Turtle Venture Studio Raises $1M in First Round with DIVC as Lead Investor

Turtle Venture Studio Raises $1M in First Round with DIVC as Lead Investor

Turtle Venture Studio, Bangladesh’s first venture studio, has announced that it has raised USD $1 million in its first round of funding, with Dekko ISHO Venture Capital (DIVC) leading the investment. This significant investment marks an important milestone for both Turtle Venture Studio and DIVC and highlights the growing interest in Bangladesh’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Established in 2022 by Saraban Tahura Turin and Anwar Sayef Anik, two young entrepreneurs with a mission to foster ground-breaking startups in Bangladesh and beyond, Turtle Venture Studio was launched in Singapore and is set to introduce its first cohort in 2023. Selected startups will benefit from funding, mentorship, access to a global network, and strategic support.

DIVC, one of Bangladesh’s leading institutional investors, seeks to identify and support startups with sustainable business models that have the potential to disrupt traditional industries and improve social and entrepreneurial challenges. The company is particularly interested in startups focused on IoT, deep tech, clean tech, and agri-tech, as well as those that address social and environmental causes.

The USD $1 million investment from DIVC will not only support the growth and development of the studio’s startups but also facilitate the expansion of its team and infrastructure and the exploration of new opportunities both locally and globally. The studio plans to use the funding to support startups by building a mentorship network, providing marketing support to selected startups, launching an exclusive graduate program in Singapore, partnering with industry leaders to provide entrepreneurs with cutting-edge infrastructure and tools for success, and providing funding to each Cohort-1 startup.

“We are delighted to support Turtle Venture Studio’s vision of building a thriving startup ecosystem in Bangladesh and are excited to be part of this journey,” said Mr. Prottoy Hossain, CEO of Dekko ISHO Venture Capital. “Startups need careful attention and nurturing. Merely exposing them to the competitive market without adequate support could result in the failure of most. Our goal is to ensure that every startup we work with achieves success.”

Through Demo Day in Singapore, Turtle Venture Studio is bringing together Bangladesh’s finest entrepreneurs with the dynamic Singaporean startup ecosystem, creating a potent nexus of innovation and opportunity. The Cohort-1 application process has concluded with a remarkable response from startups across various sectors, including SaaS, PaaS, green tech, e-commerce, insurance tech, and supply chain. The cohort promises to be diverse, with 20% of female-led companies among the selected startups.

Under the guidance of Saraban Tahura Turin, Turtle Venture Studio is dedicated to turning the aspirations of ambitious entrepreneurs into reality. The venture studio is nurturing the next wave of startups in Bangladesh and beyond by providing unrivaled resources, mentorship, and support. Their mission is to empower founders to build sustainable businesses that solve real-world problems and positively impact society.

“We are thrilled to partner with these startups and offer them the vital resources they need to reach their full potential. We believe that these startups have the power to revolutionize their respective industries, and we are dedicated to ensuring their success,” said Anwar Sayef Anik, Co-founder, and COO of Turtle Venture Studio.

Dekko ISHO Venture Capital’s investment in Turtle Venture Studio is a testament to the potential of venture studios in Bangladesh and the confidence experienced market leaders have in their success. With this significant investment, Turtle Venture Studio is poised to make a significant impact on Bangladesh’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we look forward to seeing the studio’s startups grow and thrive.

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