The Local Tech Giant Walton, To Set Up a New Motherboard Manufacturing Plant

Walton, To Set Up a New Motherboard Manufacturing Plant

The leading Bangladeshi tech giant Walton has doubled its motherboard production capacity. It’s another stepping stone for Walton to expand its horizon towards becoming more tech-savvy and cutting reliance on imports for advanced technologies. The new motherboard manufacturing plant is Walton’s second motherboard manufacturing plant. The new plant is located at Waltons factory in Gazipur’s Kaliakoir.

Motherboards are used in Walton’s vast range of products, including computers, televisions, remote controls, LED lights, and mobile phone chargers. Walton’s first manufacturing unit can install 72,000 components per hour. Walton’s new plan is also expected to achieve the same result. 

Since January 2021, Walton’s motherboards have been used in 61.67 lakh digital devices. These motherboards are also used to manufacture the products exported to the EU and the US market. Liakat Ali, deputy managing director of Walton Digi-tech industry, says, “This means Bangladesh can establish its footprint in the global tech industry.”

Walton makes sophisticated and hi-tech-based random-access memory and solid-state drives. The electronics giant targets to produce each part of their electronics in Bangladesh. Ali says, “Our target is to raise the local value-addition to 100 percent by 2030, which means we will make all the parts, including microchips and displays that Walton still needs to import, to produce a digital device locally. This will eliminate import reliance.”

Walton is investing heavily in its research and innovation section to make this happen. More than 1000 engineers are working day and night on research and investment. In addition, Walton is very optimistic about becoming self-sufficient in supplying 100% of Bangladesh’s electronics needs. 

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