Walton Unveils “Walton Solar Solution” for 30 Solar Products

Walton Unveils Walton Solar Solution for 30 Solar Products

Electronic appliance giant Walton has made a major foray into the renewable energy sector with the launch of its “Walton Solar Solution.” This innovative initiative offers customers a diverse range of 30 solar power-run electrical products spanning five distinct categories.

The categories encompass solar panels (ranging from 85 watts to 200 watts), lighting solutions (including DC bulbs, DC tubes, and motion wall lights), solar charge controllers (with capacities from 10 to 20 amps), solar table fans, and DC cables.

Sohel Rana, Chief Business Officer of Walton Electrical Appliance, expressed confidence in the company’s ability to meet 10-15 percent of Bangladesh’s growing demand for solar power through its solar product line. 

With a projected production capacity of BDT 80 crore to BDT 100 crore (approximately USD 9.2 million to USD 11.5 million) in the fiscal year 2023-24, Walton aims to cater to the country’s increasing solar energy needs, which are expected to reach 2.84 gigawatts by 2029.

In a move to assure customers of the quality and durability of its solar panels, Walton offers an unprecedented 20-year replacement warranty, setting a new industry standard.

The “Walton Solar Solution” products are being distributed through an extensive network of distributors, dealers, and retailers across Bangladesh, ensuring widespread availability for consumers nationwide.

As Bangladesh continues to prioritize renewable energy sources and environmental sustainability, Walton’s foray into the solar power sector positions the company as a key player in meeting the country’s clean energy goals.

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