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The Role of MFS in the Distribution of Government Allowances

The Role of MFS: Transparency & Accountability in Government Aid Disbursement

As a developing country, Bangladesh has recently received the recommendation from the United Nations to be promoted as a “Developing ...

History of Bata
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History of Bata & Bata Shoe Company Bangladesh Limited Operations & Future

Bata, founded in 1894, is the world’s largest shoe manufacturer and holds the Guinness World Record in this category. The ...

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What Happened To Western Marine Shipyard?

Western Marine Shipyard Limited, well known as the leading shipyard building company in Bangladesh. They have gained a global reputation ...

Keya Cosmetics Limited Making a Comeback?
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Keya Cosmetics Limited Making a Comeback?

Keya Cosmetics Ltd. is one of the most reputed domestic companies in the cosmetics and toiletries industry in Bangladesh. Since ...

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The History & Rise of Hatil: How Hatil Become the Market Leader

Hatil is one of the top furniture manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. Founded almost three decades ago, the company now operates ...

How Nagad is transforming MFS market in Bangladesh
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How Nagad is Transforming MFS Market in Bangladesh?

The contribution of Mobile Financial Services, or MFS, to Bangladesh’s economic growth over the past decade has been enormous. According ...

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The Rise of Robi: Second Largest Telecom Operator in Bangladesh

Robi is the 2nd leading telecommunication operator in Bangladesh with about 51 million subscribers. In 1997, Chittagong-based conglomerate AK Khan ...

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Why Banglalink is Lagging Behind?

Banglalink is the third largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh with about 36 million users. The company is currently ranked ...

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The Story of Muslin: How It’s Making a Comeback?

Muslin – One of the glorious golden past of Bengal. The history of the textile industry in Bengal is very ...

Sheikh Akijuddin Success Story History of Akij Group
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Sheikh Akijuddin Success Story: History of Akij Group

Akij Group, which has been in business for almost 75 years, is now one of the largest industrial conglomerates in ...