recycling companies have been established in Bangladesh. These companies collect, sort and recycle e-waste, reducing the amount of harmful materials that enter into the environment. They also extract valuable materials from e-waste, which can be used to create new products. However, the e-waste recycling industry in Bangladesh is still in its early stages. Many companies lack the necessary technology and infrastructure to recycle e-waste effectively. Additionally, there is a lack of regulations and oversight in the industry, which can lead to illegal and unsafe practices. Moreover, 97 percent of waste management work in this country is performed by low-paid workers. 

Despite these challenges, e-waste recycling companies in Bangladesh have the potential to make a significant impact on the environment and the economy. By investing in technology and infrastructure, as well as implementing regulations and oversight, these e-waste management companies can help the nation to reduce the e-waste amount and create job opportunities for local communities. 

List of E-Waste Management and Recycling Companies in Bangladesh

  • JR Enterprise
  • Azizu Recycling & E-Waste Company Ltd
  • M/S. Zaman Enterprise
  • SGS Bangladesh Limited
  • Yousuf Enterprise

There are a couple of companies in Bangladesh that are working on e-waste recycling in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Here is an overview of the top 5 e-waste management and recycling companies in Bangladesh.  

1. JR Enterprise

JR Enterprise is the largest e-waste management company in Bangladesh and the sister concern of JR Recycling Solutions Ltd. Since 2011, the company has been highly concerned about environmental and personal safety precautions. They have been successfully performing our e-waste segregation and separation activities of old, unused, used, and obsolete WEEE, Radio/Non-Radio Telecom equipment for more than 10 years for Telecommunication Operators, Government Institutions, High Communications & Embassies. Moreover, JR Enterprise is a prominent degaussing facility in Bangladesh, which provides the most secure data destruction solution for any type of hard drive, data tape, and pen drive. This company has its own green truck facility that will collect e-waste from customers’ doorsteps and destroy it in such a way that it does not have any negative effect on the environment and soil. JR Enterprise encourages everyone to be aware of proper e-waste management and is committed to providing all necessary assistance in this regard. 

2. Azizu Recycling & E-Waste Company Ltd

Azizu Recycling & E-Waste Company provides comprehensive services for collecting scrap, transportation, storage, and recycling. With the motto of making Bangladesh green as well as a more green world, the company was founded in 2013, and currently, it offers various services including e-waste collection, recycling, on-site disposal, industrial reuse, HDD and SSD degaussing, hard drive shredding, etc. With 15 years of experience and a strong relationship with “TES-AMM”, a Singapore-based world-renowned recycler, this company has a well-equipped e-waste recycling facility in a spacious area with an excellent communication facility near Dhaka. The factory has its own electrical substation, gas generators, deep-water pump, water reservoir, water treatment plant, latest machinery, and an expert workforce to ensure environmentally safe, optimum waste recycling. There are five separate units for E-waste recycling.  All the units are now almost fully equipped with state-of-the-art environment-friendly machines. 

3. M/S. Zaman Enterprise

M/S. Zaman Enterprise Bangladesh is a Government-approved electronic waste recycler that started operations on 23rd July 2017, which is engaged in handling, using and reusing Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in an eco-friendly approach. The company’s main goal is to transform waste into useful raw materials such as precious metals, plastics, and glass by using straightforward, cost-efficient, homegrown, environmentally friendly technologies appropriate to Bangladeshi conditions. Apart from e-waste recycling, the company specializes in separating and segregating Scrap, old, unused, and unserviceable Telecom Equipment like Telecommunication transmission and distribution equipment, and Exchanges both analog and digital. Since its inception, the company has maintained the highest level of service to its customers. In line with this, they want to build a green and clean Bangladesh that will be enjoyable, and not harmful to future generations.

4. SGS Bangladesh Limited

SGS Bangladesh has a specialized e-waste management facility that is designed to process and dispose of electronic waste, or e-waste, in an environmentally responsible manner. The SGS e-waste management facility in Bangladesh employs a range of technologies and methods for sorting, recycling, and disposing of e-waste materials. This includes mechanical separation, shredding, and smelting. The facility also has environmental controls in place to ensure that toxic materials contained in e-waste are not released into the environment.

Additionally, the facility has a program in place to promote the recycling of e-waste and reduce the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills. The facility is compliant with local and international regulations on e-waste disposal and provides training to employees and workers on the proper handling and disposal of e-waste to ensure the safety of workers and the environment. Overall, the SGS Bangladesh e-waste management facility plays a crucial role in keeping the environment safe and healthy by properly handling and disposing of e-waste.

5. Yousuf Enterprise

Yousuf Enterprise was established in 2011 to tackle the growing problem of e-waste in Bangladesh, whilst striving to maintain the country’s environmental management standards as set by the Bangladesh Government. This company has an expert team of professional IT remarketing and e-waste disposal technicians who are experts at secure e-waste solutions including data deletion, IT asset management, and disposal services, in an environmentally sustainable manner. Yousuf Enterprise guarantees the highest security levels for its clients. The company holds full responsibility for customer assets, ensures data security, and operates with the highest standard of care. Apart from e-waste management, the company is also working on tree plantation projects and has so far planted more than 700 trees across the country. Due to the company’s customer-centric technology and environment-friendly practices, they have been able to manage and recycle more than 1 lakh 85 thousand e-waste so far.

Contribution Of E-Waste Management And Recycling Companies In Bangladesh

E-waste management and recycling companies in Bangladesh have had a significant impact on the country’s environment and economy. The proper disposal of electronic waste, such as old computers, smartphones, and televisions, is crucial in reducing the negative effects of toxic materials on the environment and human health.

One of the main benefits of e-waste management and recycling companies in Bangladesh is the reduction of electronic waste in landfills. This is important because electronic waste contains toxic materials, such as lead and mercury, that can contaminate soil and groundwater if not properly disposed of. These companies also help to reduce the risk of fires and explosions in landfills, which can occur when electronic waste is not properly disposed of.

In addition to environmental benefits, e-waste management and recycling companies in Bangladesh also provide economic benefits. Because of these companies, a lot of job opportunities are being created for local people, which can help to reduce poverty and improve the overall standard of living in the country. Furthermore, the recycling of electronic waste can also lead to the recovery of valuable materials, such as gold and silver, which can be sold for profit.

Overall, e-waste management and recycling companies in Bangladesh play a vital role in protecting the environment and promoting economic growth. 

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