Top Student Visa Consultancy Agency In Bangladesh

Top Student Visa Consultancy Agency In Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a large number of students who aspire to study abroad for better education and career prospects. This trend has been on the rise in recent years, with more and more students opting to pursue their higher education overseas. The number of Bangladeshi students seeking to study abroad has been steadily increasing over the years. According to The Business Standard, UNESCO says, every year an average of 70 to 90 thousand Bangladeshi students migrate abroad for higher education. Also, a source from BUET said that about 50 percent of students from every batch choose institutions outside the country for a Master’s or Ph.D. The most popular destinations for Bangladeshi students are the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, China, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other European countries.

The reasons for this trend include limited opportunities in the local job market, a desire for higher quality education, exposure to different cultures, and the possibility of obtaining an internationally recognized degree. To facilitate this process, there are several student visa consultancy agencies in Bangladesh that assist students in their journey to study abroad. These agencies provide a range of services, including counseling on study destinations, visa application support, assistance with scholarship applications, and guidance on accommodation and living expenses.

List of the Top Student Visa Consultancy Agency In Bangladesh

1. International Education Counselling Centre

IECC ( International Education Counselling Centre ) is one of the most popular student VISA counseling agencies. Operating since 2005, IECC has been assisting students in fulfilling their dreams of studying abroad. They represent top universities worldwide and offer expert counseling for course selection, application processing, and visa documentation. Led by Chairman Mr. Shamin Ibrahim Sarkar and Managing Director Mr. Md Shahadat Alam Sumon, IECC envisions becoming a global leader in student recruitment services, known for exceptional quality, innovation, and personalized support. Their mission is to connect ambitious students with the best educational opportunities, making the recruitment process seamless and stress-free.

With an impressive track record of 20000 student files and a 98% visa success rate, IECC demonstrates exceptional efficiency. They conduct educational campaigns and exhibitions across Bangladesh, showcasing their commitment to reaching out to aspiring students. Moreover, their dedicated call center and social media team provide continuous support, even after regular office hours. IECC’s comprehensive services include assisting students with scholarship opportunities, conducting mock interviews, and offering pre-departure briefings. They also help students find suitable accommodation by connecting them with existing international students.

With four offices in Bangladesh (Dhaka- Banani, Dhaka- Dhanmondi, Sylhet, and Chittagong) and one in the UK, IECC has been building a strong reputation for excellence by sending students to prominent destinations like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

When it comes to international education and immigration, IECC Bangladesh stands out as a reliable and trustworthy partner. The company’s proven track record, unwavering commitment to students, and dedication to excellence make it the premier choice for students in Bangladesh aspiring to study abroad.

Don’t let your dreams of international education remain just dreams. Take the first step towards a bright and promising future with IECC Bangladesh by your side.

To get started, visit IECC Bangladesh’s website ( or contact their friendly team today!

2. BSB Global Network

BSB Global Network is a leading student visa consultancy firm in Bangladesh that specializes in providing comprehensive assistance to students who aspire to study abroad. They are recognized as the best student recruitment agency in Bangladesh and have operations in over 32 countries worldwide. With 23 sister concern educational institutes, they strongly believe that education is a fundamental right and the best option for investment for families and the nation’s future.

BSB Global Network offers a wide range of services, including free counseling sessions, visa application assistance, and guidance on studying abroad. They are committed to adding value to students’ lives through personalized counseling sessions and helping them achieve their academic and career goals. The company’s focus is on providing students with the necessary information and support to make informed decisions about their education and future. With their vast experience and expertise in the field, BSB Global Network is a trusted partner for students who wish to study abroad.

3. Global Vision

Global Vision is a leading international student consultancy firm in Bangladesh that has been supporting students in pursuing overseas education since its founding. With offices located in prime areas of Dhaka near embassies and high commissions, Global Vision leverages its understanding of global education systems and local needs to serve as a bridge between international universities and Bangladeshi students. 

Its team of dedicated, specialized counselors provides free guidance and end-to-end assistance with visa applications, IELTS training, university selections, and more across 20+ countries. Driven by its vision to become the world’s best student consultancy by 2025, Global Vision is recognized as Bangladesh’s top agency for its student-centric, personalized, and professional approach to making international education accessible. 

With a commitment to continuous improvement and helping students achieve their academic and career aspirations, Global Vision continues to make a difference in many lives through education.To start a better academic journey, consult with Global Vision ( Their skilled and friendly consulting team is always ready to provide all the necessary guidance to complete your further higher education.

4. Global Immigration Consultancy Ltd. 

Global Immigration Consultants Ltd is a professional student visa consultancy firm based in Bangladesh. With offices located in various countries including Singapore, Thailand, the UK, and Australia, they offer a wide range of visa and immigration services to clients. Their team of experienced lawyers and professionals provides support for immigration, medical tourism, tourist visa, and student visa applications.

They are committed to providing the best visa solutions to students seeking education and believe that everyone should have access to higher education. They aim to create opportunities for students by offering personalized services and guidance throughout the visa application process. The firm has gained a reputation for being one of the leading immigration companies in Bangladesh due to its commitment to providing excellent customer service and a hassle-free visa application process. If you are a student in Bangladesh seeking to study abroad, Global Immigration Consultants Ltd may be the right choice for you.

