Top 10 Skill Development Institutes in Bangladesh

Top Skill Development Institutes in Bangladesh

According to the World Population Review, Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the world, and the USA, South Korea, and Germany are following close behind. However, for the last two decades and forward, Bangladesh has been heavily focusing on developing various skills of its people. Skill development helps individuals to acquire the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in their chosen careers. It also helps to increase self-esteem and confidence. When an individual develops a new skill, it provides a sense of accomplishment and pride which can ultimately boost overall self-worth.

List of Top 10 Skill Development Institutes In Bangladesh

  • Creative IT
  • Coders Trust
  • Daffodil International Professional Training Institute (DIPTI)
  • New Horizon Dhaka
  • SoftTech IT Institute
  • BASIS Institute Of Technology & Management (BITM)
  • Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC)
  • European IT Institute
  • Institute of Career Development, Bangladesh
  • UY LAB

Top Skill Development Institutes In Bangladesh

In the last few years, several skill development institutes have been established in Bangladesh. These institutes offer a wide range of educational and training programs designed to help individuals acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive global economy. From technical and vocational training to professional development and leadership programs, these institutes offer a wide range of opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 10 skill development institutes in Bangladesh, highlighting their unique features, and the programs they offer. So if you’re looking to take your career to the next level, or if you’re simply looking to learn something new, these institutes are worth checking out.

1. Creative IT

Creative IT Institute is one of the most prominent IT training institutions in Bangladesh that offers world-class skill development opportunities. Since 2008, Creative IT has been playing a vital role to eradicate the country’s unemployment problem. They provide quality learning facilities that help individuals realize their talents.

The institution offers 30 courses including design and multimedia, web and software, digital marketing, 3D animation and visualization, cyber security, networking technology, film and media, language literacy, robotics and automation, and last but not least, cloud computing. Since its inception, Creative IT Institute has trained more than 50,000 students and produced more than 23,000 successful freelancers.

Moreover, they have provided full scholarships for IT training to more than 2,000 women. And along with training, Creative IT Institute has a Career Placement Department where they guide students to becoming employed by various local companies. Thus, many students are getting jobs regularly with the help of Creative IT. The Career Placement Department of Creative IT Institute is working hard to eliminate unemployment in Bangladesh despite the growing unemployment rate around the world. For its outstanding contribution to Bangladesh’s skill development sector, Creative IT received the BASIS outsourcing award in the Best Outsourcing Company category in 2021. 

2. Coders Trust

CodersTrust Bangladesh was founded by Bangladeshi-American philanthropic business leader, Aziz Ahmad, and Danish army captain, Ferdinand Kearwolf in 2014, with the dream to create a platform that provides professional courses to up your skill set. CodersTrust is a global skill development institution that has been collaborating with international development agencies like UNDP, World Bank, Danida, and Dutch foundation.

Till now, more than 50,000 students have availed the courses from this institute on several subjects including – Graphic Design, Responsive Web Design, Digital Marketing, Accounts Management Systems, Content Writing, Advance Excel, Facebook Marketing, and Web Development. Usually, their course fees range between Tk 6000 to Tk 15000, but they also offer a scholarship program to meritorious students.

In 2019, CodersTrust launched a project called Women Skills Development for Freelancing Marketplace (WSDFM), where they trained 1000 female students with 100% free scholarships. For CodersTrust’s contribution to Bangladesh’s Youth Skill Development, in 2022, Coderstrust CEO Aziz Ahmed received the World Green Energy Symposium (WGES) Nova Award. Headquartered in the USA, CodersTrust currently has four branches in Dhaka, where 120 core members are working there to support students. And apart from Bangladesh, CodersTrust is currently operating in 11 other countries including India, Malaysia, Poland, Kosovo, and Kenya. 

3. Daffodil International Professional Training Institute (DIPTI)

Founded in 2004, Daffodil International Professional Training Institute (DIPTI) was an initiative taken by Daffodil Computers Ltd. to offer job-oriented professional diplomas and short courses to create skilled manpower and promote more businesses to attract foreign investment.

