Top 10 Printing and Packaging Service Providers in Bangladesh

Top 10 Printing and Packaging Service Providers in Bangladesh

The printing and packaging industry in Bangladesh exports $6 billion worth of products every year. The 7,000 printing and packaging companies in Bangladesh, where approximately 300,000 people are employed, are continuously working towards developing this industry as well as the country’s economy.

However, some of these companies are leading the rise of the printing and packaging industry in Bangladesh with their outstanding services and products. And today, we want to celebrate these organizations for their relentless effort to contribute to the economic growth of Bangladesh. 

So, without further ado, let’s get to know the top ten printing and packaging services in Bangladesh.

1. Kashpia Printing & Packaging Industry

Established in 2007, Kashpia Printing & Packaging Ind. aims to lead the industry by offering high-quality products and prompt delivery. Along with implementing cost-leadership and standardization strategies, the company optimizes its production with state-of-the-art technologies and processes. Among its more than 150 clients, the most notable are Unilever, Coca-Cola, Nestle, RFL, Square, Pran, ACI, and Walton. 

Kashpia Printing & Packaging Industry

Kashpia Printing & Packaging Ind. specializes in producing mono cartons, corrugated cartons, self-adhesive rolls, holographic labels, barcode ribbons, gum tapes, barcode printers, and foil prints. To ensure customer satisfaction with product quality, the factory employs extensive quality control tests. Moreover, it ensures environmental sustainability in its business practices and actively contributes to the societal development of the country.

2. Robin Printing & Packages Ltd. 

Robin Printing & Packages Ltd. is one of the oldest companies in this industry. It was established in the mid-sixties, and it gradually expanded its reach to almost all niches of the printing and packaging industry in Bangladesh. It has two production plants in Gazipur to meet the demands of its existing customers. Currently, the company has the capacity to produce 350 tons of products. 

Robin Printing & Packages Ltd.

While focusing on printing packages for British American Tobacco (BAT), Robin Printing & Packages Ltd. also worked for many notable clients, including Mama, Pran, Cocola, Rani Food Industries, Godrej, Renata, Bashundhara Group, Igloo, ACI, Haque Group of Companies, etc. Along with producing high-quality papers and carton boards, the company also manufactures tea pouches, food packages, toiletries packaging, detergent packages, beverage labels, pharmaceutical foils, etc.

3. Apian Printing & Packaging Ltd.

Inaugurated in 2019, Apian Printing & Packaging Ltd. is comparatively new in the industry. The company focuses on meeting the printing needs of the public and corporate sectors and educational institutions. It prints and supplies packages, garment accessories, gifts, and promotional materials. Moreover, the company collaborates with local printers and publishing companies.

Apian Printing & Packaging Ltd.

Apian Printing & Packaging Ltd. offers six types of services, including graphics design, developing gifts and promotional materials, packaging, garments accessories, printing, and publication. In addition, it offers a wide range of high-quality school supplies, college supplies, ID card accessories, office supplies, and home and general supplies. Its corporate services include laser engraving, data entry, offset press printing, UV printing, and many more. 

4. SDK Printing & Packaging

SDK Printing & Packaging was established in 2008 with the aim to be a renowned name in the manufacturing of corrugated fiberboard and paper box products. The company offers high-quality products and services in the paper converting and printing niche. It incorporated an extensive process for quality assurance that starts from sample approval and ends with final dispatch. 

SDK Printing & Packaging has collaborated with many local and international brands, including Akij Group, Pran, Dabur, Godrej, Hamdard, etc. The company’s wide range of products includes heavy-duty corrugated boxes, white duplex boxes, chocolate boxes, cardboard boxes, packing boxes, shipping boxes, and such.

5. Famous Printing & Packaging Ltd.

Famous Printing & Packaging Ltd. is one of the most prominent printing and packaging companies in Bangladesh. It specializes in meeting corporate printing needs. With its experience in the industry for over 25 years, the company offers premium quality products and services at the most affordable prices.

Famous Printing & Packaging Ltd.

