Top Internet Banking Apps In Bangladesh

Top Internet Banking Apps In Bangladesh

Internet banking has long been popular in many developed countries. And to keep up with the continually growing wave of an information-driven economy, the banking sector in Bangladesh showed rapid growth in online banking as well. In Bangladesh, there are over 40 banks that have their own apps for banking.

A well-designed banking app can create great relationships between banks and their loyal customers. Mobile banking made it possible to bring banking facilities to your fingertips. For example, paying bills, topping up your phones, transferring money, booking theater or plane tickets in advance, and keeping track of your accounts of Current, Savings, Fixed deposits or Loan, you can do it all through mobile banking. Hence, many banks have come up with their own banking apps to set the expressions of their brand. 

List of Top 10 Internet Banking Apps In Bangladesh

  • SC Mobile App
  • Citytouch
  • BRAC Bank Astha
  • My Prime
  • AB Direct
  • iSmart
  • CellFin
  • NexusPay
  • MTB Smart Banking

Many renowned banks in Bangladesh are still working on their internet banking apps to meet user expectations and provide a better customer experience. Here are the Top Internet Banking Apps In Bangladesh that’ll make your internet banking experience a lot faster and smoother.

1. SC Mobile App

Standard Chartered is the longest-standing bank in the country, as it opened its first branch in Chattogram in 1948. Now they have 13 branches and 87 ATM booths. With over 117 years of uninterrupted presence in the nation, Standard Chartered is the only multinational universal bank in Bangladesh. In 2016, Standard Chartered Bank launched SC Mobile App. This app offers tons of services and makes transaction easy, which lets you handle your finances effortlessly. 

Features of the SC Mobile App:

  • Easy Fund Transfer: Instant Fund transfer from Standard Chartered account to Standard Chartered account. Fund transfer from Standard Chartered account to other bank accounts through BEFTN or NPSB channel. Add beneficiaries and make payments for people. Up to BDT 10 lacs (10,00,000) is transferable under this feature.
  • Online Bill Payment: For Standard Chartered Credit Card, Mobile Phones (Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Teletalk), Internet Service Providers (Carnival), Insurance Premium (Metlife, Green-Delta, Reliance), and Cable TV Service Providers. 
  • Track your transaction history and have easy access to download your Standard Chartered account bank statement.
  • Customer service requests using SC Mobile Banking and place checkbook requests. 
  • Standard Chartered Bank has two-factor authentication and user security for highly secure service.

2. Citytouch

Established in 2013, Citytouch is the first internet banking app launched by City Bank, one of the oldest private commercial banks operating in Bangladesh. City Bank has 132 branches and 411 ATM booths spread across the country. The Citytouch app makes banking faster, more secure, and more convenient for their clients. Thanks to the app’s convenience and wonderful performance, City Bank has attracted many new customers and also strengthened the bonds between existing customers. Moreover, this app allows you to transfer your cash to a digital wallet app like bKash completely free of charge. And you can also buy air tickets directly through the Citytouch app.

Features of the Citytouch App:

  • Transfer funds across all banks in Bangladesh. Up to BDT 5 lacs (5,00,000) is transferable under this feature.
  • Manage your bank accounts, loan, and card account around the clock.
  • Instant bill payments: tuition fees, mobile phone bills, internet bills, etc.
  •  Services like new checkbook requests, stop cheques, block card service, etc.
  • Customers can check customization and transaction security.
  • You can change your Card PIN, stop cheques, and card activation.


Eastern Bank limited is another prominent trading bank in Bangladesh that pursues efficient cost management, promotes consistent productivity gains through seamless coordination between business functions, and focuses on widening the banking horizon to deliver sustained growth. They have 85 branches and 214 ATMs all across the country. In 2015, Eastern Bank Ltd (EBL) launched a mobile application for banking services titled ‘EBL Skybanking’ for both EBL and non-EBL customers. Just by clicking on any of the options on the menu list, customers can perform all the basic banking services as and when required.

