UVTR Conducted a Seminar on the Contribution of Tech Startups to the Economy of Bangladesh

UV Technologies and Robotics conducted a seminar on The Contribution of Tech Startups to the Economy of Bangladesh

On the 29th of March, 2022, a seminar was held at the ICT Division office in Agargaon on the 4th Industrial Revolution. UVTR reports that the workshop was organized to inform the audience about the 4th industrial revolution and its impact on tech startups in Bangladesh.

Honorable guest speakers are Mr. Sarowar Jahan Saurav and MD. Ashikur Rahman from BRAC University shared their valuable opinions, concepts, ideas, and knowledge with the audience during the program.

The instructors presented the concept of the 4th industrial revolution throughout the seminar. With the introduction of innovations like AI, machine learning, deep learning, and quantum computing, the world has genuinely entered an industrial revolution of the future. Backed by computation-based technologies, the world economy is growing with the application of technologies that make each aspect of our lives easier. Furthermore, digital currencies structured on blockchain technologies aim to change the face of our economy and propel our civilization into an age of rapid development and advancement. Alongside the 4th industrial revolution topic, the seminar covered how tech startups are making a significant impact on a national and personal level. With more and more startups popping up around our country, more efficient solutions to real-life problems are being inaugurated in our lives.

The attendees were given certificates from the organizers as a token of appreciation. The event was held in collaboration with “Business Inspection,” 

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