Top 10 Popular Furniture Brands in Bangladesh

Top 10 Furniture Brands in Bangladesh

The furniture industry of Bangladesh has a different appeal. While some furniture manufacturers celebrate the country’s own culture and heritage in their designs, others show exciting takes on contemporary designs. Some even combine both and produce unique and beautiful pieces of furniture that you will want to proudly showcase at your home or office.

With such brilliant designers, over 80,000 entrepreneurs, and more than 25 lakh skilled workers, the furniture industry of Bangladesh has been growing fast, with an annual growth rate of 18% to 20%. Moreover, the industry earns a yearly revenue of over BDT 10,000 crore, and currently is also exporting 7% of its manufactured products abroad.

The success of the furniture industry of Bangladesh is the result of the decade-long hard work of countless talented furniture manufacturers. Among them, a few noteworthy companies have been leading the development of this industry toward the global market and becoming significant contributors to the country’s economy. In this article, we will introduce you to these leaders – the top ten furniture brands in Bangladesh.

1. Hatil Furniture

Hatil is best known for the quality of its wooden furniture, customer-centric approach, and environment-friendly business practices. Its products are widely admired because of their elegant designs and exquisite craftsmanship. This fast-growing furniture brand is recognized to be the game-changer in the country’s furniture industry. 

Hatil Furniture

Hatil Doors, a modest door manufacturing shop, was established by Selim H. Rahman in 1989. Later, it started to expand its reach to a broader furniture market and became Hatil Furniture. Now, the company holds 10% of the country’s total furniture sector and generates a turnover of BDT 500 crore. Hatil has 72 showrooms in Bangladesh, but its reach is far beyond just the country.

By opening a showroom in Australia in 2013, Hatil went global for the first time. While serving the furniture markets in Saudi Arabia, the US, Canada, and Kuwait, Hatil has also established itself in Nepal and India in 2017. Currently, Hatil has 21 showrooms in India, and it plans to set up around 140 showrooms by the end of 2022. As of now, Hatil furniture is available in Thailand, Egypt, Bhutan, and Russia. The brand also has an e-commerce site for its customers.

Because of Hatil’s environmentally friendly operations, the company won the HSBC-Daily Star Climate Award in 2013. In 2015, the brand received international recognition for sustainability by the Forest Stewardship Council. Furthermore, Hatil won the Bangladesh Retail Award as the best retailer in furniture in 2021. In the same year, it also won the National Productivity and Quality Excellence Award from the Ministry of Industries. Finally, in 2022, Hatil won the HSBC Business Excellence Award for its contribution to reducing our dependence on imports. 

2. Otobi

The founder of Otobi, Mr. Nitun Kundu, is widely known as one of the most reputable artists and sculptors of the 20th century. Otobi started its journey, with his artistic vision, in 1975, as a pioneer of the country’s contemporary furniture market. It quickly became one of the most popular furniture brands in Bangladesh because of its high-quality products, unique design, and aesthetic decor.


Although Otobi’s monopoly in the contemporary furniture market ended a decade ago, the company still holds a very significant position in the country. In 2018, Otobi recorded a turnover of BDT 937 crore. Now it has 96 points of sales all over Bangladesh and two large factories. Otobi sells products online as well. Its brand portfolio comprises eight different brands, including Odhuna, Apollo, Cassique, Kaarushi, Karkun, Otomat, Otoply, and Otobi Interior.

Otobi went global in 1994 by exporting furniture to Ukraine. In 2007, the company started to expand its operations to India through dealers and distributors. For its contribution to the furniture industry of Bangladesh, Otobi was declared as the Enterprise of the Year in the Bangladesh Business Awards in 2001. It also won the Best Brand Award for No. 1 Furniture in Dhaka Metro in 2009.

3. Regal Furniture

Regal Furniture is comparatively new to the industry. Launched by RFL in 2013, Regal quickly became a well-known furniture brand for its wide variety of traditional, modern, and customized product lines. With over 500 outlets all over the country, Regal serves over 50,000 customers every month. It currently holds a 4% market share of the furniture industry of Bangladesh.

Regal Furniture

To meet local and global demand for its product, Regal has established three factories in Narayangonj. The manufacturing process is operated by talented engineers, skilled workers, and even architects. The carefully selected raw materials and the inclusion of advanced technology in production, the brand ensures the highest quality for its products. To reach more customers with its products, Regal has also launched its own e-commerce site.

4. Navana Furniture

Since its establishment as a sister concern of Navana Group in 2002, Navana Furniture has been prioritizing customer needs and satisfaction above all else. Through its products, Navana Furniture aims to promote a contemporary lifestyle filled with joy, happiness, and endless opportunities. To meet the different needs of customers, it offers an extensive range of products that are of high quality, with beautiful and ergonomic designs, and reasonable prices.

