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What Happened To Western Marine Shipyard?

Western Marine Shipyard Limited, well known as the leading shipyard building company in Bangladesh. They have gained a global reputation ...

Keya Cosmetics Limited Making a Comeback?
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Keya Cosmetics Limited Making a Comeback?

Keya Cosmetics Ltd. is one of the most reputed domestic companies in the cosmetics and toiletries industry in Bangladesh. Since ...

Healthtech Industry of Bangladesh
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Health Tech Industry of Bangladesh: Digital Healthcare Startups

The pandemic has thrust the global healthcare ecosystem to an unprecedented level. Also, it has underscored the necessity of a ...

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The History & Rise of Hatil: How Hatil Become the Market Leader

Hatil is one of the top furniture manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. Founded almost three decades ago, the company now operates ...

Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh
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Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh: Prospects and Future Challenges

The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is moving forward with great potential as 98% of the country’s total demand for medicine ...

How Nagad is transforming MFS market in Bangladesh
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How Nagad is Transforming MFS Market in Bangladesh?

The contribution of Mobile Financial Services, or MFS, to Bangladesh’s economic growth over the past decade has been enormous. According ...

Shrimp Sector of Bangladesh
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Shrimp Farming in Bangladesh: Why Shrimp Sector is Lagging Behind?

Shrimp is one of the key exported items of Bangladesh and makes up about 70% of the total agricultural exports. ...

Cloud-Kitchen business in Bangladesh
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Cloud Kitchens in Bangladesh: Future of Cloud Kitchen Business

Online food ordering and delivery service is one of the most popular services in the world. The service is becoming ...

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Why Tech Giants Are Investing in Jio? Jio Recent Investments

The plight of small and medium-sized businesses is due to the pandemic, where owners of large companies providing consumption-based products, ...

Royal-Enfield-history and journey
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History and Journey of Royal Enfield: One of World’s Oldest Motorcycle Brand

Royal Enfield, the world’s oldest and most traditional motorcycle brand, is still producing motorcycles. In addition to the classic motorcycles, ...