Top 10 Private Universities in Bangladesh

Top 10 Private Universities in Bangladesh

Private universities in Bangladesh have experienced remarkable growth, making them a significant contributor to the expansion and diversification of higher education in the country. These institutions have emerged as a compelling alternative to the traditional public university system, offering flexibility, autonomy, and a wide range of industry-relevant programs. 

This is why, private universities in Bangladesh are in high demand, attracting thousands of students every year. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best private universities in Bangladesh, that offer top-notch education and are committed to producing some of the best minds in the country. 

List Of The Top 10 Private Universities in Bangladesh 

  • North South University
  • BRAC University
  • Daffodil International University
  • American International University – Bangladesh
  • Independent University, Bangladesh
  • United International University
  • Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
  • International Islamic University, Chittagong
  • East West University
  • University of Asia Pacific

Best Private Universities In Bangladesh

If you are planning to pursue higher education in Bangladesh, selecting the right university might seem like a daunting task. To simplify the process for you, we present the comprehensive information that you need to make a decision. 

1. North South University

North South University (NSU) is the first private university in Bangladesh, founded in 1992 with a vision of creating a world-class center of excellence in higher education. NSU has over 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students, organized into four schools offering a variety of programs. The campus spans 5.5 acres and features state-of-the-art facilities, including classrooms, lecture theaters, and a fully automated library. The average cost of attending NSU is similar to other private universities in Bangladesh, and financial aid options are available. 

NSU prides itself on its high graduate employability rate, with alumni excelling globally. The Career Placement Center prepares students for the job market, and strong industry ties ensure curriculum alignment.

North South University

Research is a significant focus, with dedicated projects and collaborations, including with NASA. NSU enjoys international recognition, with many graduates pursuing higher education abroad. The university has MOUs with institutions worldwide, facilitating exchanges and collaborative initiatives. NSU’s credits are widely accepted by esteemed universities internationally.

2. BRAC University

BRAC University(BRACU), established in 2001, embraces a liberal arts approach to education, fostering innovation and revitalizing tertiary education. With a commitment to high-quality education, it strives to meet the demands of the modern era. As an institution built on BRAC’s experience in combating extreme poverty, BRACU instills in its students a dedication to national development and progress. 

Accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh, the university aims to provide an exceptional, comprehensive education with a focus on professional growth.

BRAC University

Its goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to lead the country in its pursuit of development. BRACU offers a dynamic teaching environment and encourages faculty development, nurturing teaching and research capabilities. With thirty-five academic programs, including sixteen undergraduate and various postgraduate programs, BRACU follows a trimester system, excluding pharmacy.

3. Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University (DIU) is a highly esteemed university in Bangladesh, recognized as one of the top-rated institutions according to independent government assessments.

Established on January 24th, 2002, DIU is the result of the Daffodil Group’s efforts and is approved by the Ministry of Education under the Private University Act of 1992. Combining modern facilities with a dynamic teaching and research approach, DIU aims to be among the best universities in Bangladesh.

Daffodil International University

DIU upholds its mission of service and accessibility, particularly through its IT-based traditions. The university plays a vital role in serving the nation by providing educational resources, conducting research, and engaging in outreach programs. With a focus on preparing Bangladesh for success in the global economy, DIU ensures broad access to its educational offerings. Embracing emerging technologies of the information era, the university places a high priority on utilizing new tools and outreach methods for educational programs both on campus and beyond.

4. American International University – Bangladesh

American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB) has achieved remarkable progress since its establishment in 1994. The institution’s success is attributed to its exceptional people: graduates, students, faculty, and management.

AIUB is dedicated to providing quality education and grooming future leaders in their respective fields. The university upholds high standards and strives to instill them in its students, ensuring their recognition and acclaim upon graduation in academia, society, and industry. AIUB takes pride in the achievements of its alumni in their professional lives, a testament to the university’s commitment to excellence.

American International University – Bangladesh

Through collaborations with partners and stakeholders domestically and internationally, AIUB has gained prominence in academic programs and management services. The university’s programs have received international accreditation, allowing students to pursue higher studies at leading academic institutions worldwide. AIUB’s commitment to quality is further demonstrated by its ISO Certification 9001-2008 for “Quality Management Operation System for the University.” As a result, graduates of AIUB enjoy enhanced job placement opportunities due to the university’s reputable standing.

5. Independent University, Bangladesh

Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) is a prestigious private university founded in 1993. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, IUB has established itself as one of the leading institutions in Bangladesh. The university aims to provide knowledge and leadership for a better future.

With an enrollment of approximately 10,000 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, IUB offers a vibrant learning environment. The faculty comprises over 370 highly qualified members, 64% of whom hold PhDs. Additionally, the university boasts an alumni network of nearly 15,000 individuals.

Independent University, Bangladesh

IUB’s mission revolves around achieving higher education goals and promoting sustainable economic growth in Bangladesh. The curriculum focuses on producing graduates of international standards, equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in various sectors. The university emphasizes research, knowledge creation, and continuous learning opportunities for adults. The curriculum is regularly updated to align with national needs and global market demands. IUB also maintains collaborations with renowned universities abroad to ensure educational quality.

