YouTube Aims to Join the Metaverse, With NFTs and Games


On Thursday YouTube announced its plan regarding Metaverse and how it will use Blockchain to cut fraud in the rapidly growing digital art market. And how Metaverse will provide gamers an enhanced gaming experience in 2022. YouTube, the largest and the most popular streaming service has strived to engage and attract its users by informing them about new upcoming features amidst competing with other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Last month YouTube revealed it was exploring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as video clips, art, or other digital assets that could be tracked through blockchain. On Thursday in a blog post, YouTube mentioned that it could make NFTs safer bets. While the sale of NFTs increased last year, critics have commented that scams and copyright thefts are too common. A feature, according to YouTube, would be to provide ways to verify the integrity of content using its video collection. Providing the fans a verified channel to own unique movies, images, art, and even experiences from their favorite creators might be an impressive possibility for creators and their audience, according to the blog.

The metaverse, a component of the Web3 movement that defines shared virtual worlds where people often connect through avatars, has also been promoted by YouTube. YouTube said that it didn’t have any concrete plans yet, but one potential is allowing viewers to watch videos in a metaverse together. For the time being, it will emphasize videos relating to “gaming,” with the goal of “bringing more interactions to games and making them feel more alive,”. Meta is investing billions of dollars in virtual and augmented reality technology, and Byte Dance introduced a mobile app for gathering in a metaverse last month.

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