5. IDP Education Bangladesh

IDP Education Bangladesh is one of the top student visa consultancy firms in Bangladesh. The company is a part of the global leader in international education-related services – IDP. IDP has been providing services to international students since 1969 and is known for connecting students with the right courses in English-speaking countries. IDP Education Bangladesh has partnerships with more than 700 leading universities, colleges, and schools across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, and USA. They offer guidance and support to students throughout the entire process of studying abroad, from selecting the right course to applying for visas and accommodation. IDP Education Bangladesh has a high success rate, with every year helping students gain entry into over 34,000 quality courses. With their experienced team and extensive partnerships, IDP Education Bangladesh is the best choice for students looking to study abroad.

6. AHZ Associate Dhaka

AHZ Associates Dhaka is a leading student visa consultancy firm in Bangladesh that provides professional guidance to international students. The company was established in 2012 and has branches across the world. AHZ Associates is a proud representative of higher education institutes in the UK, and its vision is to provide students with direct access to university representatives.

The company understands that international students need reliable organizations to guide them through the process of studying abroad, and it offers various services to assist students in making informed decisions. AHZ Associates organizes events such as the UK Education Fair, Open day’s assessment, Education Expo, and Seminars for every intake to provide students with opportunities to meet with university representatives. The company also provides free student education consultancy in the UK, and its unique approach towards the welfare of the students has made it a preferred choice among international students seeking to study in the UK.

7. HBD Services Bangladesh

HBD Services Bangladesh is a reputable student visa consultancy firm that specializes in helping Bangladeshi students to study in Australia. As one of the best student visa consultants in Bangladesh, HBD Services has always been known for providing professional, high-quality services to its clients. They are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), which ensures accurate assessments for visa applications. The agency offers admission counseling and visa assistance to ensure a hassle-free experience for students seeking higher education in Australia. Their transparent approach has won the trust of their clients, and many Bangladeshi students have successfully obtained visas and entered their desired universities in Australia with the help of HBD Services. Overall, HBD Services Bangladesh is a reliable and reputable agency that offers comprehensive assistance to Bangladeshi students looking to study in Australia.

8. H&I Council

H&I Council is one of the oldest and most established education consultancy firms in Bangladesh. With a track record of 19 years of success, the firm has actively represented more than 20 universities from six different countries. H&I Council only promotes quality educational institutions to ensure that their students receive a degree that is valuable in their career life. The firm offers free advice to students who are considering higher education in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Thailand, and Malaysia. It is recommended that students check with H&I Council’s counselors for the latest university list before making a decision. The firm’s experienced professionals provide comprehensive support to students throughout the entire process of studying abroad, including counseling on study destinations, visa application support, scholarship applications, and guidance on accommodation and living expenses. With H&I Council’s expertise and guidance, students can achieve their academic and career goals with ease.

9. NHP Education Consultants

NHP Education Consultants is a student visa consultancy firm located in the capital – Dhaka, Bangladesh. As one of the leading and best study abroad agencies in the country, they place students into universities and colleges all around the world. With a history of success and unprecedented growth, NHP Education Consultants is dedicated to providing the best guidance and services to its students. They work closely with institutions and students to ensure that each student receives the most appropriate guidance, and they have an excellent network with universities which helps them to deliver superlative services.

NHP Education Consultants provides end-to-end services in the application process and visa formalities, as well as tutorials to crack entry-level tests such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc. The agency’s objective is to meet the educational challenges of the current global population, bridging the gap between education differences between Bangladesh and developed countries, and enhancing cooperative understanding between different cultures.

10. Worldwide Education & Migration Services

Worldwide Education & Migration Services (WEMS) is a student visa consultancy firm in Bangladesh that provides fully-comprehensive consulting services to clients. Their services include expert advice and professional solutions, assistance with accommodations, travel, and transportation if required. They have successfully established partnerships with many international universities, colleges, and organizations around the globe. WEMS holds a gold certification membership with Uniagents and membership with the Foreign Admission & Career Development Consultants Association of Bangladesh (FACD-CAB).

As a government-approved license organization, they have the expertise to prepare complex documentation required by the law of respective particular countries to make the dream of studying overseas successful. WEMS represents many of the world’s top public and private universities and colleges and assesses each student’s eligibility to apply for education overseas. They select a suitable college or university to submit a formal application based on the student’s education, transcripts, and the course of study they wish to pursue. They prepare the student for acceptance with proper application forms, resumes, and letters of intent, and help them through the process of student visa applications.

Final Thoughts

The days of just dreaming about studying abroad is a thing of the past. Now, with so many agencies actively operating in the country to help students find opportunities abroad is definitely a blessing for the future prospects of Bangladesh. However, it can sometimes be difficult to filter out the good from the bad, which is why we have constructed this list. Here, we have compiled the best student visa consultancy agencies together so that you have a clear idea about which firm offers what kind of services. 

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