Bangladesh has a huge workforce, but they lack professional training, which requires comprehensive real-life job-oriented experience. In order to overcome this problem, DIPTI offers a mixture of learning and experiments, challenges, interactions, academic theories, and real-life practices. The institute has a group of resource personnel from multiple well-reputed national and international organizations including DCCI, FBCCI, BIAM, BIM, BMDC, UNDP, World Bank, WHO, ADB, Private and Public universities, etc. Currently, DIPTI is providing 9 diploma courses and more than 20 professional short courses in three shifts – Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

These courses are developed by certified experts from their respective industries, where each program is interactive and participatory, and includes all activities that are required to ensure preparedness for training and reinforcement concepts. After completing the course, DIPTI offers job placement services to the trainees, through which the students of this institution can easily join the job market. Moreover, DIPTI has an affiliation with different educational institutions, universities, and ICT industries in Bangladesh and abroad. 

4. New Horizon Dhaka

New Horizons CLC Bangladesh is a computer training center that provides a variety of courses to individuals and organizations in Bangladesh. With 300 centers in 70 countries, it is the largest computer learning center in the world that offers courses in a range of subjects including computer programming, networking, project management, graphic designing, and business skills. New Horizons Bangladesh has a team of experienced instructors who are knowledgeable in their respective fields and are dedicated to helping students succeed.

They offer two types of courses – application training covering all Office 365 programs and technical training covering CompTIA, Cisco, Windows Server 2012, Redhat, Windows Azure, Visual Studio, Java, Android app development, VMware, and many more. These training programs are designed to be hands-on and practical, with a focus on helping students develop real-world skills that they can use throughout their careers. Along with training courses, New Horizons CLC Bangladesh also offers exams for a variety of technology-related certifications, including those from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle, etc. These exams allow students to demonstrate their expertise and can help them stand out in the job market.

Overall, New Horizons CLC Bangladesh is a valuable resource for individuals and organizations looking to improve their technology and business skills. Its comprehensive training courses and certification exams can help students advance their careers and succeed in the competitive tech industry.

5. SoftTech IT Institute

SoftTech IT Institute is an educational organization that was founded in 2014. This institute is dedicated to providing offline and online educational training courses and learning opportunities to students around the world. SoftTech IT offers a wide range of educational content, including video lessons, interactive exercises, and practice materials, covering a variety of subjects, including Web Design and Development, Mobile APP Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Software Development, and so on.

More than six thousand students have already graduated from this institution and around 70% of students achieved their desired result after completing courses through Freelancing Marketplaces or Local Jobs. After a student completes their course, SoftTech IT Institute offers an internship facility so that students can work with a tech organization for a month on live projects to get real-life experience and build confidence before getting started with freelancing marketplaces or job seeking.

Moreover, to emphasize the importance of skill development to the students, the institute organizes free seminars every month where industry experts encourage the students with guided discussions on various aspects of freelancing and career growth. In the context of skill development in Bangladesh, individuals looking to enhance their career prospects can leverage specialized tools like a CV maker to create professional resumes that effectively showcase their acquired skills and qualifications. Besides providing students with courses, SoftTech IT Institute also provides them with the necessary guidelines and lifelong support to help them develop their careers after graduating from the institute. 

6. BASIS Institute Of Technology & Management (BITM)

BASIS Institute of Technology and Management (BITM) was established in 2012 to address the skill gap in human resources in the Bangladesh job sector. It was founded with the vision of becoming a world-class IT institute in Bangladesh that will embrace the competitiveness of the IT sector in Bangladesh by creating skilled IT professionals. BITM is the sister concern of BASIS, the national trade body for the software & IT-enabled services industry of Bangladesh.

Currently, this institution offers more than 800 programs under almost 20 categories including Web development, Mobile app development, Game development, Database, Design, Marketing, Management, Data Science, Telecom Networking, Front end development, and many more. Moreover, BITM also runs various training sessions for both graduates and job holders on current and upcoming tools, technologies, and management practices. Upon graduation, BITM also offers job placement to its development partners. At present, the institute has more than 350 trainers and more than 60 client organizations.

With the goal to make a positive impact on Bangladesh’s economy by making skilled IT professionals, other than only running training sessions, BITM also organizes numerous activities including tech hangouts and seminars. Throughout the last decade, BITM has become a trusted organization for developing more than 50000+ skilled manpower in the country. 

7. Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC)

In January 2008, a Harvard graduate – Ejaz Ahmed, initiated a leadership program that would unite youth from diverse backgrounds, equip them with world-class leadership skills, and drive them to become active citizens, through which the journey of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) started. It’s the first leadership institute in Bangladesh that offers its signature 10-week-long leadership program called Building Bridges Through Leadership Training (BBLT) where students will go through an experiential learning program followed by the Havard University leadership program curriculum.

Apart from this, BYLC has a series of programs for young people of different ages. One of those is a three-day workshop for third and fourth-year university students called The Art and Practice of Leadership (APL), where these students lead, inspire and mobilize people in the unprivileged area. Also, there are other programs like Youth Leadership Bootcamp, focusing on helping the trainee to develop an overall understanding of the work environment by visiting leading firms in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

For his contribution to preparing the next generation of leaders, in 2009, Ejaj Ahmad was profiled as Asia’s most promising young leader and awarded the 2009–2010 Paragon Fellowship by the Foundation of Youth Social Enterprise. Additionally, BYLC also received massive media attention via newspapers, radio, and conferences. 

8. European IT Institute

In 2009, European IT started its journey as a web-based solution-providing company in Ireland, Germany, and Bangladesh. In 2015, the founders set up a learning institute with the goal of providing professional IT training along with an IT skill enhancement program, called the European IT Institute.

Currently, this institute is offering several courses in Web Development, Graphic Design, Networking, Marketing, and other programs. Along with the courses, this IT institute also offers a practice lab so that students can practice the course lessons for as long as they want after class. Moreover, all their classes are kept recorded so that students can look into these resources anytime they want. Along with that, this institute is providing 24/7 online support for students, Lifetime support for problem-solving and collaboration, and job placement facilities to renowned firms.

Due to these post-course services, students can easily prosper in their careers. Also, as the European IT institute is a part of a global organization, the graduates of this institution are also getting the opportunity to enter the global market directly.

9. Institute of Career Development, Bangladesh

Institute of Career Development (ICDB) is one of the largest independent training providers in Bangladesh. Whatever your dreams or goals are, ICDB can play a pioneering role in making them come true. Since its inception in 2016, ICDB aims to provide professional training and skill development to the Bangladeshi youth community to help them become successful in their careers. In line with this, the organization offers soft and hard skill training, career planning and development training, and all kinds of HR solution training.

Under these categories, ICDB is providing training services like team building, leadership, communication, MS office training, CV writing, job management, headhunting, background verification, etc. Since its inception, the institute has conducted more than 75 batches of training from which more than 4500 youths have completed their graduation.

In addition, ICDB has also conducted 35 team building and over 80 corporate training sessions. Corporate partners of ICDB include MGH, IUB, UAP, Siemens, Walton, SGS, Purbani, Singer, etc.

10. UY LAB

UY LAB is a rapidly growing IT training institute. This institution is providing world-class training programs and professional certification facilities and their courses are conducted by highly skilled mentors. UY LAB mainly provides training through online & offline classes and pre-recorded courses. Currently, they are offering 38 courses covering topics like Graphic designing, WordPress theme customization, Web design & development, Social media marketing, UI/UX design, Sales management, Business communication, etc.

The courses are designed to benefit individuals who wish to pursue careers in the IT field. Apart from skill development training, they are also providing Internship and Scholarship facilities to the students who are performing well throughout the training period. UY LAB has a long-term goal to establish multiple marketplaces where thousands of international and local people will be able to avail the opportunity to work as a freelancer. 

Importance of Skill Development In Bangladesh

Skill development is very important to Bangladesh for many reasons. Self-development skills help people become more productive and earn more, which can lead to higher incomes and a better quality of life. It can help get rid of economic hardships and make life better for everyone in the country.

Also, building skills can help the economy grow and make it more competitive. A skilled workforce is important for the growth of an economy because it lets businesses try new things and make high-quality products and services. Also, many young people in this country don’t have jobs which is a big problem for the country that can be solved through skill development. By giving young people the skills and training they need to succeed in the workforce, it is possible to reduce unemployment and improve opportunities for the next generation. Overall, skill development is important for Bangladesh’s long-term growth and prosperity.

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