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Hi, there! Want to collaborate with us? We offer a range of services, promoting your brand, business, products and services. Contact us for more details.

Ad-Roll Placement

20-30 seconds of slot for Ad placement. This opportunity is available for brands about their product or services. The ad-roll will be placed after the channel intro. Website link and brief CTA details of the brand provided in video description.

Featured Content

In featured research contents, brands and businesses have the unique opportunity to place their brand or products within a broader topic. The length of the actual content could reach up to 15 minutes, where the brand or business will be featured for up to 1:30 minutes. In featured research contents, other brands or businesses could be featured as well if they falls under the same scope of research of the primary content.

Dedicated Content

In a dedicated research content, we deep dive into a company's background and their operational process to find out how they are doing and what could be their future outlook. It may contain an online interview from senior executive of the company up to 1:30 minutes. Total video length would be 6 to 10 minutes.

Company Profile

In a company profile content, we give a detailed walkthrough of the company about it’s business with historical analysis. This content includes an interview of a senior company personnel. 1 day video-shoot with necessary data is presented in a 10-12 minutes video content. Complimentary blog post translated in English is provided, along with the main video.

Static Content

Static contents could be either infographic or textual depending on the announcement particular brands want to make. The content will be served to audiences using our social media platforms.

Blog Post

Blog posts are articles written in English and served through our website. Brands and businesses have the unique opportunity to promote themselves in written format through our website.