6. United International University

United International University (UIU) is a government-approved private university in Bangladesh. Supported by the United Group, a successful conglomerate, UIU aims to be a center of excellence for teaching, learning, and research in South Asia. Their mission is to develop highly skilled individuals with intellectual, creative, technical, moral, and practical abilities to serve the community, industries, and the region. UIU focuses on creating integrated and caring relationships among teachers, students, guardians, and employers. The university strives to provide quality education in fields like ICT, Business, Social, and Public Organizations, preparing students for higher studies or future employment. They aim to achieve international recognition through accreditation and offer joint degree programs with renowned universities worldwide. 

United International University

UIU emphasizes modern instructional techniques, technology, and a politically-free academic environment to ensure students’ educational and career success. They also cater to working professionals by providing flexible education options. Utilizing information technology, UIU ensures transparent communication and administration. The university continually seeks to expand its programs and activities to achieve its objectives.

7. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

The Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) was established in 1995 by the Dhaka Ahsania Mission, a non-profit voluntary organization in Bangladesh. Founded by Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah, an eminent educationist and social reformer, the mission strives for a society enriched with moral and spiritual values, as well as universal access to education and resources.

AUST follows the visionary ideals of its founder, implementing educational reforms such as the introduction of the roll number system in public examinations and equal educational opportunities for all segments of society. The university embraces a holistic approach to education and sustainable development, moving beyond its initial focus on charity and welfare activities.

Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

In addition to its educational endeavors, the Dhaka Ahsania Mission has made significant contributions to society through the publication of numerous books covering a wide range of subjects, including human and social life, history, literature, religion, biography, and moral values. Since its inception, AUST has been committed to providing quality education and contributing to the progress of Bangladesh through its emphasis on academic excellence, research, and fostering a strong moral foundation in its students.

8. International Islamic University, Chittagong

International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) is a prestigious government-approved private university in Bangladesh. Established in 1995, IIUC obtained the necessary clearance from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the permission of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) through the Ministry of Education. IIUC operates under its own statutes, ordinances, and regulations in accordance with the Private University Act.

The university aims to produce well-trained individuals who can contribute to the socio-economic development and moral upliftment of society. It aspires to become a center of excellence in various fields of scholarship, including Shari’ah and Islamic Studies, Business Studies, Social Science, Science & Engineering, Arts & Humanities, and Law. 

International Islamic University, Chittagong

IIUC follows outcome-based education (OBE) and implements continuous quality improvement (CQI) through self-examination and external review. The university emphasizes a holistic approach to education, integrating morality and quality. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are encouraged to enhance student life and promote mutual respect and understanding among different faiths and cultures. IIUC provides student counseling and career guidance through dedicated student advisors.

9. East West University

East West University (EWU) embarked on its journey in September 1996 with limited resources but has since grown into a prominent institution. Situated on a picturesque 7.9 bighas of land in Aftabnagar, Dhaka, EWU boasts its own campus and three additional buildings nearby. With a faculty comprising 302 members, including 21 professors and 72 Ph.D. teachers, EWU offers a wide array of programs across 14 departments at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

The university takes pride in being honored with the ICT Digital World Award 2017, and it is one of only two private universities to have received the Permanent Certificate from the Government of Bangladesh. EWU’s Executive Development Center (EDC) provides a nine-month graduate diploma program, supported by the Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP). 

East West University

The university community, including the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, are dedicated to establishing EWU as a premier institution for excellence in learning, teaching, and research. With a focus on holistic education and producing value-oriented individuals, EWU aims to provide a high-quality education that meets the demands of the job market. The university’s research centers, such as the Center for Research and Training (CRT) and the Centre for Urban Studies and Sustainable Development (CUSSD), play a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant research environment.

10. University of Asia Pacific

The University of Asia Pacific (UAP), established in 1996, is a renowned institution offering top-quality education globally. UAP provides a wide range of academic programs tailored to diverse backgrounds, guided by experienced and qualified faculty. The campus is equipped with modern facilities, including a well-stocked library, state-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs, and an auditorium.

UAP is supported by the Foundation of Asia Pacific University, a non-profit organization in Bangladesh. Its commitment to human and social development has contributed to its recognition and ranking among the top 10 private universities in the country. With a vibrant student life, UAP offers numerous clubs and societies promoting academic, social, and cultural activities. Opting for UAP ensures an exceptional education and a pathway to a successful career.

University of Asia Pacific


The private universities in Bangladesh mentioned above are pioneers in providing quality education and nurturing the intellectual growth of their students. With their commitment to academic excellence, innovative teaching methodologies, and industry collaborations, these institutions have become the preferred choices for students seeking a world-class education. Choosing any of these top 10 private universities will undoubtedly set students on the path to a successful and fulfilling academic journey.

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