Top 10 Frozen Food Companies in Bangladesh

Top Frozen Food Companies in Bangladesh

There has been a significant shift in consumer food consumption habits, and the growth of ready-to-eat food and beverage products is definitely one of the reasons behind it. Local customers view frozen fruit and vegetable goods as healthier since they have more nutrients than preserved food items. And since the demand for frozen foods is on the rise, the leading frozen food companies are taking this opportunity to broaden their market presence. This is one of Bangladesh’s most prosperous industries as the frozen food industry now plays a significant role in the national economy. It has been estimated that the Bangladeshi frozen food market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 6.2 percent (2020-2025).

Food products that are stored at low temperatures and utilized for an extended length of time are referred to as frozen food. The frozen food market is broken down by type into frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen meat and fish, frozen-cooked ready meals, frozen desserts, frozen snacks, and other applications. And due to the fast-paced urban lifestyle, we are observing an increasing acceptance of frozen food among Bangladeshi customers. So, here are some of the leading frozen food companies that are making a mark on the market. 

Top Frozen Food Companies in Bangladesh

Here are some of the most prominent frozen food companies in Bangladesh that are leading in the competitive market. 

1. Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd

Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd is a subsidiary company of Golden Harvest, which was founded in 2000. However, Golden Harvest Agro started its journey in 2006. Mr. Enamuzzaman Chowdhury is the chairman of Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd. Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd. is one of Bangladesh’s forerunners in the production of frozen foods.

The company’s large selection of frozen, ready-to-cook items is well-known both domestically and internationally. Over 100,000 agricultural partners in Bangladesh contribute 95% of the raw ingredients used in the company’s supply chain. Golden Harvest exports its goods to the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Their products include chicken nuggets, sausages, paratha, french fries, daal puri, singara, meatball, pop chicken, spring roll, samosa, and many more. The food processing facility, which is located near Gazipur, is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and is managed by a team of the best experts in the field.

2. Kazi Food Industries Limited 

Kazi Food Industries Limited (KFIL) is a venture of the Kazi Farms Group which started its journey in 2013. It is regarded as one of the most trusted consumer food companies in Bangladesh. Kazi Zahedul Hasan is the founder of Kazi Farms Group, and in 2014, KFIL first introduced Kazi Farms Kitchen (KFK) as a frozen food brand. They have more than 150 outlets in more than 37 cities all over the country.

Kazi Farms Kitchen offers a variety of frozen food items that include dal puri, vegetable singara, chicken spring roll, chicken sausage, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, chicken meatball, chicken burger, and many more. The chickens are guaranteed to be free of antibiotic residues. Additionally, the meat is certain to have been produced from chickens kept on a diet free of MBM, in accordance with European guidelines. The corporate headquarters of KFIL is in Dhanmondi, whereas the factory is located in Ashulia, Dhaka.

3. PRAN Foods

Since 1981, PRAN Foods has made its mark in Bangladesh’s food processing sector thanks to the visionary leadership of the late Amjad Khan Chowdhury. Currently, PRAN products are sold to more than 144 countries across the world as one of Bangladesh’s most renowned food and beverage brands. They manufacture products that maintain international standards and are of the finest quality.

Pran’s frozen products are properly packed for long-term storage and are sold both locally and internationally. They market products like plain paratha, aloo paratha, lal ata roti, dal puri, chicken wonton, chicken mini spring roll, chicken momo, chicken nuggets, meatballs, chicken strips, and many more. 

4. AG Agro Foods Ltd

One of the top conglomerates in Bangladesh, Ahsan Group, owns AG Agro Foods Limited. They started their journey in 2015. Mr. Shahidul Ahsan is the chairman of the Ahsan Group. They have forty-nine outlets spread all across the country. Since its founding, it has been conducting business in the agricultural sector, producing green chicken from its own managed farms and distributing high-grade halal-processed and antibiotic-free chicken in Bangladesh.

They also export their products to countries like UAE, Korea, Canada, Italy, and Australia. They provide a variety of healthy processed food like nuggets, sausages, meatballs, burger patties, marinated chicken parts, and ethnic products like paratha, singara, samosa, and spring roll. 

5. Bengal Meat

In 2006, Bengal Meat first started its journey as the nation’s first international-class slaughterhouse. American expat Mazharul Islam and his two companions founded Bengal Meat in 2006 with the intention of exporting fresh, halal, healthy, and high-quality meat. Bengal Meat has worked tirelessly to improve its processing facility and equipment.

At the moment, 40 district-level retailers sell 80% of Bengal Meat’s goods locally. Additionally, 20% of the goods are shipped to Kuwait, Dubai, and the Maldives. Beef, mutton, chicken, and other poultry products are currently produced and sold by Bengal Meat. Steak meat, processed meat, meat that has already been marinated and is ready to cook, frozen snacks, cold cuts, as well as regular meat used in curries are the primary goods offered by Bengal Meat.

6. Frozen Food Limited

Aftab Group began its operations in 1961. Anticipating a boom in the Bangladesh food industry, Aftab Group entered the frozen food sector with Frozen Food Limited, which is also known as Azharul Islam & Iftekharul Islam Enterprise. Frozen Food Limited is specialized in the processing and packaging of frozen seafood, fresh water fish, and shrimp.

They also export their products to China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, EU, USA and Canada. Additionally, they export lobster and premium-quality frozen seafood to many countries. They manufacture all of their products in a modern, scientific, mechanized factory with trained manpower inspecting the goods to ensure quality output.

7. Eurasia Food Processing (BD) 

Eurasia Food Processing (BD) Ltd., a concern of Euro Foods Group, started its journey in Bangladesh on February 5, 2002. Shelim Hussain is the founder of EFG. This venture is a partnership between the UK and Bangladesh. Their frozen food products include paratha & snacks, fruits & vegetables, sweets & bakeries, rice, and spices.

With a focus on the restaurant, catering, and specialty store industries, Euro Foods has developed into a top international producer and distributor of frozen and fresh foods.

8. Apex Foods Limited (AFL).

Apex Foods Limited (AFL) started its journey in 1979. Mr. Zafar Ahmed is the chairman of Apex Foods Limited. It is one of the biggest producer and exporter of frozen seafood in Bangladesh. And they have one of the most cutting-edge seafood processing facilities in Asia. AFL has 2 Star BAP Certification and follows BRC-Global Standard for food safety. The company exports its products to the markets in North America, EU countries, Australia and Russia. 

9. McCain Foods (MF) 

McCain Foods (MF) was established in 1957, and Max Koeune is the President & CEO of McCain Foods. Their product is now available in more than 160 countries, including Bangladesh. They have around 20,000 employees in their industry, working in 47 production facilities on six continents. McCain’s frozen food products consist of french fries, appetizers, vegetables, desserts, entrees, and oven meals.

Other cutting-edge culinary items are also produced by McCain Foods. For both the retail and restaurant businesses, they include sweets, a range of frozen and refrigerated cooked potato items, and appetizers. 

10. Paragon Agro Ltd.

Paragon Agro Ltd is another great producer of frozen goods and broiler chicken. They started their journey in 2005. Moshiur Rahman is the managing director of Paragon Group. 

Paragon Agro Limited offers Antibiotic-free chicken, fresh fish, and a variety of frozen snacks like chicken wings, dal puri, spring roll, burger patty, whole chicken, chicken strips, meatballs, paratha, and many more. Moreover, their chickens are MBM, MSG, chromium, and nitrate free. The main goal of Paragon is to offer everyone access to inexpensive protein.

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