Top Plastic Companies in Bangladesh

Top Plastic Companies in Bangladesh

The plastic industry in Bangladesh has been growing at a rate of about 20% per year due to the demand from both domestic and international markets. It was reported in the fiscal year 2017-18 that the plastic industry of Bangladesh reached a market size of BDT 25,000 crore, according to the Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers and Export Association (BPGMEA). Furthermore, plastic exports rose 31% year on year, which reached $117 million last fiscal year. From this information, it should be quite evident how important the plastic industry is for the country. Bangladesh currently manufactures around 142 types of plastic goods and exports products like film plastic, household items, and garment accessories to the USA, Canada, Europe, China, India, and Nepal. Bangladesh currently occupies about 0.6% of the entire plastic market, and the BPGMEA has set a target to capture 3% of the whole industry by 2030. This leads to the question, who are the key players in the plastic industry in Bangladesh? Well, here is a list of the top plastic companies in Bangladesh. 

1. RFL Plastics Ltd.

There is no doubt that RFL Plastics Ltd. is the biggest plastic manufacturer in the entire country. Rangpur Foundry Ltd., or RFL for short, was founded by Maj. Gen. Amjad Khan Chowdhury in 1981. Since its inception, RFL Plastics Ltd. has earned a reputation for being the premier local plastic brand in the country and has garnered a lot of demand in different parts of the world.

The company manufacturers a variety of different plastic products such as baskets, buckets, containers, dust pans, jugs, kitchen items, racks, tableware, tiffin boxes, trays, chairs, tables, crates, and so much more. Their head office is located at 105 Pragati Sarani, Middle Badda, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh. 

2. Partex Plastics

Partex Plastics Ltd. (PPL) officially began its operations in 2004 with the goal of producing high-quality plastic products for both domestic and industrial use. The company’s product portfolio includes PPR and PVC products like sockets, plugs, elbos, tees, valves, pipes, etc., as well as chairs, tables, stools, and several other kinds of plasticware.

Partex Plastics is one of the largest producers of plastic products in the country right now and is on a mission to become an internationally recognized plastic manufacturer. However, that has not deterred the manufacturer away from being socially responsible. PPL’s policies on environmental, health, safety and security have been a big indicator of the company’s dedication to reducing and minimizing negative impacts. Its headquarters is located at 74 Bir Uttam A.K. Khandaker Sarak, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh, and its factories can be found in Jangaliapara, Bhoui, Mirzapur, Kaultia, Joydevpur, and Gazipur.

3. Gazi Plastics

If there is one company that comes close to the acclaim of RFL Plastics Ltd., then that company would be Gazi Group. Gazi Group was established in 1974 and is one of the leading rubber and plastic manufacturers in Bangladesh. The company mainly uses plastic for 5 of its business units – Gazi Tanks, Gazi Toys, Gazi Fittings, Gazi Pipes, and Gazi Doors.

Gazi Tanks is the pioneer in manufacturing plastic overhead water tanks, whereas Gazi Pipes uses plastic that is internationally approved to create sanitary pipes, irrigation pipes, suction hose pipes, HDPE Coil pipes, filter pipes, etc. Gazi Group’s head office is located at 37/2, Bir Protik Gazi Dastagir Road Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

4. Bengal Plastics

Bengal Group of Industries started its journey in 1969. It is one of the oldest and largest players in the Bangladesh plastic industry. The company processes more than 3,000 metric tons of raw materials per month. And extensive quality control is done via lab tests to ensure that the plastic manufacturer always meets the high standards of their customers.

For logistics, Bengal Plastics has employed more than 100,000 sq. feet of warehousing space in order to deliver its products quickly and efficiently. The plastic manufacturer is one of the most vertically integrated companies in the industry, which allows it to improve quality, reduce environmental impact, and pass along cost savings to its customers. Bengal Plastics manufactures a variety of plastic products which include chairs, tables, cabinets, wardrobes, food boxes, gardenware, kitchenware, tableware, home organizers, crates, mats, pallets, etc. You can find their headquarters at Bengal House, 75 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh. 

