Why uber eats left bangladesh
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Why Uber Eats Left Bangladesh?

UberEats, a subsidiary of Uber, one of the world’s most popular ride-sharing services. The popular food aggregator platform started their ...

Bangladesh Food-Delivery-Industry
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Food Delivery Industry of Bangladesh Making Strides Through Influx of Foreign Capital

In today’s “Doorstep Economy”, almost everything we need is just a few clicks away. It is possible to bring almost ...

why citycell failed
Report, Why Failed

Why Citycell Failed: From Pioneer to Failure

Citycell was the first and oldest mobile operator in Bangladesh. It was the only mobile operator to use CDMA and ...

why doel failed
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Why Doel Laptop Failed?

Remember the “Doel” laptop? It was the first laptop to be assembled in Bangladesh. In 2011, the Telephone Shilpa Sangstha ...

Rise of Nagad
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Rise of Nagad and Success Factors

MFS or mobile financing sector has been one of the fastest growing sector in Bangladesh for the last decade. The ...

rise of grameenphone
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Rise of Grameenphone: The Giant of Bangladesh Telecommunication Industry

Like their tagline, GrameenPhone quite literally has come a long way ahead of everyone else. According to the BTRC report ...