Top 7 Hospitality Management Company In Bangladesh

Top 7 Hospitality Management Company In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the hospitality sector is rapidly growing, with a number of companies delivering top-notch services to customers in a variety of ways, including managing hotels, resorts, travel tours, and events. These companies play a vital role in the tourism industry, helping to attract visitors to the country and providing them with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 hospitality management companies in Bangladesh. These companies have proven to be leaders in their field, offering a wide range of services and amenities to their customers including modern facilities, quality accommodation, and delicious food and beverages. 

List of the Top 7 Hospitality Management Companies in Bangladesh:

  • BRAC Services Ltd. 
  • Paragon Hospitality Management
  • Hansa
  • The Raintree Dhaka 
  • Avijatrik
  • Shinepukur Suites 
  • Tour Planner Ltd.

Here are the top 7 hospitality management companies that offer services for premium residency, tour planning, event organizing, alternative tourism, etc. This list has been crafted after carefully considering all the different types of hospitality management firms, to help you choose the right one for yourself.

1. BRAC Services Ltd. 

BRAC Services Ltd. (BSL) is a leading hospitality management company in Bangladesh, specializing in managing and operating hotels, resorts, and other types of lodging. There are three hotels and resorts managed by BSL: BRAC Centre Inn at Mohakhali, BCDM Rajendrapur at Gazipur, and BCDM Savar at Savar, with a capacity of accommodating 330 guests in total. Their hotels have an outstanding reputation for providing excellent services and facilities, including convention centers, spas, restaurants, and entertainment zones. BRAC Services Ltd. was founded in 1998 and has served more than a million clients domestically and internationally. This company has strong management, corporate values, and high-quality offerings, which altogether reflects on their success. In addition, BSL is committed to preserving the heritage and culture of the nation. Despite operating in different markets, they share considerable synergies in all of their hotels and convention centers.

2. Paragon Hospitality Management

Paragon hospitality management offers one of the most renowned hospitality management services in Bangladesh that can perfectly execute any type of function. Paragon Hospitality Management has famous event venues like Paragon Convention, Fortune Square and Gulshan Shooting under its umbrella where weddings, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, corporate events, seminars, etc. can be organized. Furthermore, Paragon has an event management agency called Ajwah Events that can provide venue decoration for these events, bringing out the theme to perfection. Also, Paragon has its own catering service to serve the guests, where any type of food can be catered by skilled chefs. Every Paragon subsidiary has highly skilled professionals who help with the preparation of every event, because Paragon strives to make its customers’ events memorable.

3. Hansa

HANSA is a premium residence owned by Unique Hotel & Resorts Limited, which is a well-established hospitality management company with over two decades of experience in the industry. Unique Hotel & Resorts Limited also owns the reputable “The Westin” in Dhaka. HANSA is the first premium residence in Bangladesh that offers services that match any other international hotel in the country. The residence boasts 76 contemporary rooms, including 12 suites, 2 world-class restaurants, a gymnasium, spa, rooftop swimming pool, and many other deluxe amenities. It’s located in Uttara, near the international airport, making it highly convenient for travelers. It takes less than 10 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel, and it is easy to move to other destinations across the city.

4. The Raintree Dhaka

The Raintree Dhaka is a luxury hotel in the heart of Dhaka – Banani, that offers premium amenities and services. The hotel features 41 guest rooms, multiple dining options based on interest, a banquet hall, and recreational activities. The hotel is known for its exceptional customer service and the management team’s commitment of offering high standards of accommodation and services while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability, environmental responsibility, and security. The hotel’s guest rooms are spacious, aesthetically pleasing, and filled with modern, tasteful Parisian decor, comfortable Egyptian cotton sheets, and high-quality American mattresses, which can make a stay at the hotel very comfortable and enjoyable. Overall, the Raintree Hotel Dhaka is a top choice for luxury hotel experiences in Bangladesh.

5. Avijatrik

Avijatrik specializes in alternative tourism, which was founded in 2015 with the goal of promoting local travel experiences within the country. Currently, Avijatrik has two products – experiences and holiday homes. Experiences are the tour packages and holiday homes are unique accommodation services that come with an experience of their own. Under these services, they offer various day tour packages and unique accommodation options such as forest bungalows, beachside cottages, riverside villas, luxurious private villas, and guest houses in tea gardens. Avijatrik has a team of consultants and experts who work to transform holiday homes into professional resorts and vacation rentals. On average, Avijatrik serves around 150 travelers per month and more than 600 customers avail their holiday homes across Bangladesh. Overall, the company has everything needed to provide the perfect break from a busy city life.

6. Shinepukur Suites

Shinepukur Suites is located opposite of Hatirjheel, one of Dhaka’s most attractive areas. The ten-story building of Shinepukur Suites is surrounded by the Botanical Park, Tejgaon Industrial Area, and Gulshan’s East and Western Diplomatic Zones – making it an ideal location to enjoy a stay for everyone from vacationers to business or corporate personalities. Shinepukur Suites has 30 luxury rooms with state-of-the-art facilities, a full-service dining restaurant, a western coffee bar, a lavish lobby lounge, a spacious conference hall, and a recreation club. This premium residence has its own skilled hotel management team, so they handle the hotel’s hospitality management themselves. Their personalized service demonstrates their expertise in the field. The rooms at Sainpukur Suites are designed to follow international standards, and each suite is equipped with various modern amenities such as customized room decoration, high-speed internet, a mini bar, a workstation, etc. In short, Shinepukur Suites is quite unique among many other premium residences when it comes to hospitality management services.

7. Tour Planner Ltd.

Established in 1992, Tour Planners Ltd. is a destination hospitality management company that has been offering travel planning and guidance services to all kinds of professionals and groups at competitive prices for almost two decades. This travel agency is a well-known name in both national and international markets for its high-quality services as well as English, Japanese, Chinese, etc. language-speaking guides. The best thing about this tour planning agency is, they are closely acquainted with the traditions, cultural beauty, and sights of the different regions of the country, so they can provide customized and in-depth tour plans based on the client’s requirements. Moreover, while conducting tours in remote areas, the company contributes funds to local communities of indigenous people in order to improve their quality of life. Through excellent service and contribution to the tourism industry of Bangladesh, Tour Planners Ltd. is strengthening its foothold in the travel market. 

There are numerous hospitality management companies that are making a significant contribution to the industry. Apart from playing a vital role in promoting tourism and vacation stays in the country, these top 7 hospitality management companies in Bangladesh have a very high standard in terms of services, facilities, and customer satisfaction. In case you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay in Bangladesh, these companies are definitely worth considering.

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