The History & Operation of Carew & Co.

The History & Operation of Carew and Company Ltd.

Carew & Company is the only government distillery in the country under Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation (BSFIC). The ...


Bongo Xpress is Planning to Transform Bangladesh’s Logistics Industry

Logistics is one of the elements that plays a vital role in the supply-chain management of any business. It is ...

ridesharing app

Why Bangladeshi Riders Don’t Like to Use Ridesharing Apps

One of the most popular ridesharing apps in Bangladesh, Pathao has recently launched an ‍ad campaign to discourage riders from ...

Cement Industry of Bangladesh

Cement Industry of Bangladesh: Challenges and Future Opportunities

As a developing country, building and construction activities are a constant in Bangladesh. Along with the growth of the construction ...

Furniture Industry of Bangladesh
Industries, Report

Furniture Industry of Bangladesh: One of the Fastest Growing Sector

Furniture is one of the essential products for our home or office use. Besides being a necessity for everyday usage, ...

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Bangladesh RMG Industry’s Robust Growth and Challenges

The Ready-made Garment or RMG industry, which started its journey four decades ago, is now the powerhouse of Bangladesh’s economy. ...

Fintech Landscape India vs Bangladesh
Industries, Report

Fintech Landscape India vs Bangladesh: Reasons Behind India’s Rapid Growth

Fintech is the short form of Financial Technology. It is a word used to represent a set of new financial ...

Economics of Metro Rail

Economical Impacts of Dhaka Metro Rail Project in Bangladesh

Metro Rail is basically a rapid transit system that is widely used in many major cities of the world. The ...

Supershop Industry in BD

Supershop Industry in Bangladesh : A Sector with Huge Potential

The super shop industry of Bangladesh was first introduced, almost 20 years ago while Agora was established in 2001. According ...

History and Journey of Truck Lagbe
History & Rise, Startup Stories

Journey of Truck Lagbe: Digitizing Bangladesh’s Trucking Industry

Every day thousands of commercial trucks, pickups, and covered vans are transporting goods throughout the country, which keeps the wheels ...