Features of the EBL SKYBANKING App:

  • Fund transfer from credit card to EBL, other banks (BEFTN), or bKash account
  • EBL credit card payment through EBL Prepaid Card
  • Instant card block and fingerprint login
  • Bill Payment: BTCL, DPDC and DESCO, AKASH DTH bill payment, Mobile Top-up Using Card or Account, Prepaid Card top-up to other EBL Prepaid cards
  • Augmented Reality (AR) feature to locate Branches, EBL365, and Partners
  • Instant Self-Registration, Self-Password Reset Using Card or Account
  • Other features: Account Information | Credit Card Details | Product Information | Service Requests | Priority Banking | Benefit Partner List | ZIP Partner List | EBL Location | Message Center | Contact EB

4. BRAC Bank Astha

Brac bank is one of the most trusted and fastest-growing private commercial banks functioning in Bangladesh. They have 176 Branches and over 500 ATMs. And in 2022, BRAC launched a mobile app, ‘ASTHA’, that allows QR-based transactions. Using this app, users can scan a BRAC Bank QR, bKash QR, or other banks’ QR displayed at merchant points to perform daily transactions. Moreover, you can open Fixed Deposits (FD) and Deposit Pension Schemes (DPS) on the bank’s ASTHA mobile app anytime without needing to visit a branch. Availing of new features of this app is pretty easy as you just need to enable the auto-update feature. 

Features of the BRAC Bank Astha App:

  • Easy fund transfer to BRAC bank and other bank accounts with a transaction limit of Tk 10 lakh daily. Transfer a maximum of Tk 1 lakh to multiple mobile wallets.
  • Foreign Transactions (TQ) “ON/OFF”, BBL Apps, bKash QR.
  • Utility bill, credit card bill, mobile recharge
  • Changing pin, blocking, and activation of card
  • Requires payment confirmation through One Time Password (OTP).
  • Reward points for transactions made through the QR platform.
  • Fixed Deposits (FD) and Deposit Pension Scheme (DPS) facilities

5. My Prime

Prime Bank is another highly renowned private commercial bank that was established in 1995. It has 146 branches and 170 ATMs spread all across the country. In 2022, Prime Bank decided to revamp its mobile banking app with the launch of the My Prime app. This app offers intriguing features and the modern functionality of banking. You can monitor account transactions, transfer history, bill payments, recharge your phone, check your account balance, manage your account, credit cards, deposits, loans, and much more using the My Prime app.

Features of My Prime App:

  • Fast and secure sign-in with biometrics, snapshot of your accounts, cards, deposits, and loans in one screen
  • Access your Prime Bank Credit Cards, transfer funds instantly to any bank account in Bangladesh
  • Pay your utility bills, tuition fees, insurance payments, VAT/CE payments, Pay PBL or any bank credit card bill, recharge your mobile number, and many more
  • Check statements of your accounts, cards, deposits, and loan
  • Request your new checkbook, stop payments and send pay instructions from the app
  • Open FDR/DPS instantly
  • Manage your profile settings, easily manage multiple accounts, and easily access contact information
  • Use the live chat feature for instant answers to your questions

6. AB Direct

AB Bank Limited is the first private commercial bank in Bangladesh, and they started their operation in 1982. Currently, they have 104 branches and over 250 ATM booths. Being one of the most innovative, technology-driven bank in Bangladesh, AB successfully launched its online banking app – AB Direct in 2017. They also integrated SMS banking, cutting-edge ICT, network solutions, 24/7 ATM service, and several other services to flourish in this new digital era. You can also log into your account whenever it’s convenient for you at home, at work, or even while you’re on the go.

Features of AB Direct App:

  • Check account information and account balance
  • Print or electronically save transaction history
  • Transfer funds to any bank account in Bangladesh
  • Pay utility bills, for example, Dhaka WASA, DESCO, DPDC, BTCL, and others
  • Recharge your mobile phone balances (pre-paid and post-paid)

7. iSmart

Established in 1983, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is a commercial banking business that conducts its operations in accordance with Islamic Shari’ah laws. Islamic Bank has the largest branch network with 394 branches, 228 sub-branches, and 380 ATM booths. In order to make existing services faster and better than ever, Islami Bank Bangladesh launched its internet banking app ‘iSmart’ in 2020. Tracking account activities and transferring funds to pay bills, iSmart facilitates tons of services that you can avail from anywhere. 