Navana Furniture

Navana Furniture serves over 80,000 retail customers and 170 corporate clients with its five showrooms and 80 franchise dealers around the country. It also has an impressive e-commerce site where AR technology has been used to display products. With a stable yearly growth rate, the brand records an annual turnover of approximately BDT 63 crore every year. In 2022, it won the Best Furniture Pavilion Award at Dhaka International Trade Fair.

5. Akhtar Furnishers Ltd.

K.M. Akhtaruzzaman established the first showroom of Akhter Furnishers in 1976. Because of its product quality and innovative design, Akhtar quickly rose to popularity as a high-end furniture brand. And because of its top-notch product quality, Akhtar also received the coveted ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification in 2001. The company is also committed to running its manufacturing activities and other business practices by strictly adhering to environmental conservation policies.

Akhtar Furnishers Ltd.

Akhtar Furnishers have over 35 showrooms and 100 dealers all over Bangladesh. There are more than 160 categories of home and office furniture manufactured in Akhtar’s 140,000 square feet plant. Akhtar also contributes to social development through its non-profit organization, Akhtar Foundation Ltd. The institution provides different types of technical training to the underprivileged population of the country.

6. Partex Furniture Industries Limited

A subsidiary company of Partex Star Group, Partex Furniture Industries Limited was established in 1999. Since its inception, the brand has been working towards offering high-quality products while also incorporating innovations in manufacturing and business practices. Partex Furniture has 35 showrooms all over the country. It also exports furniture to the UAE, Malaysia, and India.

Partex Furniture Industries Limited

In addition, through its e-commerce site, it delivers its products all over Bangladesh. Although it has a leading position in the hospital furniture market now, Partex Furniture’s home and office products are also highly sought-after.

7. HI-TECH Furniture

HI-TECH Lifestyle & Furniture is a family-owned business established in 2008. Within a few years, HI-TECH became a well-known premium brand. It offers high-quality modern furniture while highlighting minimalist aesthetics. Its wide range of products includes furniture for home use, offices, hotels, cultural & business centers. 

HI-TECH Furniture

HI-TECH has nine outlets in Bangladesh. Among them, there are several megastores in Dhaka and showrooms in three other districts – Sylhet, Narayanganj, and Chattogram. It also has a megastore in Malaysia. Through all of the brand’s showrooms, megastores, and e-commerce site, HI-TECH sells products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional, convenient, and affordable.

8. Brothers Furniture

Brothers Furniture takes pride in offering excellent quality wooden furniture of Victorian and modern design. With more than three decades of experience and technical skills, Brothers Furniture serves both the local and global markets. It promises to deliver satisfactory quality and artisanship with excellent customer service at the most competitive price.

Brothers Furniture

Brothers Furniture has over 35 showrooms in Bangladesh. It is also broadening its horizon by selling products online and being actively involved in the exportation of Bangladeshi furniture. Because of its business practices and operations to ensure environmental, social, and economic benefits, Brothers Furniture received the prestigious Forest Stewardship Council certification. Moreover, the brand was also awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate. 

9. Nadia Furniture

From raw material sourcing to the last stroke of wax, Nadia Furniture ensures quality in every stage of the manufacturing process. Through its excellent customer service, it aims to build a long-term relationship with each customer. Since its inception in 1991, Nadia Furniture has been working with a team of experienced and skilled engineers, designers, technicians, and workers to ensure the best output and maximum comfort for its customers.

Nadia Furniture

Nadia Furniture has around 30 showrooms all over the country. The showrooms and e-commerce site of Nadia Furniture offer a wide range of furniture in various themes. It also exports its products abroad. The company takes pride in producing both traditional and contemporary furniture and offers them at reasonable prices.

10. ISHO

ISHO, founded by Rayana Hossain in 2017, is the fastest-growing furniture brand in Bangladesh. Although the brand had a humble beginning online, it is now expanding its reach overseas with locally-made products. The brand has been continuously ranked as the most popular furniture manufacturer for urban lifestyle because of its unique, minimalist, and modern design approach. 


ISHO opened its first physical store at Baridhara in 2019. In 2022, it opened the first-ever experience center in Bangladesh. This experience center at Dhanmondi allows customers to have an immersive experience with ISHO’s products to make better buying decisions. ISHO has another experience center at Uttara as well. 

ISHO now delivers products to 48 cities. The furniture brand also signed a monetary and strategic investment agreement with Eco Via in 2021 to integrate more sustainable practices into its operations. In 2022, ISHO partnered with Jaipur Rugs, a globally renowned brand of high-end, handcrafted rugs and carpets. 

Thanks to the evolution of design, globalization in artistry, improvement in quality, and emphasis on sustainability, the demand for Bangladeshi furniture is growing fast in global markets. In fact, in the fiscal year of 2021-2022, the country recorded $110.36 million in furniture exports, the highest in a decade. With more branded and non-branded furniture manufacturers working together to develop the market and explore ideas to bring innovations, we can hope this industry grows further and gives a strong boost to our social and economic advancement. 

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