Unique Business ID Planned to Regulate e-commerce in Bangladesh

Unique Business ID

All e-commerce businesses, from big platforms (such as Evaly, Dhamaka, and Aleshamart) to Facebook-based small e-business platforms, will have to get a Unique Business Identification Number (UBIN) from the commerce ministry to run their business operations. Hafizur Rahman, who is the Chief of the Central Digital Commerce Cell at the Ministry of Commerce, recently informed different national news media about this program.

According to news reports, e-businesses will have to apply for an UBIN online. After inspection of the business’s campaigns, customer reviews, and other aspects, the authorities will grant the UBIN to that business. The ICT division and a2i wing has already started to develop software for this process. The software will allow businesses to apply for and obtain the UBIN online. This program is expected to be implemented within this year, Hafizur Rahman informed different news media.

Recently, the e-commerce sector has been plagued by irregularities and accusations of fraud and embezzlement. The UBIN process is expected to bring order in this sector and protect consumers’ rights. However, according to news reports, several key people related to the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh have raised their concerns that new regulation will hinder the growth in this sector.

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