5. Navana Plastics

Navana Group is one of the most influential business entities in Bangladesh as it is comprised of several companies under its banner from a variety of sectors like construction, real estate, international trading, distribution, and much more. However, one of the company’s most prominent ventures is Navana Engineering Ltd. (NEL) which is a concern of Navana Group and is responsible for manufacturing plastics products.

Navana Engineering Ltd. was established in 2010 as a private limited company. The company uses its expertise and state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture household, high-density polyethylene, uPVC, and PPR products. Furthermore, the company has garnered the certification of the International Standard Quality Control Laboratory Facility. Its factory is located in Kaligonj- Ghorashal Highway, Vill-Baligoan, P.S-Kaligonj, Dist- Gazipur, Bangladesh, and its registered office can be found in Navana Engineering Limited 12/A Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 100, Bangladesh.

6. Aman Plastics

What makes Aman Plastics stand out is that it started its journey in 2010 as a plastic toy manufacturing company. After finding a lot of success and growth with Aman Plastic Toys Industry, the company expanded its operations to various other sectors, which include the manufacturing and trading industry.

The company currently holds the leading position in Bangladesh’s plastic toy manufacturing sector and has also expanded its business to export its toy products to foreign countries such as India in 2019. Furthermore, Aman Plastics has also obtained the prestigious first position of Bongobondhu Shekh Mujib Silpo Puroskar 2020 under the SME sector category. Its headquarters is located at 38 Water Works Road, Rahmatgonj Chawkbazar, Dhaka-1211, Bangladesh.

7. N Mohammad Plastic Industry

Although N Mohammad Group began its journey as an automobile workshop back in 1968, the company then further expanded its business to other sectors. This led to the establishment of N Mohammad Plastic Industry Ltd. in 1987. The conglomerate has been in business for more than 50 years now and has penetrated several sectors of the Bangladesh market.

However, as for its plastic manufacturing operations, the company produces many different kinds of plastic items like almirahs, chairs, tables, wardrobes, racks, dustbins, baskets, buckets, flower pots, mugs, trays, hangers, bowls, industrial plates, etc. Moreover, the company also manufactures and distributes wood plastic composite doors, boards, PVC products, PVC fittings, pipes, and many more. The company’s office is located at 224/CDA Avenue, Muradpur, Chattogram-4212, Bangladesh.

8. KPL Plastics

Zaman Group, one of the country’s most prolific group of companies, stepped foot into the plastic industry of Bangladesh in 2013 with KPL Plastics. KPL Plastics was established with a vision of producing innovative plastic products with the latest technology and machinery so that the company can provide affordable goods to its customers without compromising on quality.

What’s more is that the plastic manufacturer uses 100% virgin plastic raw materials, which make their products some of the best in the market. Currently, KPL Plastics has more than 200 products under its portfolio which include tableware, kitchenware, bath ware, kids ware, food storage units, melamine products, tables, chairs, stools, uPVC fittings, etc. Its factory is located at Hatkalugonj, Chuadanga, under Khulna Division. And its head office can be found at City Centre (Level 16), 90/1 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh. The plastic manufacturer has achieved ISO 9001 certification primarily because of its excellent production practices and the quality of goods it makes. 

9. Matador

Matador is the leading pen manufacturing brand in Bangladesh. Mr. Shah Alam founded the company in 1980, and throughout the years, the group has diversified its portfolio to include stationery, personal care, food, building materials, plastic fittings, and many other kinds of products. What’s interesting is that Matador even has its own amusement park and community center.

However, Matador’s most profitable and popular business sector is its stationery. It is the leading manufacturer of gel pens, ball pens, erasers, sharpeners, pencil boxes, geometry boxes, rulers, clipboards, staplers, markers, highlighters, correction pens, cutter knives, gems clip, file holders, folders, etc. And the main driving force behind Matador’s success is the uncontested value that the company provides to its customers. Even against global brands like Faber-Castell, Matador holds a very strong position in the Bangladesh plastic stationery market. Matador’s headquarters is located at Matador Harbour (9th Floor) 102, Azimpur Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.

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