Features of iSmart App:

  • FTT Message, Search FDD Payment, Transaction Summary, Clearing Instrument Status, Outstanding Liability Position, and Pay Instruction
  • iTransfer, iRecharge, iTransfer-EFT
  • Utility Bill Pay, Card Services, Bulk Recharge, Buy Air Ticket
  • VISA Money Transfer, rGP Wallet Refill, RTGS Fund Transfer, NPSB Fund Transfer
  • Manage SMS Alerts, Cheques, Cost Sheet

8. CellFin

Launched on 30 November 2020, CellFin is another mobile banking app that’s owned by Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. CellFin app comes with the slogan ”Banking and Beyond”. It offers tons of financial services, including fund transfer to other banks/cards through EFT and NPSB, Add Money, Request Money, E-Commerce/Merchant Payment, shopping using QR codes, mobile recharge, instant balance inquiry, and so on.

Features of CellFin App:

  • Add money from any bank account, VISA, MasterCard, and Diners Club card
  • Send Money to any bank account, Electronic Fund Transfer, or Request Money
  • Receive Foreign Remittance
  • Card-less cash withdrawal from ATM
  • QR-based POS Purchase and E-commerce Transaction
  • Bill & other types of Payments
  • Mobile top-up
  • Add IBBL Debit/Credit/Prepaid Card/mCash Account
  • Add IBBL Account
  • Balance, account statement inquiry, offers, promotions, notifications

9. NexusPay

Dutch Bangla Bank was the first bank in Bangladesh to be fully automated. The Electronic Banking Division was created in 2002 to automate and introduce digital banking services to Bangladesh. In 2010, Dutch Bangla Bank introduced NexusPay online banking software to its devoted customers in order to make banking easier, faster, and more convenient. Moreover, NexusPay works with all bank cards, including Nexus, Visa, MasterCard, Dutch-Bangla Bank Agent Banking, and Rocket Mobile Banking.

Features of NexusPay:

  • Full QR and NFC payments across the entire DBBL network
  • Cardless ATM withdrawal (rollout in progress)
  • Receive money using QR, NFC, phone number, Rocket, and card number
  • Easily transfer money between all systems
  • Customer service requests, Customers can check customization and transaction security
  • Combines the world of other banks cards and DBBL’s Rocket, Nexus, and Agent Banking systems
  •  Generate 10-minutes temporary card numbers for online payments
  •  Pay bills easily: tuition fees, mobile phone bills, internet bill payments, etc
  •  Mini statement (DBBL only), last transactions statement (DBBL only)
  •  Deactivate your card (DBBL only)

10. MTB Smart Banking

MTB is a third-generation private commercial bank with 119 branches, 33 sub-branches, and 310 modern ATMs. MTB offers fully integrated internet and real-time Online Banking Services and SMS Banking to its clientele. They have released an MTB Smart Banking app that gives you ongoing access to your accounts. You will be able to do a number of financial transactions using this value-added service anywhere in the globe on your mobile device. Moreover, this app includes a new platform named MEasy, which is a fully-digitized banking service. This allows you to open your own MTB bank account while sitting at home.

Features of MTB Smart Banking:

  • Detailed Account Statements
  • Cheque Book Request services
  • Fund Transfers to other MTB bank accounts
  • Easy mobile top-ups facility
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Advanced credit card services and bill payments
  • Locate all MTB Branches and ATMs

Wrapping Up

Transactions through internet banking in Bangladesh more than doubled in the last fiscal year as a huge number of people are using the platform to carry out financial activities. Although these internet banking apps have changed the way we have been doing banking, there’s still a long way to go. 

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