The services of Famous Printing & Packaging Ltd. include printing calendars, visiting cards, id cards, photo cards, folders, packages, ledger books, pads, memos, hangtags, magazines, envelopes, greeting cards, wedding invitations, garment items, etc. 

6. Canvas Design & Printing Agency

Canvas Design & Printing Agency specializes in producing 44 types of excellent-quality marketing materials for businesses. It focuses on fulfilling three promises- providing premium quality, offering the fastest services, and ensuring customers’ convenience in deliveries. The company collaborated with some local and international big brands such as Samsung, United Commercial Bank (UCB), Maasranga Television, Dorjibari, Macro International, etc.

Canvas Design & Printing Agency

With its in-house creative team, the company designs and prints business stationeries, packaging, marketing materials, gift products, garment accessories, etc. They also offer services such as publishing, finishing, and binding. In fact, its wide range of finishing and binding services is unrivaled in the industry.

7. Jobaida Printing & Packaging Limited

Founded in 1996, Jobaida Printing & Packaging Limited, or JPPL, is the largest and one of the oldest companies in the printing and packaging industry of Bangladesh. Its goal is to offer customers an end-to-end luxury packaging solution that is also reusable and environment-friendly. While building long-term partnerships, the company pledges to maintain integrity in its practices.

Jobaida Printing & Packaging Limited

JPPL is an expert in printing and producing packages for foods, personal care products, cosmetics, and confectionaries. They also print leaflets, brochures, containers, cartons, paper boxes, cat homes, and many other items. 

8. Art Impel

Art Impel is a renowned contemporary printing and packaging company in Dhaka. Along with printing and packaging services, the company offers unique graphic design, web design, SEO service, and web development services. Furthermore, it provides online digital marketing training programs.

Art Impel

Art Impel has over 150 clients around the world, with whom it has completed more than 750 projects. It prioritizes offering excellent quality services to go beyond simply satisfying the clients. With its 14 years of experience in the offset printing industry, the company has mastered providing the most professional printing solutions. Art Impel’s client base includes BioLab Tech International, Telecast, Majumder Products Limited, Jamuna International Agro Product, and many other big names.

9. Mans Printing and Packaging

Since its inception in 2012, Mans Printing and Packaging has been working with the aim of becoming a key player in the industry. While focusing on quality products and committed services to smaller businesses, the company has the ambition to expand its scope to offer a complete range of services. This paper-based company’s most notable clients include Partex Group, Robi, Chaldal, Gazi Group, Star Ceramics, Autocom, and Jenny’s.

Mans Printing and Packaging

Mans Printing and Packaging offers four types of services: e-commerce packaging, industrial packaging, food packaging, and garments packaging. The company is highly experienced in printing and producing packaging for cosmetics, dry foods, jewelry, glassware, tiles and ceramics, confectionary foods, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, etc.

10. printAgraphy

printAgraphy is currently the most popular online printing service in Bangladesh. It offers the unique “Print on Demand” service that allows you to place an order anytime, anywhere, and get it delivered within 24 hours. For each client, printAgraphy takes a customized approach and focuses on developing an elegant yet eye-catching representation with its products and services. Such innovation has brought the company over 320 clients, including the Ministry of Defence, IOM, Shah Cement, DBL Ceramics, SB Group, and IBN SINA.


printAgraphy offers a broad range of services that includes printing, packaging, graphics designing, photography, digital marketing, motion graphics, video shooting, and web design. It specializes in offering corporate products such as brochures, business cards, banners, apparel, books, packages, catalogs, and promotional items.

  • Wrapping Up

As you can see, the current market leaders of the printing and packaging industry in Bangladesh are eager to grow and explore more of local and international markets. Moreover, they are successfully bringing and utilizing new innovations to boost overall productivity. 

With all this enthusiasm and technological advancement, the industry has a huge potential to grab more of the global market share. But to do so, it will need more infrastructure development and revision of national policies. If we get those right, the printing and packaging industry of Bangladesh will take our economy to another level of progression.

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