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Ad-Roll Placement

Ad-roll placement is available for brands with products or services that they want to promote. A relevant website link and CTA for the campaign will be provided in the video description.

Featured Content

Brands and businesses have the unique opportunity to place their brand or products within a broader topic, where the brand or business will be featured for an extended period of time.

Dedicated Content

We take a deep dive into the company’s background, success story, latest ventures, and much more. We will cater to the client’s requirements for these types of videos.

Static Content

Static contents could be graphical, text-based, or infographic depending on the client’s requirement. The content will be served through various online platforms.

Blog Post

Blog posts are articles written in English and served through our website. Brands and businesses have the unique opportunity to promote themselves in written format through our website.

Internet Penetration Rate in Bangladesh


Informative and visually appealing content carrying business stories, news updates, etc.


Listicles are entertaining, bite-sized content presented in list format. They allow brands to showcase products/services in a fun, easily digestible way that engages readers. Ideal for increasing brand awareness and traffic.

Web Banner Placement

Placement opportunity for brand’s Banner in Business Inspection BD’s website.
Banner Size: Vertical & Horizontal, Clickable, Company Website Backlinking, Duration Varies

L Shape Banner Placement

Placement opportunity for brand’s “L” shape banner in any of our video content, Banner Placement: On video content, Duration: up to 20 seconds & up to 4 times lifetime placement

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